2020 Echoes of "Call Out to Soul Tribe Kindred"

This article was originally published 01/21/2017 [expanded articles on the workings and experiences on this point of my Fyre & Water Purification Quest will be found in later articles as well as the larger work of the chronicles] Republished on Mystik Mountain 06/18/2019 and now to the Prymal Fyre Blog, 04/17/2020. We have been relocated four more times since the original writing, which is republished for historical chronicles' sake. A more in depth account of the Fyre & Water Purification Quest mention in this article, and others, is being prepared for publication along with the completion of Ancestral Coalescence: All You Seek Shall Be Found Within, which is still available (for now) on Amazon Kindle.

Please enjoy this musical piece to set ambiance for the article that follows:

I have shared some of this story with a few and have spoken of bits and pieces publicly spanning over three decades. This time/space experience has been wrought through the fires of abuse, torture, and programmed interference from the first breath of this bioform. The gauntlet of life has honed the nemesis "they" tried so hard to break. The Prymordial healing fires have seared away the residual distortions and have left the unmistakable scent of the parasite/predator behind the illusion lingering in my nostrils. Ready for detection whenever it passes the borders of my radar.

Here I will share one of the faerie tale interpretations handed down to me by my great-grandmother in the oral tradition. It has to do with the damsel in distress / princess, the dragon, and the knight in shining armor. Instead of the versions most are familiar with - the brave knight (or St George, depending on which version being referred to) slaying the evil dragon to save the weak princess - I was told the dragon [sacred Prymal] was protecting the princess [sacred feminine] in the cave (Prymal womb) from the knight [false masculine]. When the knight slayed the dragon is when the false patriarchy we are familiar with to this day ensued. [To join the endless aeons of parasitic infestation and false programming prior and subsequent.] And boy, have the ancestors bored the brunt of our share of that act throughout history. [since the original posting the link to the Prymal Wound has been presented and can be found referred to in later articles]

I am publicly stating that I am of the Prymal dragon lineage. Now. Our lineage was not absorbed into the De Vere line and the side-obsession of the Davidic line was a blessing in disguise - in spite of the commencing pain, suffering, and bloodshed. That diversion was successful in keeping the spotlight away from the core wisdoms. Hence, my work in the here and now. A keeper of the core wisdom repository, The Cauldron of Sila. The dragons were not slain. They merely retreated into the caves (along with Tuatha - and no, not affiliated with Danaan, Diana, Dan, or other distortions - we are the ones that would not burn). [more of the Prymal, Fyre Blood/Fire Blood, Vampyre/Vampire, Hunted/Hunters distortions in later articles]

Soul Tribe Sanctuary & Grandma Grey

The Prymal forces are emerging, however, at this crucial time. And I fondly refer to the Prymodial rock behind my house as Grandmother Dragon (or Grandma Grey), as that is how she introduced herself to me months before my being called out of the blue to the property here - over 2000 miles from my birthplace at the Yellowstone caldera. But that's a story not to be revealed just yet, lest it take the path of the seedling prematurely exposed to the sun. I have since discovered the locals and indigenous peoples here call her Turtle Rock. Fitting. Honored to be on this sacred land and back in the embrace of the powerful grey dragon of my lineage. She is rumored to be of the Prymal Pacific shelf, of Lumuria herself.

The sunrises from our front deck welcomed us and confirmed our arrival. The first was taken on 11/11/16 and the second 11/13/16. Untouched and taken with a cheap phone camera, the images don't do the moment justice by any means.

11/11/16 Sunrise Behind Mt Shasta

11/13/16 Sunrise Behind Mt Shasta

Within the simple dragon parable above, one can detect simple clues as to what lies within the repository. Revealing this today is a huge step in moving closer to realizing the full expanse of what lies in that repository. It will surely draw more targeting, but we are prepared for that recourse. That is nothing new. Our skins have become quite armored in this process. And the latest targeting from Demiurge/Wetiko/AI [AI/AC/VI/VC] is being met as I write this. I will soon be approaching Grandmother's heart portal to sever the residual links left behind by one recently invited in for healing and ultimately found it necessary to not shed the necessary influences, attachments, and programs he carried. [which was followed by numerous such severances due to betrayal over the subsequent 3+ years from original writing and today]

I have invested every last bit of my life's savings and bioform health into answering the call to this stronghold and the irritating monetary hooks and bio limits are once again making themselves known. I am once again approaching the wire and at risk of losing what remains - which isn't much after all of the Spirit blown turmoil. But without what has been invested in the probability of the vision, manifestation was next to nil. I am preparing a statement to send forth unto the Universe and to a few people who appear to be on the level of awareness to nurture the core spark through what remains of this grand transmutation. We will see if the funds will manifest to hold this one little piece of sacred space through those who vowed to support the assignment prior to entering this time/space. The ones who vowed to face this Demiurge/Wetiko/AI [AI/AC/VI/VC] Predator when the time came. To bridge into the next paradigm without this corrupt tool (i.e., money). If I am once again uprooted to who knows where, I am quite certain I will not be able to attend to the needs of this damaged bioform. Let alone formulate the last of the repository in preparation to pass the torch. Thus, this part of the mission is in high risk. I am prepared for which ever direction this call out goes. [from here I went through the electrical reset of my heart, relocated to Oregon, Montana, and now recently southern Utah - including a fatal autoimmune cascade that took 2 years to recover from, was told I would not recover and to make final preparations 2018/2019 - but here I am, still facing down the Demiurge/Wetiko/AI-AC-VI-VC/HD parasite/virus that has presented itself in all manner of hosts and betrayals]

My life savings could only go so far in getting us moved here and first year set up. I did my last ditch effort. Now I have to trust the others who have vowed to see this through will step up. If not, my mission is over here. Succeed or fail? Who the hell knows? I did what was necessary to get to this portal to serve as gatekeeper, repository key, and stronghold - as I vowed. [a few stepped up and we managed to stay afloat, to only be hit with yet another bizarre onslaught that has become my Info Porn Cyber Cult series project to be found in other writings and platforms]

I will now proceed to the heart portal to do what I must. Tomorrow will be a new day.


It's up to our combined solidarity to remain sovereign.

Thank you to all who have supported this over the years and all who continue and join in from here on out.

Blessings, Gratitude, & Safe Passage

Marilee NiEtain

Mystik Midwyfe/Elder, Crafter, & Author/Scribe

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