Ancestral Coalescence: All You Seek Shall Be Found Within - Chapter 1

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This book introduction was first published with Kindle Direct Publishing in 2014. I had been writing this book for over a decade even prior to that. Before I could complete it I was set on a five-year culmination to the Fyre and Water Purification Quest that uprooted me on a journey that included Prymal PathWorking duties that covered six states and over 3600 miles from landing point to landing point. That saga will eventually be chronicled as this book finally commences toward its completion.

I am now republishing the introduction it in its original form in our new Prymal Fyre Blog and Forum for reference sake in three parts. The current project will be to update the terminology as it has developed, and many terms will need to be reclaimed following the Info Porn infestation that took on enormous proportions, over this quest cycle into what we are currently experiencing here on Prymal Earth. In form and in non-form. And on to where we are going...

During this time frame, we evolved from Kindred Spirits to Ancestral Coalescence to Soul Tribe Sanctuary to Mystik Mountain to Prymal Fyre and the entire journey will be shared in the completed works as we move forward into uncharted Prymal waters. Separate from the Simulation. Honoring the blood, sweat, and tears of the Ancients through to ours as future Ancestors. As well and the joy, passion, and glory we have also shared.

I hope you will enjoy sharing this account with me. It is offered from my deepest, eternal pool of quintessence. And as many have come to recognize that quintessence:

Blessings, Gratitude, and Safe Passage...

Ancestral Coalescence: 

All You Seek Shall Be Found Within

Part I: Introduction


Marilee NiEtain

(First Published February 2014 – Revised March 2016)

(Republished for public reference to Prymal Fyre Blog & Forum April 2020)

Chapter 1

Let the Journey Begin


It has been said our destination is not what truly matters in life, but the journey itself. This book is testimony to that journey. Individually and collectively we have become dissociated from our base, natural state of being. The human experience has become severely distorted. Paradigms are shifting and we have within us the means to mend these dissociative splits. Healing is achieved through coalescence: a rebuilding of relationship with Self, one another, our ancestral roots, nature, and Source.

Within these pages more questions than answers will likely be uncovered. There will be moments of refreshing insight and moments of deep anxiety, plus moments of joy and moments of despair. Our “realities” have become so jaded by illusion it is difficult to decipher truth from fantasy. There will be times returning to a dream-state will appear the only sane option. Remember, though, once you relearn your truths they cannot be unlearned. Awakening from the illusion can be a very disturbing process. However, our very survival may well depend on this awakening.

A new millennium has settled upon humanity. And the dawning of the Aquarian Age offers a truly remarkable potential of human consciousness, of human Spirit. In our slumber a crucial forgetting has taken place. We as a species have developed an amnesia regarding our true nature. Collective trauma has resulted in varying degrees of dissociation – from our centers and from our roots. What is this split? Who (or what) may be behind this orchestration? When did we succumb to the lull and deception? How do we heal our wounds? Where do we go from here? And why does it even matter? These are but a few of the many questions lending momentum to my personal journey toward understanding and fulfillment. It is hoped the sharing of my path will in some small manner serve as a spark to your own awakening process.

This is not a book of “New Age,” fluff-bunny, Create Your Own Reality rhetoric. It is not an apocalyptic, end-time, dooms-day revelation. And it certainly does not carry a savior message that someone or something will miraculously appear to save our damaged and victimized souls. It is intended as a survey using the above questions as the guiding compass in which we might redirect our destinies.

We now stand witness to a plethora of possibilities. Some of which could preclude the very survival of the human experience as we know it, as well as our spiritual being beyond this plane. We can no longer afford to ignore our past if we are to step through the threshold of our future. All we truly have in this midworld existence is the present moment. What we do with it now determines our fate.

The elements of change are upon us – caressing our earthly foundations, pushing the swells of watery emotion, fanning the winds of intellect and reason, stoking life into the very fires of creation, and stirring our latent Spirits to awaken. Ancestral Coalescence promotes ancestral wisdom as it comes full spiral by remembering the past, living the present, and creating the future. We celebrate the Light and embrace the Shadow. All You Seek Shall Be Found Within.

Author’s Perspective

All you seek shall be found within this book? Hardly, for as mentioned previously, you will likely finish this book with many more questions than answers. The message points to your innate ability to find all you seek within yourSelf, a moral and spiritual compass, if you will. As long as one seeks external sources of fulfillment, that person will remain forever lost. To “know thySelf” is the paramount enigma a true seeker must settle within their own being. One piece of many that formulates the authentic human experience. This goal is simple, yet far from easy. In fact, it could prove to be THE most difficult path one will ever tread.

The difficulty lies in the anxieties we encounter as we peel away the layers of our deluded lives. Like a many-tendrilled parasite, the generations of lies we have been fed drain from us our very quintessence. Once the veils of illusion dissipate, relationship with Self can be nourished; which in turn allows for authentic relationship with others, nature, and Source. The key to successfully escaping the quagmire of generational deception, wounding, and enslavement (spiritual and mundane), is to not allow fear to perpetuate. We must face our fears and transform their adverse effects on us. We each hold the potential to emerge a truly authentic human, a genuine sovereign spirit; if only we dare recognize the illusions surrounding us, reach deep inside, and nurture our internal wisdom.

