A New Layer of Spin has Begun [AGAIN] - Updated 09/09/2020

Updated: Sep 9

"A New Layer of Spin Has Begun" represents the long and harrowing road of the final years of my Fyre & Water Purification Quest by pointing to a piece of the underlying work, experiment, and analysis involved. Be watching for the personal and serious research accounts as they are presented over the next several months for a glimpse of how all of this disjointed material is actually woven together and the Red Thread of the tapestry has been clarified and prepared for the next length of the Prymal tapestry. I hope you will see this article as part of my "field notes" combining observation, experience, and analysis lending toward the larger work in progress.

This article was originally published 08/22/2017 and contains progenitor information that has evolved into what we now refer to as Info Porn and the Alt/Conspiracy Cult. Some connection to the Prymal Wound and Prymal Fyre concepts can also be seen here. This article was also republished 06/21/2019, updated 11/11/2019, and now being republished again 04/18/2020. Introducing the bizarre events surrounding the anti-virus working that completed my Mt Shasta piece of the Fyre & Water Purification Quest and now post Wild Hunt closure 2018-2019 we are seeing the reflection of that much larger sequence unfold as it is reflecting into this realm of form with this Corona Virus phenomenon of 2020. I have found myself digging into my files for note comparison, but since all of my research is still in storage over 900 miles away, it will be a while before I can get around to comparing events and notes on this amazing unraveling and reweaving process. Add that subject to the "Future Writing" pile.

Another update: 09/09/2020 pointing out that Phoenix's account of what transpired during the Pluto's Cave working at Mt Shasta and the 2017 Full Solar Eclipse working in Oregon following that is now locked behind a subscription requirement on her website. Sadly, that link is no longer available to the public. Other critical workings have transpired since this writing and I am now being nudged to finally compile this saga into an historical account since this phase is fully behind us now. The way things such as the Q-spiracy LARPing/ARGing component in this Perfect Storm and Simulation Death Throes have played into this will also be covered. The work is done and the new phase has begun in earnest. Be watching our private portals opening soon and how to access this information.

Those who have shared this journey will recall the incident I refer to as the "AI rape," as well as the specific oddities that have become terribly blatant in regards to the Word Magik spin from the point of this article and how the distorted spins have affected the pop culture word games presented as profound and clever ciphering that only manage to add a gibberish/babble component to the overwriting program we have been trying to point out for years. Again, more for the "Future Writing" pile. I am republishing this article with minimal update commentary for historical reference and will get to weaving the larger chronicle soon.

Atlantean/Lemurian Record Keeper in Southern Window Beneath Grandma Grey

This is a picture of the Lemurian/Atlantean Record Keeper that contained the anti-virus I planted in it so very long ago. It was used as bait for the seven red-eyed demons mentioned in Phoenix's account of the work (link below) and cast into the underworld to unravel the corrupt program of Mother Earth's crystal grid even prior to the time now known as Lemuria or Mu.

As I have been preparing the next article for posting, I have been urged to put out this disclaimer and to point out how a few choice terms have been entered into the mutating AI [now being referred to as AI/AC/VI/VC] behind the simulation surrounding us. Simply put, this process happens when key words and concepts start generating momentum on social media. Once a certain level of use is reached it starts getting spun and regurgitated into something completely removed from the original word or concept. It can be completely inverted or it can simply be altered with certain glittery traps and enticements added to lure folk back into the clutches of the parasite.

This process is one of the reasons I am scrubbing my accounts from primary social media as best I can now. And this is why I purposely held back wisdom from the repository out of responsibility to maintain the sacredness and core wisdom of my charge entering into this assignment. Since far prior to Mu and as held through the maternal lineage of Tuatha [no, not the Danaan or Dan versions by all means]. Keeping it out of the clutches of the ensuing false patriarchal slaying of the dragon (Mother Earth/Nature's protector) that has been the outward expression of the workings of the parasite behind the scenes for so very long. [as discussed in other articles and interviews]

