Ancestral Coalescence: All You Seek Shall Be Found Within - Chapter 2

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This book introduction was first published with Kindle Direct Publishing in 2014. I had been writing this book for over a decade even prior to that. Before I could complete it I was set on a five-year culmination to the Fyre and Water Purification Quest that uprooted me on a journey that included Prymal PathWorking duties that covered six states and over 3600 miles from landing point to landing point. That saga will eventually be chronicled as this book finally commences toward its completion.

I am now republishing the introduction it in its original form in our new Prymal Fyre Blog and Forum for reference sake in three parts. The current project will be to update the terminology as it has developed, and many terms will need to be reclaimed following the Info Porn infestation that took on enormous proportions, over this quest cycle into what we are currently experiencing here on Prymal Earth. In form and in non-form. And on to where we are going...

During this time frame, we evolved from Kindred Spirits to Ancestral Coalescence to Soul Tribe Sanctuary to Mystik Mountain to Prymal Fyre and the entire journey will be shared in the completed works as we move forward into uncharted Prymal waters. Separate from the Simulation. Honoring the blood, sweat, and tears of the Ancients through to ours as future Ancestors. As well and the joy, passion, and glory we have also shared.

I hope you will enjoy sharing this account with me. It is offered from my deepest, eternal pool of quintessence. And as many have come to recognize that quintessence:

Blessings, Gratitude, and Safe Passage...

***If you have not read Chapter 1 yet, please do so here: Chapter 1, Let the Journey Begin

Ancestral Coalescence: 

All You Seek Shall Be Found Within

Part I: Introduction


Marilee NiEtain

(First Published February 2014 – Revised March 2016)

(Republished for public reference to Prymal Fyre Blog & Forum April 2020)

Chapter 2

Precepts and Perceptions

Before we step wholeheartedly into the main content of this book we must first touch on a few precepts and perceptions to guide us on our way. Here I will present a selection of key ideas used over the years in both my personal life and as Shaman and holistic consultant. This section is only a brief introduction and these topics will also be covered in much more depth in later chapters.

The first precept of our journey will be what I refer to as the Love/Fear Paradigm. Love is but one of the two base emotions we experience. The other is fear. Each and every emotional experience we encounter emanates from these two. For example, when we react with anger or hate we are responding to an underlying trigger of fear. Likewise, when we experience joy or compassion we are dealing with emanations of love. However, with that said, we must always keep in mind emotions are neither “good” nor “bad” – they just are.

Many popular spiritual systems encourage the false belief we can, and should, cancel out fear with love. This does not work, for if one were to actually succeed in nullifying fear, love would also cease to exist. All of nature seeks equilibrium between polarities, including the emotional realm. A world without fear would be as unbalanced as a world without love. A helpful concept to keep in mind is that within each “part” exists a piece of the “other.” Apply this to the Love/Fear Paradigm and we can conclude that within love there exists a touch of fear, within fear exists a touch of love.

Continuing with another dual precept we will now take a brief look at Shadow/Light Harmonics. Here we celebrate the light and embrace the shadow. Once again this is a search for balance and harmony, not the more common approach of pitting one against the other. By celebrating the light we acknowledge the obvious – the clear and evident awareness of our experience. By embracing the shadow we honor the obscure, often time hidden aspects of our true nature. Shadow/Light Harmonics can apply to many constructs, but we will limit our analysis to the emotional realm for now.

If we imagine the fear emotions as relating to the shadow, and the love emotions to the light (avoiding, of course, applying “good/bad” values to either) we can also apply the earlier analogy. Psychologist C. G. Jung introduced the Shadow to refer to the side of our human nature we carefully conceal from the world, as well as from ourselves. Much of this concealment derives from our shame-based conditioning. Many of us began learning from very early ages to hide those thoughts and emotions deemed unacceptable without developing proper means to expend the psychic energies associated with them. These orphaned energies often get misdirected and escape through destructive behavior patterns.

One expression of this renders as projection. This is where we superimpose and project these Shadow/Light elements of our own personalities onto another. As an example of Shadow projection we commonly identify annoying or abrasive traits in someone else in this manner. The interesting feature of projection is that those traits we see as irritating in others are actually our own questionable mannerisms reflected back to us. As we will see in later chapters, projection is not only an individual expression, but a collective one as well.

