Lucifer and Light/Dark Balance Commentary & A Prymal PathWorking Announcement

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One of the hardest misnomer archetype, name container, scapegoat overwrites to dispell is that of Lucifer. The entire End Times prophecy, and its many versions, needs to be dispelled and transmuted. Allowed to implode upon itself, along with the entire Simulation, which is exactly what it is doing all around us right now. Lucifer's role is no where near how it has been presented by the Demiurge/Wetiko (false creator god/psyche virus) versions so many insist on clinging to. If the Lucifer misnomer is not addressed, the Light Bringer will not be able to provide the role of balance of Light and Dark in humanity's role/construct of this realm. Again. And the correction will happen regardless if humanity takes responsibility in correcting itself or not. This realm will continue with or without humanity. So it is humanity's responsibility to correct its errors in the coding. The misnomer of the Lucifer name container included, and but one of many.

The latest version of this Demuirge/Wetiko and Cancel God summoning is in the form of the contemporary Q-spiracy scripts riding on Ages old fear propaganda in the guise of the loaded magic word containers of Satanic and Luciferian. These are all the very same programs that have been running since power and control made its debut in Church and State maneuvers. It is time to call it as it is and stop being puppeted and herded. And not the watered down Woke version, either. The programs and scripts "out there" will NEVER be reconciled until the programs and scripts "in there" are dismantled and rewritten. By YOU.

To begin the dispelling journey one can begin by studying the definitions of scapegoat and egregore. Lucifer being one of the first falsely accused scapegoats by the Demiurge/Wetiko (false creator god/psyche virus) twist in humanity's narrative through the Abrahamic Triad branch of corruption. And no, I am not speaking from the Christianized versions of Gnosticism or alchemy either. These have a LOT of clarification to put to rest as well. One key to re-member is that Lucifer is NOT "the devil" or the human created and named egregore, Satan. Lucifer is not even the character as depicted in the Dr Dee and Enochian angelic/demonic distortion propaganda or any of its many offshoots. Lucifer is an archetype encoded in ALL of us to utilize as we see fit in our purpose(s) within this realm. Based on OUR own responsibility, accountability, intent, and purpose. And NONE of the encoded archetypes are either "good" or "bad." That is not how this works or was ever meant to work.

For a basic Pymer on these concepts from a Prymal perspective please review these two surface level outlines: AC ch 1, AC ch 2, AC ch 3, and Real/Reel. You will likely have to challenge your pre-programmed 10 second attention span deficits, crippled concentration/conversation skills, and convenient distractions however. Or not. It's up to you. But the information is being provided once again with very little luxury of time to waste. If you want to be informed and clarified for Prymal alchemy transmutation, that is. If you are content with being a Simulacra in the Simulation as is, well...continue as you'd like. Who are we to get in your way? Just know denial, projection, sniveling, victimstance, and/or hopium will not make you any headway out of Simulation and its invoked Cancel God at this point. And complacency IS a valid choice. Just take responsibility for your choice is all we care to point out here. If you are truly discontent with Simulation and replication, please join us in Prymal Re-Member-Ing work.

Scapegoat definition

Egregore definition

Simulacrum, Simulacra, and Simulation definitions

Keep in mind this realm is NOT dependent on human existence and if the human species truly wants to continue being a part of this amazing journey it is up to each individual to correct their trajectory errors that humanity has been running on. And a huge part of that correction is that of the false belief systems and their hold on the human psyche. And this human-created story line of the inversion of the Lucifer archetype, complete with the creator god inversion and the Demiurge/Wetiko's Greatest Lie Ever Told "coup" inserted into Humanity's Tapestry must be addressed. And know it is only one of many.

Lucifer is NOT the "devil," the "Dark," or even the "false light." Lucifer is, and always has been, The Light Bearer - THE BRINGER OF LIGHT archetype coded within each of us. The clean up of the Demiurge and Christianized inversions is one of the many layers of the false light/false dark narratives to dispell. And this action is one component of Prymal PathWorking where the individual works toward re-defining and re-claiming their place in the Prymal Human Tapestry. Beginning where YOU are in your corruption/clarification cycle and determining YOUR independent/intrinsic loci of which to move forward. Individuation and self-actualization in preparation for a clean unification and solidarity re-joining work. One cannot responsibly expect to be truly effective in the re-unity phase if their own work has not been attended to. For a bit more on False/Authentic Light and False/Authentic Dark please visit this old article, as well as the other articles on the subject in the blog and forums.

Image Credit: Some Forgotten Museum site.

