False Light Messages

Now, the republishing of this 4 year old article has got to be the most surreal moment of this commitment to the Prymal vision I am experiencing in the here and now!!! Nothing short of eerie at its best.

This article was originally published 04/10/2016. Again 06/13/2019 on Mystik Mountain. And now 04/11/2020 on Prymal Fyre. Over time some of the terminology we as writers were using during the introduction of these concepts have become rather twisted and distorted. I am leaving the terminology as it was introduced in these articles and hope the reader will do their own due diligence and reference what is being said with the origins of the terms and not run with assumptions of what others have distorted their original meaning. Please do not simply pass over the propaganda/rhetoric emotional inserts that have led many down the Alt Cult programming trail. This message is as relevant today as it was when I wrote it 4 years ago and a day. ESPECIALLY NOW that the Perfect Storm of Info Porn and Simulation programming is clearly upon us at this very moment. Just as predicted.

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It is time for a frank discussion. [again] I have sat back and observed enough. I am compelled to speak up for any who wish to listen. Choice remains with you. As does consequence. So I am not trying to influence anyone. But I care deeply and those who know me well know my passion with this subject.

I have been watching as more and more of the false love and light groups gear up for the next big harvest. [The Perfect Storm I have written about over this time is currently upon us, exactly as predicted.] I have known this time would come as it has so many times in the past. This last year, especially, has revealed a heavy increase. Many are reporting the same experiences of falling for countless glittery messages only to return with sad, sad stories of the lessons learned. And even more sadly, I have watched as some sink deeper and deeper into the warm, fuzzy quagmire. History shows the higher the stress of the society the higher the cult prevalence.

These groups offer enough truth to be alluring, but then there is always a "catch." Often wrapped in beautiful words and concepts. But be wary as soon as your gut alerts you to key lures and traps. Keep in mind there are huge differences in healthy solidarity and the collective, hive mind assimilation harvest. When hints of "us vs them" and various higher order channeling messages encouraging you to passively hand over your free will and sovereignty through the classic savior complex story - red flags should fly.

Phrases such as "dear ones" and other sticky sweet condescending hierarchy rabble are definite warning flags. The double speak such as "you are all that" and yet "we sit above to save" are classic. Warm, fuzzy disguises around shame, guilt, and victimstance are rampant. Watch for things like "ascended masters" as well. The tainted reputations of those who have tried to relay this message in the past would never agree to being referred to as "master."

Watch for blatant and subtle light vs dark, love vs fear warrior calls to battle. This keeps you stuck in the smoke screen of the age old divide and conquer tactic. War will never resolve war. Not in any realm or concept. Just like the classic political and religious "keep the masses fighting among themselves" slight of hand trick allows the deluded "controllers" to work their schemes in the background unrestricted, so is the workings of the New (C)age circus.

Those who also come from the fear angle to support the harvest agenda have also perfected the Lucifer [and Satan] scapegoat hype. Another long, long story line of Lucifer as the bad guy we can see a definite increase in the fear mongering of a Luciferian smokescreen. To find the truth behind the lies avoid the sensationalized and hyper-stimulation of symbolism and key word programming.

Occult only means "hidden." Esoteric wisdom and how it is used and the intent behind it will make or break. Look beyond the twisted definitions and lies attached to that wisdom. Always question the intent behind each level of disclosure as it unfolds. No sooner is a truth revealed than in swarms the counter move, infiltration, and spin. Moves and counter moves.

Don't become consumed by trying to "figure it out." Remain aware enough to sense the energy that surrounds you, but do not get lured into that huge waste of energy quagmire either. Look to the "boring" information behind the entertainment eye candy heavy with planted misinformation and disinformation. Go to the basics. Bring it all back to center. Look to the voice within. Not all of the external savior messages. The galactic and cosmic alliance and federation messages out there only promise a larger political mess that we already have here. A reflection magnified.

Classic fear and discomfort stimulation and then offering the solution of love & light and sparkling utopias is getting very old. There are definitely some powerful cresting energies in route and the false agendas are very much hard at work to exploit the natural energy to "their" favor. I have seen numerous prophesy spins and calls to join the love and light army in the days, weeks, and months to come. The soul harvest is in full swing and the fullest harvest will surely be those well-meaning souls gullible enough to buy into the trap - naively handing over their free will albeit through blind faith and deception or any number of sugar coated promises. All you seek shall be found within, not in the external drama that is spinning exponentially.

A common comeback by these groups when doubted or questioned is, "ego influence." You are told that your doubts are ego based, as if that is a bad thing. And some go as far as to advise eliminating the ego. Eliminating your darkness. Eliminating the bad and the evil. [And more recently the "Service to Self vs Service to Others" doublespeak programming. One of the most baneful recent escapisms of "ascension" and avoiding low frequencies in favor of high frequency burn out we are seeing all around us RIGHT NOW. Also just as predicted.] Of which there are no absolutes to eliminate. Reconciliation of polarity is much different than the age old conflict and warring mentality. Granted, an ego run amok is not a healthy state, but ego is a necessary function in this realm. One of its jobs is to alert you to this type of infiltration and deception. The ego is but one tool here in the human experience realm.

Remember, your prime identity is not as human. You are not your ego. You are not your intellect. You are not your emotions. You are not your physiological form. These are all part of the human experience. All parts that are susceptible to external manipulation. You are Spirit experiencing the human experiment.

Enough for today's rant. Please keep in mind the sparklier the package the more it warrants suspicion. As the dissolution of the artificial illusions are washed away with these waves there are pockets of us holding sacred space as it passes, minimizing our contribution to the energy drain and feeding, cleaning up and learning from our own messes and blockages, and preparing to support natural order from natural chaos once the dust settles. It is about to get very real. Your path is your own. Your "reality" is your own. Own it, but know what you own. Empower yourSelf. Or not...

Blessings, Gratitude, & Safe Passage

Marilee NiEtain Mystik Midwyfe/Elder, Crafter, & Author/Scribe

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