The importance of effectively managing our Shadow results in limiting our emission of a certain form of energy that is thought to feed a species of predatory beings referred to as Archons in Gnostic terminology. We will also revisit the ideas of Archons and Gnostic thought later on. For now, it will suffice to be aware of and to give credence to our Shadow if we are to establish true relationship with Self. This does not mean we wallow in fear either. When properly executed, Shadow/Light Harmonics allow our fear-based emotions to alert us to areas which need our attention. We can then transform that energy into productive solutions.

As above – so below; as within – so without (to paraphrase a basic Hermetic tenet) is another manner we will use to view our experience. The nautilus shell is a natural example of the tendency for all things to pattern themselves upon a master template. At this point we will not dive too deeply into the concept of fractals, but remember to always be alert to patterns/similarities that surround you and are within your being. This is one of the languages of the cosmos and the more attune we are to these synchronicities we are a part of the less toilsome our journey becomes.

Hermetic philosophy is an important interpretation of ancient wisdom we will explore in much more depth in its particular chapter. It is one, if not THE, foundational concept in relation to the purpose of this book. In Hermeticism we find a document titled The Kybalion. Although it is necessary to sort through an element of distortion, the Seven Hermetic Principles are presented as: 1) Mentalism; 2) Correspondence; 3) Vibration; 4) Polarity; 5) Rhythm; 6) Cause and Effect; and 7) Gender. These principles convey a very good understanding of our perceptions of this facet of experience.

By now, many readers may suspect they have stumbled upon a book about magick. In many respects this is true. Note the spelling of magick with a “k” differentiates it from magic with a “c” – the art of illusion. Magick is simply thought made manifest, nothing more. It is the act of creation and we all perform magickal acts continually. Any time you think something into existence you are wielding magick.

Magick itself is neutral; although a subjective value has been placed upon it such as “white/good,” “black/bad,” and “grey” as a means to justify black to white. The term “magick” is loaded with derogatory flare in most of mainstream culture, but as mentioned earlier, magick is nothing more than “thought made manifest” in its most basic form. The many schools of magick are but a means to categorize and focus various energies and forces for a desired outcome.

Again, we need to avoid applying values of “good” or “bad” to the term “magick.” As with all cosmic tools, magick itself is neither good nor bad. It is solely the INTENT fueling the thoughts and actions that help determine the level of malevolence or benevolence of any given act.

This brings us to responsibility and accountability. If we manifest a flame it is our responsibility to tend that flame, lest it become an uncontrollable, destructive inferno. If the latter presents, then we must be held accountable. A seemingly innocent prayer can very well become an inadvertent curse if simple considerations are ignored. What if your prayer results in the healing of a person who in turn damaged an innocent child? Do keep in mind the inverse is also possible – thus, the paradox of intent.

The Butterfly Effect is an important concept to consider here. This analogy is a beautiful example of our true place in the universe. The gentle beating of a butterfly’s wings initiating a raging hurricane on the opposite side of the earth keeps us mindful of how a simple act can bring about a very complex result, constructive or destructive, beneficial or dire.

There is a natural tendency in our cosmic existence for all powers to seek equilibrium. Not a “perfect” point of balance, but a symbiotic relationship among all forces and counter-forces. To paraphrase a common law of physics: “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” a hanging pendulum illustrates this nicely. Undisturbed, the pendulum rests in its own true vibratory state. When someone or something introduces an external force upon the pendulum its vibratory rate is altered and its motion is redefined. Be that motion a swinging to and fro or a spiraling pattern is unimportant. What is important, however, is that it is the nature of the pendulum to seek out its own true resting vibration. So to apply this to magick, we can expect each thought and action we wield to affect an amplifying or dampening counter-reaction. There is an ebb and flow to all. We can expect no less.

These are subtle consequences impossible to foresee, but we must be prepared to accept. This is not to say we are to become totally paralyzed in our experience, only aware of our effectiveness with the universe. Paper or plastic…walk or ride…coffee or tea? These all affect our existence from the micro to the macro; the alpha to the omega.

