Finding Your "Truth"

This article was originally published 07/13/2016 during a time of whittling away at the Law of One and Sphere Being Alliance mess, while being actively involved in the Standing Rock event. I was living at the base of Mt Shasta with sunrises such as this helping sooth and propel me through the climactic phase of my Fyre & Water Purification Quest that spanned five states in four years. The accounting of the record keeper, anti-virus drop into Pluto's Cave beneath Mt Shasta just prior the culmination of the Solar Eclipse while I was in Oregon for heart issues following the high intensity working during this time. Pieces of this Quest are being gathered into one article series and then into the book I am finishing. Hope you stick around for this last thrust and final phase of the Quest.

The article was republished on Mystik Mountain during the last massive Simulation retaliation through another group who ended up taking the route of Cyber Cult, 06/14/2019. The final phases of the mitosis complete and the dredging of the Wild Hunt in full motion, cleansing away all that toxic debris being slung our way. Now that we are past that entire separation of Prymal from the bindings of Simulation, the fallout settling all around us, the bottlenecked frequencies blasted through the Eye of the Needle with distinct frequency threads now beginning to seek distinct equilibrium separate from one another - we are now faced with the long-awaited opportunity to choose Prymal or Simulation for our own standards and alignment. Yes, there will be all mixtures of hybrid threads. And our primary focus is on distinct Prymal that can exist separate from Simulation, yet able to navigate within the more Simulated realms and remain NOT of it. Minimal co-existence and ability to not be tricked to succumb to the games others choose to cling to. Moving forward with the virtual platforms as tools and incorporating genuine human connection and growth will be our focus. This republishing to the new Prymal Fyre blog takes place 04/12/2020, in the midst of the 2020 quarantine of the larger dredging as it ripples outward, and inward.

Sunrise off the front deck of Soul Tribe Sanctuary. Please respect my image rights.

Kind of funny to be reposting this article in the midst of the current "fake news" frenzy and following all of the energy I put into calling out the unethical reporting and divesting hype of DiCaprio and Rockefeller (et al) during the Standing Rock news slamming over the last several months.

Okay, so some have been asking where I find some of the information to back my claims of clandestine corporate moves. We say to follow the money if one wants to find out who and what are behind these false corporate charades. All one has to do is take some precious time and look at the crazy business dealing histories here. There is much more to be found by picking key topics and names and running more background information research.

If curiosity is tickled just a bit, start with a read of the history of Monsanto (link below) for starters. And then follow the other business names they have used, the mergers they have been involved in, and the influence of this game on many other companies that APPEAR safe on the market.

Keep in mind, this source is well outside of the fringe reporting that has been hammered with the bad rap term "conspiracy theory," meant to shut down inquisitive minds. One does not need to be drawn into the sensationalized misinformation and disinformation plants either. One does have to resist the conditioned 10-second attention span and the thirst for hyper stimulation of the senses, however. [Since this writing "conspiracy theory" has taken on an even darker tone, mostly due to the click bait, latest generation "conspiracy theorists" themselves who would rather run with half truths and cut throat competition with other latest generation "conspiracy theorists" who prefer the LARPing drama live stream monitization opportunities.]

Hint to new researchers: Stick to the "boring" facts. Do not be drawn into the click bait, flashy fear porn intrusion. If a site is predominately advertising and is fishing for clicks - stay away. If a site is flashing fear and anger triggering images and seems to be shouting at you for attention and action (particularly to buy something) - stay away. If a site does not offer easily accessible accounting for who and what they have based their opinions and analysis on - stay away. If a site is offering "one and only truth or answer"- stay away. If a site is offering a savior message or false feel good diversions - stay away. If a site is offering warring and conflict of polarities as a solution - stay away. If a site is offering trendy, watered down escapism spirituality and flattery - stay away.

Remain with sites that offer information without entertainment and sensationalism.

Or not...your choice.

Playing the game only perpetuates the game.

Monsanto Company History

Funding Universe Company Histories

Sunrise off the front deck of Soul Tribe Sanctuary. Please respect my image rights.

Blessings, Gratitude, & Safe Passage

Marilee NiEtain

Mystik Midwyfe/Elder, Crafter, & Author/Scribe

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