Ancestral Coalescence: All You Seek Shall Be Found Within - Chapter 3

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This book introduction was first published with Kindle Direct Publishing in 2014. I had been writing this book for over a decade even prior to that. Before I could complete it I was set on a five-year culmination to the Fyre and Water Purification Quest that uprooted me on a journey that included Prymal PathWorking duties that covered six states and over 3600 miles from landing point to landing point. That saga will eventually be chronicled as this book finally commences toward its completion.

I am now republishing the introduction it in its original form in our new Prymal Fyre Blog and Forum for reference sake in three parts. The current project will be to update the terminology as it has developed, and many terms will need to be reclaimed following the Info Porn infestation that took on enormous proportions, over this quest cycle into what we are currently experiencing here on Prymal Earth. In form and in non-form. And on to where we are going...

During this time frame, we evolved from Kindred Spirits to Ancestral Coalescence to Soul Tribe Sanctuary to Mystik Mountain to Prymal Fyre and the entire journey will be shared in the completed works as we move forward into uncharted Prymal waters. Separate from the Simulation. Honoring the blood, sweat, and tears of the Ancients through to ours as future Ancestors. As well and the joy, passion, and glory we have also shared.

I hope you will enjoy sharing this account with me. It is offered from my deepest, eternal pool of quintessence. And as many have come to recognize that quintessence:

Blessings, Gratitude, and Safe Passage...

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Ancestral Coalescence:  All You Seek Shall Be Found Within Part I: Introduction


Marilee NiEtain (First Published February 2014 – Revised March 2016) (Republished for public reference to Prymal Fyre Blog & Forum April 2020)

Chapter 3

Further Perspectives

At the beginning of this perspective I introduced myself as a Gnostic Pagan on a Shamanic path, the blending of the three constructs overlaid by Hermetic philosophy. We will now further elaborate on this particular blending. Although Gnosticism is more of an attitude than a structured religion, as mentioned earlier, we will need to have a closer look at the Gnostic mythos. To understand our world, we tend to group concepts together and categorize ideas to formulate our “reality.” The Gnostic mythos is but one such system of understanding. This overview will help to better understand many key terms and beliefs addressed in the following chapters. Do keep in mind a mythos is simply a snapshot of a concept and not to be interpreted as literal fact.

Most traditions acknowledge an imperfection in the world. The Gnostic mythos is no exception. It does, however, differ on the perspectives of how that imperfection came about and “who” may be responsible for this condition. Many belief systems contend that humans or nature are responsible for the imperfections of the world. Such guilt- and shame-based rhetoric coupled with fear motives are what keeps us shackled to the Control System. Granted, we are responsible for our own personal choice and action, the underlying imperfection lies much deeper still. The imperfections of the world lie within the act of creation. Since most religions equate “the creator” with “God” such a statement may appear shocking. And it certainly has cost the lives of many Gnostics. But the Gnostic concept consists of a “True God” (which I choose to call Source or the ALL) and its debased manifestation as the false or creator god, the Demiurge.

Source is the ALL and all that emanates from Source (visible and invisible) consists of the substance of Source. One emanation of source is intermediate deific beings, the Aeons. The Aeons, together with Source, comprise the realm of Fullness, The Pleroma. One Aeon in particular is very important to the Gnostic view, Sophia (“Wisdom”). It was her “fall” from the Pleroma which initiated the formation of our material experience as well as the manifestation of the Archons, the ruler of which is the Demiurge (false creator).

A few fringe researchers have arrived at the conclusion these Archons may be what has come to be known as extraterrestrial. Others contend they may be inter-dimensional beings. And yet others have paralleled them to the angelic/demonic realm. It is not in the scope of this book to argue these details. I have come to accept that the Archons are, at the very least, a type of thought form manifestation, and energy form capable of influence in our material experience. At the other end of possibilities, they could very well be all of the above depending on the perspective of the observer. I will venture to share that I do have some very strong suspicions concerning the true nature of the entire Abrahamic Triad god and angelic agenda which have not won me any popularity contests to say the least. Exploration of these suspicions will be a major part of the upcoming material offered in this book.