The last precept to consider is everything is a matter of perspective. One may share a given experience with another, but each have a unique view of that experience. My “reality“ is not yours and yours is not mine. However, this fact does not make either more or less valid. All perspectives are variable and fluid, dependent on many internal and external factors.

Our perspectives of the world have been influenced by generations of lies. Power and greed have managed to influence every institution of our social fabric. Two of the most loaded subjects, politics and religion, are among the many topics we will look at in the chapters dealing with fringe knowledge, sometimes referred to as conspiracy theory. A conspiracy is merely an agreement among two or more people to bring about a given result – a plan. Lately, the term “conspiracy theory” has gained a reputation, and for some, conjures thoughts of paranoid and delusional “foil hat” theorists who have lost their grip on reality. Indeed, once one opens this Pandora’s Box, this is precisely how the awakening theorist feels as layer after layer of their core identity and beliefs are torn away. Keep in mind, just because you’re paranoid it certainly doesn’t mean “they” aren’t out to get you.

There are many threads of disinformation and misinformation rampant in these areas of fringe knowledge. One must be very critical when disseminating the vast material available and deciding what may be a valid presentation versus sensationalized hype or intentional misdirection. In the sections that follow which delve into the myriad of fringe knowledge I will not venture to prove who or what is behind the curtain. I do not pretend to know what the ultimate, all-encompassing truths are. I can only present how I have come to understand what they are not. My goal is not to lead you to believe the way I do, but only to encourage you to explore your own understanding. And just maybe, offer the reassurance you are not alone in the nagging feeling that “something” just is not right in our world. With the heavy hand of control over what and how information is presented to the general population (as through media and academics) a fringe studies approach is necessary to render a complete analysis of our experience.

As the once popular television program, The X-Files, stated, “The truth IS out there.” We need only be persistent if we truly wish to see those truths. However, be absolutely certain you want the truths revealed before moving forward. For once you have awakened; returning to the superimposed Matrix may no longer be a viable option. Welcome Neo…will it be the blue pill…or the red pill?

Disbelief and doubt are common reactions at this point. Sometimes crippling, these mechanisms are strong traps. Awakening is the point of challenging these doubts, exploring options, and seeking solutions. To address these points is the purpose of this book, which can be viewed as a “field manual” to awakening and healing – mind, body, and spirit. As the author of this book, I have the responsibility to offer the following disclosure.

Two very powerful consequences to awakening are the resulting anxieties we tend to experience as well as a profound sense of isolation. Among the anxieties common to the process are overwhelming feelings of helplessness and hopelessness which can easily result in paralyzing fears or misdirected anger. Isolation can be self-imposed as we begin to question our reality and sometimes find it increasingly difficult to relate to others’ reactions to our awakening. Also expect most family, friends, and acquaintances to not react supportively, as most do not wish to shake up their own comfort zones. Be sure to address your need for a healthy support system throughout this process, which may prove to be a difficult task.

You may be wondering by now what fringe knowledge has to do with spiritual evolution and transcendence. I connect these subjects because transcendence is dependent upon our true awareness and perceptions of our existence. One cannot hope to relate to the spiritual planes without also relating to the mundane. And it is my suspicion the Opposing Consciousness (OC) will not stop at controlling every aspect of our physical and mental aspects, and seeks to enslave our Spirits as well. Physically, the OC has managed almost complete domination. Mentally, the situation is not too far behind. Our spiritual sovereignty is our last stand to defend. If we manage to meet this challenge, we stand a chance at regaining our freedoms in the other realms as well.

IF we have indeed made the choice to experience this world to fulfill a necessary lesson or need, as some spiritual advisors teach, we must do so with eyes, ears, minds, and hearts open. This is not possible if we allow our senses to be manipulated and controlled. We have an obligation to Source (and to ourSelves), to identify the errors which exist in the Cosmic Construct and to correct those to which we are related. Assuming, of course, there is even a reason for our existence at all. What else do we have to strive for if not faith in a reason, any reason, for our being? And faith need not be blind. At the very least, our existence imprints the Akashic record for future generations. We are ever becoming the ancestors, thus the bridge…Ancestral Coalescence. Will our legacy ring true?

Continue to Chapter 3, Further Perspectives

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