Dwelling On the Fringes of the Fringe Dwellers

This short rant was original published 12/29/2016 and even today I have to say, "how does one break away when they never belonged int the first place?" [in reference to the more recent term in the alt media, "break away society."] Republished again on Mystik Mountain 06/14/2019. And now to Prymal Fyre 04/12/2020 with an even deeper connotation in regards to the pandemic buzz word of "social distancing," which is my introverted hermit, cave dweller baseline anyway. I guess one way to get the masses to truly experience and respect boundaries they had to be enforced. <3

Meme creator unknown.

Just a short clip from one of the brief conversations of pre-tea life around here.

"...And I would have to agree with the comment with the last article link. ANYTHING from yournewswire (and almost all alternative news now as well) is suspect in my opinion and they are one of the leading contributors to the blatant mess alternative news has allowed to infiltrate. Until people stop being tweaked into being drawn to the sensationalism and the entertainment factor of even the ones claiming to be better than Hollywood illusion they will only continue to spin within the glamoury put forth.

The flashy and fear infused headliners are the first indicator. The power words of word magik the next. And the more we share and spread them the more we are playing into the glamour, stimulating the fear/trauma hook of the program insertion and maintenance.

All of this 'alternative news' stuff is starting to sound sickening similar to the 'hell and brimstone' pulpit - just new labels for the heroes and the villains, the angels and the demons, the saviors and the enemies. The scapegoats of long time narratives, Lucifer/Satan/etc, pumped into the now pumped up Illuminati et al is getting just as bad. Throw in a little intergalactic and hyper-dimensional characters and trigger words and away we go. The ones claiming to be waking people up are now feeding the fire with their own anchor and trigger words. (Lucifer, Satan, Illuminati, Cabal, Reptilian, Ra, Nibiru, Pizzagate, adrenochrome, Black Sun, and on and on)

Typical MO - well-intentioned information being twisted and inverted right before our eyes. I have been intentionally pulling away from sharing any of the old fringe research material that has fallen into this old pattern because I refuse to contribute to the frenzy and hype. Truth falling into illusion. Again and again. When will we quit playing into it?

Breaks my heart each time I watch the waves take over my friends and fellow researchers. Even more damaging than the newly demonized "mainstream media." I am here dwelling on the fringes of the fringe dwellers. Not fitting into either "side" of the binary programming. Lonely place at times." [But lonely and alone are not the same thing. Especially when one enjoys their own company and solitude. Some of us simply prefer it. Especially over fake, social drama.]

Marilee NiEtain

Mystik Midwyfe/Elder, Crafter, & Author/Scribe

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