Honored Guides

Wounds filled with salt

Ancestors talk

Wondering how much at fault

Who’s to blame

So much pain

Locked in shame

I’m listening Grandmother

I hear you Brother

Touch my Soul mother

Father calls to Wind Song’s ear

He is near

No need to fear

Glide on wings through lands of time

Shifting sands in Canyon’s mind

Beloved Ancestors, I am your sign

Come sit tonight at dinner fare

While hearts are bare

Know we care

I walk on rocks

With stories locked

In crumbling blocks

Harmonies echo on walls of stone

Deep underground, lie your bones

I know soft voice of singing crones

Hawks cry, birds tweet

Standing people sway and weep

My love for you runs deep

Grandfather Thunder roars

Yearning hearts long for more

We only need but open doors

Table spread wide

Come sit, warm my side

Always, ever, honored Guides.

© By Wind Song Spirit/KC Clark



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We are a growing group of writers, crafters, gardeners, artists, musicians, and PathWorkers sharing our Prymal inspiration, strength, and hope. Creators you will find here include: Marilee NiEtain, SnowFyre, Ravyn Shayde, Elemine Aoelfe, and Wind Song Spirit. Others will be joining in soon. We will also be adding Bios for each. Welcome to our new project, Prymal Fyre, connected the Mystik Mountain Home & Market.


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