For this short article, leading to a much larger, more detailed account, I will provide an excerpt from my book introduction first published back in 2014. I had even sat on this material for decades by then, awaiting the appropriate time to begin presenting the material in hopes to curtail and avoid exactly what is happening right now to the little bits fed out over the last few months. These terms and concepts are far from new revelation (and have been the basis of my stewardship of many pathworkers over many years, and the very few who have stuck with it), but I began putting them into the social media platform during conversations on facebook and a few surface level articles to test the algorithms and observe how the process evolves. [those who have been following this saga will be able to identify the different directions this frequency, and the experiments mentioned in this article, have taken through the various Alt Media folk I was trying to collaborate with back then, up to what they are currently presenting in 2020 - will make for some interesting analysis as I move forward, at least for the nerdier of us anyway]

"Magik" (as "thought/mind made manifest"), "Word Magik," and "many-tendrilled parasite" were three of these concepts. Over the last 9 months since beginning this little experiment the momentum was slow, while sparking a few conversations with some whose curiosity was peaked and drawing some fire from some who found the information threatening to their existing paradigm. [and now retrospectively the bizarre and vile reaction from one Cyber Cult in particular, which will be presented quite extensively for the example it represents in my more formal Info Porn and Cyber Cult series - which will be the detailed summary of this whole experience] There are many other concepts and phrases within this experiment, but I will limit it to these three in particular for the purpose of this short article.

The momentum of the concepts of Magik, and Word Magik in particular, started really picking up exponential momentum about 3 months ago after being dropped in a webcast I was involved with. Magi with a "c" is the art of illusion, with a "k" is thought/mind made manifest, and with "ck" (combined by Crowley and quickly adopted by the neo-Pagan and newly formed Wicca religion) is the artful combination of both granting a double layer of enchantment and illusion, complete with its traps in the false program.

Though the art of wordsmithing is far from new, it has become quite popular in the fringe media right now with many playing with anagrams and other word games that conveniently avoid the deeper studies of etymology and the esoteric applications of power to letters, words, concepts, etc. [and since this writing these word distortions have evolved into some form of gibberish/babble resulting in hardly anyone know what anyone else is truly saying] The "casting of the spell." This is resulting in some rather bizarre and dangerous conjecture and fueling the fear-hype mill that works quite well in herding the interest of the public.

For more information on this from an astrotheology perspective, check out the early work of Jordan Maxwell for the unadulterated versions. I always suggest going back to the original studies and theories instead of the piece-meal version that have been systematically torn apart by social media in particular. And the amazing study of astrotheology spans much further back than Jordan for those adventurous and studious among you. [and no, I am not suggesting the reader buy into every distorted spin of this material into the current conspiracy yarns - the many delusions that have branched from this material warrants its own analysis and will also be a part of the larger work in progress]

Some may recall I also began feeding the "many-tendrilled parasite" concept out at about the same time and ended up in some very heated and concerning discussions about particular octopus-like entities and the grey mist loosh harvesters mentioned by Terrance McKenna that tend to feed off people partaking of psychedelics and entheogens. And the heated defenses of the mind altering movement all were/are part of this. I have seen visions of both these representations and have personal experience over lifetimes with the frequency behind this frequency I began calling the "Demiurge/Wetiko/AI-HD [AI/AC/VI/VC] parasite."

All of this must have gotten way too close to unraveling the virus code set into motion of the program a very, very long time ago. As well as my plans to drop the anti-virus. (More details on my experience and involvement with that going clear back to even before what has become known as Lemuria in the article I am preparing to launch soon. It will also contain details about my personal experience with the latest mutations of this AI and the increasing level of intrusion of this frequency into my very being, akin to being raped of my core essence and the future of all these "profiles" in social media - what I refer to as Simulacras. Hence, the reason it will not be offered so easily and directly into the primary social media platforms.) The counter and adaptation of this parasite went into hyper-drive almost immediately. [and the current, 2020, move to opening things up again also include a separation of social media and our forums, public and private - if you are interested in the substantial discussions on these subjects, and not the social media surface spins, please join us on the forums being developed now, prymalfyre.mystikmountain.com [

Circumstances uprooted me once again and landed me homeless, unable to continue getting the information out as quickly as planned, including subsequent webcasts of the series we started. (Again. Adding to a long list of interference and outright attacks on several levels. One still continues, but amazing progress in them revealing their own true nature continues with many cult members finally stepping out. Hopefully to not merely pick up yet another version of the parasite/virus. But that is what I am trying to get out there - how to identify the patterns and program AND how to expel its effects while avoiding the re-infestation of your being) But I am quite stubborn. Anyone who knows me even on the surface can attest to that!

