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Updated: Aug 12

This article was originally published 06/06/2016 and now in our newest blog, Prymal Fyre on 04/11/2020. I am beginning to ask mySelf if I am simply setting mySelf up for yet another senseless onslaught by bring all of this to the fore again. The doubts of if it is even worth it, considering the vile blow back I and other members of Soul Tribe Sanctuary have experienced over the years of simply trying to provide a bit of reason into a very unreasonable, and now very volatile, equation. Please, don't get me wrong. I absolutely hate being in the repeat situations that resemble, "I told you so," yet here we are AGAIN. Round 5, and I am excited about restoking the Prymal Fyres? I MUST be as crazy as I have been accused of being. But here we go again.... Much love everyone.

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I have had a few queries of what I mean when I refer to the false light and false dark - how to tell the difference.

Here is one thought on the matter: Church, Abrahamic triad, angelic, and media - and now the fear porn [and what I have recently termed Info Porn and Alt Cult] of New Age and Ancient Alien trends have all contributed to the imbalance and false light / false dark propaganda. [More recently morphed into the extensive Q-spiracy scripts.] Mix in a little passive aggressive Love & Light and you have only some of the more recent (last 5000 years or so) pack of lies and convoluted programming. Word magik with a twisted agenda at its best. It isn't limited to Western thought either. Realignment of your core wisdom and honing your bs filters are key. Are your thoughts and beliefs truly your own? Hmmmmm... May be high time to truly awaken instead of merely talking about it and tricking yourself by accepting the same lies in new packages. Or not...

Thought I might add an allegorical means that helps me to distinguish between authentic and false light and dark. Authentic light and dark is comprised of the full spectrum of vibration (color). Mix all the colors in a palate and you get black. Use a prism with light and you will see the rainbow. False light, for example, is a stark bright white (or with an artificial opalescence or glittery glamoury,or a newer trend of golden) - an artificial replication often used in the NDE and reincarnation mill scene. Another common example is the lure of the "collective" and "One" hive mind assimilation. Solidarity and unity are not the same as the collective/One hive mind. A reconciliation of sovereignty and solidarity is key here. Not passively abandoning your free will to "belong" to the club of One. ​

Both false light and false dark are artificial bastardizations and can never fully mimic the authentic. If one has flown too close to either and has managed to escape they have learned the scent. All of the talking and conceptualization in the realms will never prepare one to "know" it until they experience it. This is true gnosis, not the twisted version of book learning and Christian tainted Gnosticism or Esotericism (which tends to get stuck on intellect-run-amok for most).

​Blessings, Gratitude, & Safe Passage

Marilee NiEtain Mystik Midwyfe/Elder, Crafter, & Author/Scribe

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