There are a number of varying interpretations of the Sophia Mythos. One to take particular note of is the idea that the Demiurge and the Abrahamic God are one and the same. This theory offers a very strong argument that seems to explain many of the contradictions and confusion surrounding the three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Islam, and Christianity). My understanding is that all religions are only different faces of this phenomenon.  It also provides insight into the motives and agendas of these institutions. Taken one step further, I add the highly suspect “right-hand” force of Metatron (i.e., “King of the Angels,” Michael, and Enoch among many other names and titles). The Demiurge/Metatron partnership is but one facet of the OC that has been manifesting on this plane for some time. This is certainly evident throughout the Ages of Taurus, Aries, and Pisces. Release from these influences lies in the hope of the unfolding Age of Aquarius we are experiencing now. We will explore these parallels in later chapters as well.

While we are on the subject of deity, let’s discuss an aspect of our personal responsibility. Our responsibility should not result in any form of exultation or worship of Source nor any other such forces, but as a mutual relationship with them. If we are to experience a mutual relationship we must maintain our proper status, not as subservient clones or clueless zombies, but as co-inhabitants and co-creators of this universe. Also keep in mind we are primarily non-corporeal beings who have chosen a corporeal human experience. Our human forms are but a vessel to accommodate that experience, nothing more.

The entire counter force I am referring to, which includes these mentioned above, is what has been touched on earlier – the Opposing Consciousness (OC). This OC could not have possibly been created outside of the ALL, for nothing can exist that was not originated from the ALL. Therefore, it serves to reason this counterforce has manifested from within, much like a cancer manifests within a human body. A rapidly forming tumor within the cosmos itself, this force feeds on the energies (souls, if you will) of all those who willingly relinquishes it. The manner in which the OC acquires its sustenance can be overt, given by those who are aware of the process. But much more often it is generated covertly by using a false mask of love and light. 

All religions use this tactic. If you doubt the reality of what has just been said, by all means do some in depth research into the real history and origins of any religion ever created. Granted, many religions began with sound philosophies and ideals, some even continue to cleverly present these as irresistible lures for the unsuspecting and gullible masses. One must look beyond the pretty, glittering wrapper and dig deep into the depths through layers of distortion and deception to discover what truly lies within this carefully orchestrated package. 

Remain aware that the Archons, and especially the Demiurge, are notorious for their insistence of worship. Any being or force that commands reverence or superiority should be viewed with the highest caution. The ultimate intention of these Archons is to keep humans ignorant of their true nature and destiny, enslaving us to these lower cosmic rulers. If we are to transcend our bondage and move on to higher levels of existence, we must first identify our oppression and minimize its influence on our Spirits. Our spiritual evolution hinges on this transcendence.

Also remain alert to claims of salvation. Our transcendence is reliant upon our own inner wisdom and awareness of our place in the cosmos. This alone will free us from our deluded existence, not an external being or force with special powers to save our souls. Sin (original or otherwise) is a concept introduced to instill fear, guilt, and shame and to set up a power-based Savior Complex in our psyches. The tyrannical Father ideals many of us have been force-fed over generations should be viewed as a classic dysfunctional family model and treated as such. We must break free of the abuse cycle, before it is too late.

Another common trap is “direct contact” through often irresistible visions and perceived contact from beyond the veil. This can present as means such as channeling, invoking, or otherwise handing over the driver’s seat to another entity, “deity,” or thought form – often very clever and convincing imposters. Even if and when a genuine contact is made the fact they are discarnate and/or non-corporeal forms (including aliens, other dimensionals, angels/demons, earthbound spirits, ascended masters, gods, goddesses, and many guides, totems, and any other form to which worship, servitude, retribution, or dominion applies). They are no better or less than you. It does not make them an authority or any wiser or more powerful than you. And it certainly does not mean they have your best interest in mind, even when it appears absolutely convincing.  Remember, the OC has been playing this game for a very long time and has perfected every manner of enticement, pleasure, trigger, and button-pushing trick in the book. This does not mean avoiding all manner of relationship with those who offer mutual support. It can be very difficult to make the distinction between malevolent or benevolent intention. As you learn to listen to and trust your own personal Gnosis it will become a more natural skill. You have always possessed this gift. Many times it has only been conditioned out of your immediate awareness and needs honed and nurtured.

