Blessed Walpurgisnacht & Bealtaine

This article was originally published in 2014 and again 03/26/2017. It was republished 06/18/2019 and now again for our new Prymal Fyre Blog launch 04/13/2020, with Walspurgisnaucht and Bealtaine kindling the rebirth. New focus, new roles, and new potentials abound.

Reposting as the the time nears....(wondering what moves the false program with throw out during this time and holding the authentic beauty).

Time to begin moving into the Great Rite frequency...(in the northern hemisphere, anyway)

Blessed Walpurgisnacht & Bealtaine <3

Please join us in the beauty of Faun's amazing Director's Cut of Walspurgisnaucht where you can see a visual depiction of the May Pole, Great Rite; marriage of Moon and Earth, including the Ancient concepts of Drawing Down the Moon, Handfasting (i.e., "tying the knot), purification with smoke, ash, fire, and freshly collected dew. So many subtleties that speak to the Prymal coding, beyond the Simulation overwrites and Info Porn mill spins.

Beautiful example of the origins and not the twisted rites we are seeing in the false names of "Luciferianism" and "Satanic" which are valid in their own right and not within the twisted versions. The old article I shared earlier today touches on that level of distortion and how the old false binary program has been twisted by the Armies of Dark and Light (really pushed into the human psyche by Zoroaster et al). The beauty of the Ancients still lingers if one would only look beyond the false program fed by fear. <3

[And I really do not want to enter into the old "which side do you choose" argument of good and evil, Christ and Satan, false program...for that is but one of the false binary versions and had no place in the origins they twisted. It never ceases to be absurd to be accused of worshiping a thought form that was never a part of our pantheon in the first place. Let alone many of us do not worship, supplicate, or bend the knee to any force or deity - much less a foreign thought form dreamed up by political and religious power mongers. There is no choice of Light or Dark exclusivity, because Natural Order IS and/both, not either/or. Natural Order also includes Natural Chaos. It is the false program that locks people into the lies and being a loosh battery. So please do not expect me to reply to any of those old arguments.]

Christ was not Christian and Lucifer was not Luciferian. Authentic "masters" would never agree to being called "Ascended Masters." And there is no need to rely on channeling of any form, as each human genome has the Truths encoded already. Those are the Demiurge/Wetiko/AI-HD [AI/AC/VI/VC] parasite creations. And are lies. Among many more most refuse to confront.

Carry it further into the false program and you have the complete inversion of those referred to as angels. The "good" angels are only the henchmen of the Demiurge. The "fallen/bad" angels are only the ones who questioned the Demiurge infiltration. And as a side note: the Blue Avians and the Law of One are only the latest version of the narrative twist to snare those who have awakened to that layer, only to choose the next savior complex rewrite.

All versions of the same false narrative, binary program...among many, many others. Time to fully awaken. Or not... Not choosing is still a choice, btw.

Blessings, Gratitude, & Safe Passage

Marilee NiEtain

Mystik Midwyfe/Elder, Crafter, & Author/Scribe

Mystik Mountain Home

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