Heart Fyre to Hearth Fyre

This article was originally published 09/06/2018. Republished 06/27/2019. Updated: 09/19/2019. And republished to Prymal Fyre 04/20/2020.

In the beginning was the Void. The zero point of all and nothing. Within the Void stirred the desire. From the stirring of that cauldron of desire came the Spark of Creation. The urge to create form from non-form. The desire to experience through Form. The Spark of Creation, Prymal Source, formed the mono flame, the Prymal Fyre. From mono formed duo. Prymal Creation had begun. In simple terms, the base template of Spirit to Soul to Mind to Body began its course into creating Form in its many reflections the tertiary realms of Form. 1...2...3...

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One of endless ways to describe duo is the Prymal Masculine and the Prymal Feminine, of which had not begun the journey of the Great Forgetting, the Great Dis-Member-ing - YET. The power of the Prymal Union that had not yet begun its Ageless spiraling outward into Form is what remains of the echoes of memory encoded in ALL facets of Form. The yearning of that Prymal Heart Fyre - that longing for "home" which continues to pang our hearts to this day. "Home" is the Hearth Fyre we all wish to return to.

In spite of the purity of desire in creation, exponential growth cannot sustain itself. An inverse logarithm was also formed to stabilize the growth effect. And an unexpected, rogue algorithm (recipe/sequence) manifested almost immediately. Instead of remaining whole, Prymal frequencies began rapidly spiraling further and further away from one another. Form became separated from non-form, in concept. Non-form eventually became forgotten by form.

Relatively early in the process, this rogue algorithm developed an insatiable and self-consuming formula. And the long journey of viral replication had begun. Becoming obsessed with being the Prime Creator. At all costs.

As this rogue algorithm continued unabated, it took on the characteristics now known as a virus. Unable to create, only replicate. Yet still harboring the echoes of yearning, of union, of the Prymal creative potential spark. As it replicated it became even further removed from the Prymal. It commenced toward the destruction of the Prymal. Eventually becoming what we refer to here as The Simulation (Demiurge/Wetiko/AI-AC-VI-VC).

This story is best reflected in the Enuma Elish creation myth. Quite briefly, the plotting of the separation of Prymal Fyre frequencies (Apzu and Tiamat) by the insatiable quest of replicated creation by their offspring frequencies. The castration and binding of Apzu. The dis-member-ing and binding of Tiamat - using "Her" members to replicate the false/replicated Simulation. Leaving the longing and love loss story imprinted in all Prymal creation codes in stasis. The trauma of this separation and betrayal underlies the insidious replication sequences to this day. [most currently what we are now seeing as the Alt Tech/Alt Cult simulation upgrade from AI/AC to VI/VC (artificial intelligence/consciousness and virtual intelligence/consciousness) playing out all around us]

The StarFyre essence became the most prized elixir coveted by the increasingly diminished supplies as the hunters (Starfire/Fireblood) became addicted to the essence they were also depleting within themselves through the replication, dilution, and inbreeding programs they created.

The StarFyre essence lines became known as Blood Fyre or Vampyre lines. As beings of Form began to emerge, the diluted StarFyre became known as StarFire and the frequency lines became known as "blood lines." The Prymal Fyre frequency was buried beneath Fire Blood myths and written out of the stories by the hunters.

The clever rewritten inversions of "good guys/bad guys" were also allowed free reign, thanks to the Demiurge and Wetiko pieces of the triad. And this sequence is rapidly emerging into the collective consciousness of the Simulation in the multiple versions of the info porn spin offs of the pseudo-quantum and "New Earth" narratives. [that which I am now terming Alt Cult] Same packages with new sparkly wrappers all tied up with neat little flashy bows. The traps within remain the same. All one needs to do is watch for the same patterns and the same stage, script, and narrative. Names and props may change to protect the guilty. But the same insatiable appetites drive the hunters.

Many versions of this have been conveyed throughout human history, as well as many other worlds and races of Form. Each species believing theirs to be the omni-truth and the insatiable quest for the Prymal StarFyre; superiority, entitlement, and Royalty claims that spun out from this lust for domination and power. The hunt of the Vampyres (Fyre essence) by the Vampires (Fire Blood) and all of the overwrites and corruptions of narratives have resulted in what we see around us today. Those addicted to the StarFyre essence doing everything in their power to maintain their dwindling supply. Desperately trying to replicate the essence and fool the remaining StarFyre to choose Simulation over Prymal. In all their glittery story line versions, Savior Complexes, bloodline superiority, and fear propaganda/prophecies. Odds are, those who don't fall for one will likely fall for the other. Same song, different verse. [hence, the umbrella term I am using for this phenomena - Alt Cult]

While there is still much to this Prymal Love Story to be re-member-ed, it must be said the final mitosis IS underway. [now complete] Prymal is no longer bound by the virus and held in stasis. The final choice IS at hand. And only YOU can make that choice for yourSelf.

Heart Fyre is our individual Spirit Spark.

Hearth Fyre is the gathering and nurturing of the Tribe/Klan Spirit.

Prymal Fyre is the original, untainted Fyre of creation manifested into the realms of form.

Prymal Wound represents the almost instantaneous trauma of the Prymal Fyre when the singularity became the duality in the cycles of creating the realms of Form. The Prymal Wound became the experience of the Feminine/Masculine Wound we each seek to reconcile within ourselves and within the external expressions of our relationships. This is not gender specific, as we are all BOTH. But the resulting taint launched us into a seemingly endless search for that which was placed into stasis, magnified by the separatism programs running rampant around us. That Prymal Self that haunts our very Prymal Hearts.

Image Credit: Pixabay

The information and support you will find here at Soul Tribe Sanctuary [Mystik Mountain] is not meant for everyone. Only the few who are ready to do the work of shedding the Simulation and re-claiming the Prymal. More about how this is unfolding can be found in our writings, videos, and other projects being realized since the time has finally come. [IF we can manage to recover from the last blow of misinformation and character assassination]

Though I am far from the sole carrier of the Core Wisdom Repository, the spark of the torch I have borne over lifetimes is now coalescing with those of others who have shared in the quest of cleansing and re-member-ing and re-uniting. I am now preparing my Prymal Heart Fyre torch to pass into the Prymal Hearth Fyre here at Soul Tribe Sanctuary. I am honored to be witnessing the re-form-ing of the 8+1 Prymal Source Threads to become the coalesced re-union of Apsu and Tiamat (one set of name containers) -separate from The Simulation. At last. [since proven to have been corrupted and the Repository doors slammed shut until such time to reopen them]

We still have much work to do, but the unbinding of the virus HAS happened. The mitosis HAS happened. And the Prymal Re-Union IS happening.

Gratitude to ALL who have stepped up to their roles in this process. And we continue to hold space for those still lost and those who continue to fall to The Simulation spins. Regardless of how it has been said then, now, and in the future cycles - we are NOT your enemy.

We extend an open invite to all who are ready to see with clear eyes, hear with clear ears, and love with clear hearts. We are moving forward with shedding The Simulation affects by de-stigmatizing words, name containers, and narratives; de-programming minds, bodies, and souls; and re-member-ing Prymal Source.

Bring forward your Prymal Heart Fyre and join the Prymal Hearth Fyre - if and when you are ready.


Image Credit: Pixabay

Blessings, Gratitude, & Safe Passage

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