If asked to summarize my personal spiritual structure, I would have to say I am a Gnostic Pagan following a Shamanic path. Foremost, I am Shaman. Being Gnostic refers to the philosophical filters through which I view my “reality” – my spiritual attitude toward a Pagan lifestyle. Though the three terms have unfortunately come to carry religious overtones, I must stress this is not my intention. “Religion” tends to conjure thoughts of servitude and worship; institutionalized belief systems and practices; and dogmatic, ritualized reverence to some distant force. We will explore Shamanism, Paganism, and Gnosticism, in depth in their respective chapters. For the current perspective we are only referring to the predilection and attitude of being Shaman, Pagan, and Gnostic.

Being an Evolving Shaman encompasses four basic levels of definition for me. Experiencing life as a “walker of the worlds” is the first defining characteristic I will touch on here. The ability to negotiate the human experience with one foot in the mundane plane and one foot in the astral is an art critical to a productive Shamanic path. Being able to “see,” “hear,” and “feel” on multiple levels is a double-edged gift, to say the least. I have questioned my definitions of “sanity” many times. 

A second defining characteristic of the Shamanic path is that of being a “wounded healer.” The experience of traversing the sometimes intense lessons life has to offer adds to the Shaman’s ability to mentor those seeking to “heal thySelf.” Personally, I have found it more ethically conducive to Natural Law to teach seekers to heal themselves, rather than offering to do it for them. The value of teaching a man to fish is truly evident here.

Thirdly, a Shamanic path includes the responsibility of being a “wisdom keeper.” Personally, I identify with being a repository and assimilator of information. My research skills with both the mundane and the astral are richly tuned and a very good source of fulfillment. This book contains both researched and gnostically received information along with personal experience.

And finally, “evolving” indicates the ability to readily adapt to current and future shifts in the paradigm and to not remain fixed or stagnant within tradition or dogma. Certainly, a traditional foundation is useful wisdom on which to base a shamanic path. But it can easily restrict the growth necessary to effectively meet the challenges put forth during the journey of revealing and plant the seeds of change required for our awakening and spiritual evolution. We are each our own Shaman. All in varying stages of evolving.

For me, identifying myself as Pagan encompasses the ideals of a nature-centered approach to my magikal relationship with Source and a distinction from all religious systems including, but not limited to: Buddhism, Vedic/Hinduism which supports the practice of Transcendental Meditation, and especially the Abrahamic religious triad (Judaism, Muslim, and Christianity – particularly anything pertaining to the Demiurge, angelic/demonic hierarchy). “Buddha was not a Buddhist, Jesus was not a Christian, and Muhammad was not a Muslim.”  If it has anything to do with guilt, shame, retribution, power, or control it has no place in my world. Even many of the off shoots of Neo-Paganism and Neo-Druidism resulting in the worship and servitude of an external God/Goddess energy form have not eluded my scrutiny. This includes the latest spiritual distortion – the so called New Age Movement. Their glittering lures of various “love and light” jargons are as dangerous as all the others combined. This phenomenon is now referred to as The New Cage Movement.

My path is extremely eclectic, meaning I borrow from many philosophies and traditions. I have grown to prefer the basic tenets of the more nature-based, low magik traditions and fondly refer to myself as a “hedge witch.” This is to say I tend to lean toward the practical, down-to-earth forms of magik as compared to the intermediate forms which focus on the laws of humans in the microcosm and the high forms which focus on the universal laws of the macrocosm. I am comfortable within all three levels as needs warrant, but seem more at ease with low magik. “High” and “low” are not value terms, but are better viewed as levels of vibration – a preferred frequency, if you will.

Quite a bit has been written on Gnosticism as a religion, particularly Christian Gnosticism. A few adventurous researchers have ventured to link Gnosticism to pre-Christian Mystery Schools. While I agree certain sects have claimed Gnostic inspiration, I view Gnosis as more of an attitude rather than a dogmatic religion. I have also come to understand Gnostic thought as originating from the obscure, pre-Christian wisdoms. It is extremely unfortunate that massive knowledge in many areas has fell victim to numerous bouts of censorship and distortion over the generations, this being but one. The word “Gnosis” is of Greek origin and literally means “divine intelligence,” “cosmic-creative mind,” or “intellect.” Gnosis is the result of our relationship to nous, the rational part of the individual human soul. It is simply the intuitive and instinctual inner voice many of us need to retune our Spirits to and learn to trust once again. 

This chapter has only skimmed the surface of the vast expanse of information we will cover in this journey of unfolding. It is meant to briefly introduce the reader to the first layer of revealing. The second chapter will bring us to the next layer and introduce some basic precepts and perceptions to keep in mind if the decision to embark on this path is found appealing. By the end of the third chapter, “Further Perspectives,” one should have enough insight of the material presented to make an informed decision whether to choose to awaken. Or not…

Continue to Chapter 2, Precepts and Perceptions

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