In Thin Clad Air

Updated: Nov 6

And so beyond her stated dare

She disappeared in thin clad air

The mighty Queen without a care

Once, she danced ‘neath lunar air

When she was young and men would stare

With nothing on but flowing hair

The mystik Queen within her lair

Careful lad, your soul she’ll snare

In heat of night and chests are bare

Golden tresses tossed here and there

His Majesty’s Queen who never cared

Lips softly parted, nostrils flared

Minds went wild, hearts would tear

Singing Queen on lofty chair

Touch her not, lest you dare

Run fast as though you’re hunted hare

Beware the breath of bleeding Blair

It stings like claw of Brother Bear

The beautiful Queen of old St. Clair

Thus she’s found not anywhere

She disappeared in thin clad air

The mighty Queen without a care.

© Wind Song Spirit/KC Clark


It has been brought to my attention that perhaps I should clarify this piece is purely fiction with no particular reference to existing or historical; people, events, or locations. 💞


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