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Carelessness brings death to the harmless

…Wolf cries.

Corruption scars innocence

…Eagle ceases to soar.

Persecution precedes escape

…Elk flees.

Icy winds of lies cause Standing People to snap,

when once they would bend in the breeze.

Where, now, are living forests?

Mal-intent hurts all children of Mother Earth

…and she weeps.

Grandmother Moon watches by night

…her song can be heard among stars.

In Light of Father Sun, as he kisses Horizon,

Breath of Dawn finds growth in a new day.

With growth comes clarity.

Through clarity, inner vision becomes visible.

Vision increases wisdom.

In wisdom, there is forgiveness.

In a world where forgiveness is our governing power,

Mother Earth's children play contentedly.

© By Wind Song Spirit/KC Clark 03/12/06

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