We must also break free of the recycling bin of reincarnation. One concept that rings true for me is that the Archons are intent on “farming” our emotional essence, our loosh. Loosh is an energy byproduct which we continually exude based on our emotional experience. We emanate certain emotional frequencies which are especially appetizing to the Archons. The most appealing to them are the byproducts of our high-energy fear emotions. The harvesting of this essence is done continually throughout our lifetimes and what better way to ensure a repeat harvest than to extract the seed of the soul at the time of death, replant it through reincarnation, feed it another lifetime of fear, and harvest another crop of loosh? 

This is not to say the Archons are in any way responsible for the actual act of reincarnation, but rather seem to benefit from throwing sand in the gears of transcendence – yet another manner of intentional distraction and misdirection diverting our connection to Source. Multiple incarnations (corporeal and non-corporeal) are meant to be experiential methods of learning, of consciousness expansion. Not as a feeding frenzy. One common lure to mention at this point is the often used trick of posing as loving family and friends welcoming the earthbound human in final transition, often encouraging the vulnerable soul to “enter the light.” The desire to release into eternal love, peace, and nirvana is often an overwhelming temptation indeed. The dangerous twist of reincarnation described here does not usually apply to those who choose to revisit this level of experience of their own free will, but they can be easily swayed as well.

The Archons understand our propensity toward the warm, fuzzy emotions and have perfected this mill also. We are led by our noses and manipulated through our addictions. Our hedonistic tendencies make us prime candidates for this type of extortion. Our addictions to substances, relationships, technology, religion, etc. keep us trapped in a persistent cycle in which the opportunistic Archons have learned to perpetuate. This is one major control element diverting us from free will and self-determination.

The set-up begins with our tendency to seek out the “feel good” stimulation of the love emotions (or what we perceive as love). We also tend to avoid the “feel bad” stimulation of the fear emotions. Although, some may choose the opposite, preferring fear over love. The artificial sense of fulfillment experienced through substances, relationships, technology, religion, etc. start out as a means to “feel good” but all too often becomes the end result of addiction. The anxieties we experience when the addiction itch is not scratched (or delayed) results in more and more Archon pleasing loosh. This facet of control also lends to a decrease in our defenses and an increase in our vulnerability leading to another level of enslavement.

The main approach to breaking this cycle is minimizing the Archon pleasing loosh. The goal is not 100% elimination. As mentioned earlier, this is not possible and would result in a critical imbalance. Nor do we look to inhibit or neutralize emotion; for this, too, is not a natural state of being. What we can do is strive to identify our true emotional states, fine-tune and conserve our responses, and become aware of when and how our emotions are being manipulated. We are then empowered with genuine, authentic response and function in a more natural manner. This way we nurture our Spirit as opposed to allowing its enslavement. The more we think, feel, and act in a sacred manner the closer we come to our true potential.  The more we strengthen our individual spiritual immune systems the stronger universal and cosmic immune systems become, ultimately restoring the balance of Source, and healing that undeniable cancer seeking to consume our Spirits.

This angle of awareness naturally leads to the next, one of soul fragmentation and attachment. Throughout the unfolding of our overall experience we are subject to multiple levels of stress and trauma, individually and collectively. Often times, these stressors and traumas lead to a fragmentation of the soul. This fragmentation can then lead to vulnerabilities to attachments of various forms. These attachments can be an underlying contributing factor to many of our imbalances of the mind, body, and/or spirit. Some are subtle, however, some may manifest in a much more voracious manner.

One basic approach to this type of ordeal is learning to strengthen our own spiritual immune systems, negotiating our own soul re-integrations, and actively severing any attachments that have occurred. Exploring this area will perhaps reveal some very surprising sources for these attachments. We will address this subject much more intensely as we delve deeper into the material presented in the following chapters relating to soul retrieval and attachment severance. 