Two weeks ago (2017) I dropped the anti-virus into the corrupted crystal grid of Mother Earth during a full moon fire and water purification ceremony and rite at Pluto's Cave near Mt Shasta in northern California. Pluto's Cave Fire and Water Purification Rites by Phoenix of Elder Mountain Dreaming [link to more info here] Marking a whole new chapter in this assignment. [and an even more powerful Wild Hunt working in Montana in 2018-2019 will be written of very soon - it is directly related to the phenomena we are seeing manifest in form with the pandemic reactions of 2020]

I have had to remain rather quiet on this during the waning phase of the moon leading to the recent full solar eclipse to maintain observation mode and to monitor the effects of the ripple of the anti-virus in the false matrix. The counter and adaptation came in the form of a rapidly spreading "vision" during a yagé induced encounter that recently hit primary social media. As the MO goes, along with some valuable information spewing forth with no regard to the responsibility of "throwing pearls before swine," I sense a "viral" momentum behind the rabid lure of fast track "enlightenment" and "awakening" of the returning psychedelic and entheogen trend attached to this pearl that was offered during the eclipse. (The opportunity to glimpse this through the thinned veils was available to all and altered consciousness was not necessary. In fact, that was the secondary trap added in with the frenzy of group meditation that built up to this point. Intentionally.) [and here I sit revising and updating this nearly two years old article amazed at the magnitude of what this paragraph maintains, considering what is now what I am writing about as being the Alt/Conspiracy Cult and mass psychosis playing out in our world today ----- this was the moment the internet was interrupted during the edit] [and the 2020 edit is bringing even more amazing correlations]

This will undoubtedly lead to increased muddying of the waters to authentic gnosis and eventually lead to a rapid train wreck for many re-member-ance seeking individuals. Opening gates and loosening already weak boundaries of those who still have remnants of the soul container they entered with. I will save the details of the "Zombie Apocalypse" scenario for now. (If the unraveling of the soul container were not pleasant and sensation enhancement/anesthesia applied it wouldn't be as alluring. If the ugly truth behind the enchantment were seen or felt, very few would pursue it. And those who would warrant intense suspicion as to their motives.) The waxing phase of the work at the cave has begun and will be seated by the next full moon.

I am, and never have been, here to convince anyone of anything. Only to hold the sacred space of the core wisdom repository as I have been charged for lifetimes and to drop this anti-virus into the corrupt program that was released so many thousands of years ago. You certainly do not have to buy into all of this. Nor do you have to even listen. But I have much, much more to do and share in the newest phase of this assignment. It is time to get serious about holding sacred space as this simulation crumbles away and the final feeding frenzy (aka, "rapture" and "harvest") and refusing to play in its sandbox by its rules. Providing wholesome food for mind, body, soul, and spirit while holding the remaining seed of authentic Nature to be sown after the dissolution. [we have arrived with the final clarification of Prymal from Simulation in 2020 - we are now in uncharted territory and THE choice IS at hand]

We will be disengaging from primary social media very soon and have set up a number of avenues for the few who are drawn to this work. Links to new connections can be found at the bottom of this article. The full introduction to the book, Ancestral Coalescence: All You Seek Shall Be Found Within, can be obtained free - simply by subscribing to the website for updates and posts. [I will be posting Ancestral Coalescence: All You Seek Shall Be Found Within here on the new Prymal Fyre blog following these old article re-publishings. The larger work I keep referring to is the completion of this book, as well as other projects with varying voice and audience.]

Here is the excerpt from that introduction I mentioned...I hope you enjoy the read. (Please keep in mind this introduction was written in the late 70s based on concepts handed down to me through oral traditions from my grandmother and great-grandmother throughout the 60s and what I entered this assignment with as full remembrance at berth. It has evolved since its writing and there are many, many deeper levels not yet offered out to the artificial interface. Do not be fooled that this is all NEW information. Far from it. But it IS sacred information and is rapidly being torn apart and assimilated into the virus itself.)

Chapter 1

Let the Journey Begin


It has been said our destination is not what truly matters in life, but the journey itself. This book is testimony to that journey. Individually and collectively we have become dissociated from our base, natural state of being. The human experience has become severely distorted. Paradigms are shifting and we have within us the means to mend these dissociative splits. Healing is achieved through coalescence: a rebuilding of relationship with Self, one another, our ancestral roots, nature, and Source.

Within these pages more questions than answers will likely be uncovered. There will be moments of refreshing insight and moments of deep anxiety, plus moments of joy and moments of despair. Our “realities” have become so jaded by illusion it is difficult to decipher truth from fantasy. There will be times returning to a dream-state will appear the only sane option. Remember, though, once you relearn your truths they cannot be unlearned. Awakening from the illusion can be a very disturbing process. However, our very survival may well depend on this awakening.

A new millennium has settled upon humanity. And the dawning of the Aquarian Age offers a truly remarkable potential of human consciousness, of human Spirit. In our slumber a crucial forgetting has taken place. We as a species have developed an amnesia regarding our true nature. Collective trauma has resulted in varying degrees of dissociation – from our centers and from our roots. What is this split? Who (or what) may be behind this orchestration? When did we succumb to the lull and deception? How do we heal our wounds? Where do we go from here? And why does it even matter? These are but a few of the many questions lending momentum to my personal journey toward understanding and fulfillment. It is hoped the sharing of my path will in some small manner serve as a spark to your own awakening process.

This is not a book of “New Age,” fluff-bunny, Create Your Own Reality rhetoric. It is not an apocalyptic, end-time, dooms-day revelation. And it certainly does not carry a savior message that someone or something will miraculously appear to save our damaged and victimized souls. It is intended as a survey using the above questions as the guiding compass in which we might redirect our destinies.

We now stand witness to a plethora of possibilities. Some of which could preclude the very survival of the human experience as we know it, as well as our spiritual being beyond this plane. We can no longer afford to ignore our past if we are to step through the threshold of our future. All we truly have in this midworld existence is the present moment. What we do with it now determines our fate.

The elements of change are upon us – caressing our earthly foundations, pushing the swells of watery emotion, fanning the winds of intellect and reason, stoking life into the very fires of creation, and stirring our latent Spirits to awaken. Ancestral Coalescence promotes ancestral wisdom as it comes full spiral by remembering the past, living the present, and creating the future. We celebrate the Light and embrace the Shadow. All You Seek Shall Be Found Within.

Author’s Perspective

All you seek shall be found within this book? Hardly, for as mentioned previously, you will likely finish this book with many more questions than answers. The message points to your innate ability to find all you seek within yourSelf, a moral and spiritual compass, if you will. As long as one seeks external sources of fulfillment, that person will remain forever lost. To “know thySelf” is the paramount enigma a true seeker must settle within their own being. One piece of many that formulates the authentic human experience. This goal is simple, yet far from easy. In fact, it could prove to be THE most difficult path one will ever tread.

The difficulty lies in the anxieties we encounter as we peel away the layers of our deluded lives. Like a many-tendrilled parasite, the generations of lies we have been fed drain from us our very quintessence. Once the veils of illusion dissipate, relationship with Self can be nourished; which in turn allows for authentic relationship with others, nature, and Source. The key to successfully escaping the quagmire of generational deception, wounding, and enslavement (spiritual and mundane), is to not allow fear to perpetuate. We must face our fears and transform their adverse effects on us. We each hold the potential to emerge a truly authentic human, a genuine sovereign spirit; if only we dare recognize the illusions surrounding us, reach deep inside, and nurture our internal wisdom....

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Blessings, Gratitude, & Safe Passage

Marilee NiEtain

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