As long as I am entertaining an application of labels to my personal Gnosis, I may as well add that, as you might have already guessed, I am also a true “conspiracy nut.” As you will soon discover, a good portion of this book is dedicated to the area of fringe knowledge. To put the seemingly unrelated subjects of Gnosis (inner wisdom) and fringe knowledge into a single package I venture to state generations of Archontic interference (orchestrated primarily through economics, militarism, and religion) have alienated us from our origins, our true essence. Our direct communication with Source is one, if not THE, threat most dire to those bent on power and control. The ruthless and systematic eradication of millions of Pagans and Gnostics (primarily by the Abrahamic and similar religions) throughout history is testimony to this fact, as well as the intentional genocide of all Shamanic and tribal cultures caught in the wake of “civilized” colonialism tactics. 

This perspective (and this book) is not intended as proof, but as my personal viewpoint of how things fail to add up as presented by conventional, mainstream society. The more you investigate the ideas offered in this book the better equipped you will become to resist the OC influences directed toward you and to further your own spiritual path. (Should you choose such, that is.) The OC hierarchy may be capable of making their influence felt on the material level, but have not yet been able to exert full control of our internal and spiritual realms. Of those who are awake and aware at least. Those who remain in hypnostasis are under its influence on the deepest levels possible. The very souls of the slumbering masses have become the fodder of the Archontic puppet masters.

We can minimize the influence of the OC in a number of ways. One critical manner is to reclaim our spiritual sovereignty by denouncing all connection with that wishing to oppress us. We can achieve this through our own inner wisdom, Gnosis. First we must become aware. We must then grieve that which we thought was “real.” Next we must heal. This healing includes BOTH the light and the shadow. We must understand the concept of balance. Avoid the extremes and learn the art of identifying when we are approaching these thresholds. Make a formal statement that you are breaking all ties to the OC and remove (or at least reclaim the meaning of) all symbolic paraphernalia connected with it and its influence. After these are addressed we can effectively exercise and strengthen our revitalized Spirits. Transcendence is a process, not an event. Learning from the past, living the present, and creating the future in an authentic manner is our best recourse.

Although I dislike labels and pigeon-hole descriptors for their limiting character, they have a necessary function to help sketch an image of this author’s perspective. This perspective is offered to assist the reader to determine if proceeding with this book is wholly desired. The reader may find they are not willing or able to put aside their conditioned beliefs to effectively explore some of these controversial views and sever all relation to the forces behind their enslavement. And please keep in mind, the ideas presented here are not static. They are fluid and evolve just as all life flows from and back to Source.

After reading my perspective you may conclude the angle from which I have come to view the world is not for you. It is okay to close this book and consider it blasphemy. But if you are ready to honestly critique your own perspectives, by all means, welcome to mine. As we travel this unfolding road together, feel free to take the scenic route whenever the need presents itself. Do not view our journey as a point A to Z experience. Whenever a topic or term peaks your interest or does not quite fit your current understanding, dare to step off the road and explore the landscape with complete abandon.

Learn to filter through the layers of distortion and deception of the illusion surrounding you. Use the resources available; such as the library, the internet, and a fellow seeker or two. Do not take my word for your truths. Do your own research in the areas you find lacking or intriguing. Take the time to meditate and listen to that small voice within which will always guide you to your truths. Learn to tune in to the realm of wise ancestors, their voices offer lessons of past experience. Resist, but also explore, the conditioned voices of mainstream society that intrude upon your being.  They, too, can be a valuable source of wisdom. Remember the words of George Santayana: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Avoid modes of channeling and remember that because a spirit or entity is dis-incarnate and non-corporeal, that feature does not make them wiser or have your best interest in mind. Never relinquish control of your vessel. Always remain true to Self, no matter how painful or difficult. Your natural state will not let you down. Strength in YOUR truth is what matters.

When you have satisfied your curiosity, pick the book up again and rejoin me on our quest for Gnosis. Remember, though, your path is your own. And mine is mine. But by sharing the journey we strengthen the universal correction with the ALL. We do not need to agree on all points. In fact, we must agree to disagree if we are to nourish our unique and divine nous – our primordial intelligence. The journey of the Gnostic Pagan is calling…

(***Please Note***Watch for Ancestral Coalescence: All You Seek Shall Be Found Within, Part II, Foundation.)


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