We are formulating a contact list of those who would be interested in the Prymal PathWorking journey as we re-polish its presentation and prepare it for launch once again. Prymal PathWorking is the compass and map for Spirit, through mastery of the mind/body/soul container/Spirit complex, to navigate this realm (and others) from its true, nine-point center (North, South, East, West, Upper, Mid, Lower, Inner, and Outer). Spirit fully seated in the Soul Container. The Soul Container fully seated in the Psyche. The Psyche fully seated in the Bio-Form. Firmly and authentically. Clarified of the Simulation residual effects. Once the individual's Prymal center is clarified and strengthened true re-unified Prymal work can begin.

The PathWorking journey is focused on identifying the layers of error coding in this realm/reelm and the mind/body/soul/Spirit complex as it relates to the human experience, burning the error coding to ash, and washing the residual effects from the authentic, Prymal code buried within the layers. Intense re-consideration of allies of form and non-form are taken into account as well. Stepping into true Self-responsibility and -accountability. This is referred to as the Fyre and Water Purification Quest. Followed by weaving the new tapestry and strengthening the immunity to re-infection of the Demiurge/Wetiko virus/parasite. And then nurturing the re-vitalized Prymal substrate of which was the original intention of this realm and humanity's interaction with it. In short, this is a true Shamanic initiation dis-member-ing and re-member-ing quest. And even though this process is not fully dependent on time/space measurements as defined in this realm, we are held to the principles. So in this light, we can say this work is VERY time and energy intensive. It certainly is not for the feint/feignt/faint of mind/body/soul/Spirit. [***A LOT can be learned from taking the time to look up the definitions of feint/feignt/faint in that sentence too. Folk who have studied my encoded writing style for a while will know to get to the Mysteries, some effort into reading between and behind the lines, so to speak is key to the deeper wisdom. We will talk about experiential levels at another time.]

Prymal PathWorking is designed to be the deeper, Spiritual focus of the Wellness LifePath, which is more of a practical, attention to daily living guide post and path blazing/building journey. KC is polishing her healing wheel system as a complementary option as well. Using these three inter-related systems we can tailor your unique journey, independent of, but still complementary and related to, the unified field of human solidarity goals. Once your thread is clarified and strengthened it can be re-woven into the unified Prymal Tapestry of Humanity moving forward, free from the effects of what may linger of the imploding Simulation.

These components require a certain level of commitment, self-discipline, and Prymal devotion. We do not take our sharing of these systems lightly. We are honored to be moving forward with these offerings to humanity again. But what is available publicly is a very small part of this journey. We will no longer offer up pearls before swine. That has only caused more inversion and confusion. And is actually the reason this core wisdom was/is kept in a firm repository and why authentic Mystery Schools and Secret Societies were attempted in the past. Corrupted as many have become, there are still some very good wisdom keepers within those systems to this day.

So, if you are interested in getting in on our email update lists for any or all three, please drop a reply here or in chat to be added to the list. And be sure to check back often as we polish these systems and integrate them in our onsite and online offerings gestating in the background here at Soul Tribe Sanctuary. This includes the re-introduction of our Event Planning and Rites of Passage services to be offered at our place or yours. Help us to help you by supporting these intensive efforts in all manner you are capable. Energy exchange is based on VALUE, by the ones offering AND by the ones requesting. Monetary measurement is a very real principle in this realm, but it is only that - a measurement. And it is NOT the only means to express appreciation and honor of a skill or wisdom. Make no mistake, NOTHING is FREE. Something of value has to be exchanged for something of value. It is the definition of VALUE that must be clarified. If the scale of value is tipped by greed or entitlement there is still another level of price (or better termed as consequence) conveyed. Please refer to Choice and Consequences for more on this.

If you would like to learn more about SnowFyre and Wind Song Spirit please have a look at our bios on the Mystik Mountain products and services website. These links will take you to a combined introduction about Mystik Mountain, About Us together, as well as links to our individual bios. A link to our services booking page is also at the bottom of the page where you can see the many services we already offer and a peek of what will be included in onsite stay packages and events and/or online workshops and services.

If you would like to learn more about these concepts and many others, please visit the Blog and Media sections of the Prymal Fyre website.

Unfortunately, we were unable to circumnavigate the current challenges for the Autumn 2020 Gathering this go round. We are scaling it down to a few small workshops and offering a few onsite stay packages while we divert the larger gathering event for Spring 2021. In the meantime, PathWorkers who are actively engaged in their journeys will be contributing their energy and intention to the bridging of Simulation to Prymal unity effort in preparation for this event. We will all be working toward clarifying, maintaining, and exercising our own Prymal Red Threads and weaving together the new Prymal Tapestry using the clarified Red Thread of Humanity.

Please contact us today if you are interested in more information as it rolls out. And remember, we are always open to creative energy exchange options that are true to your sense of life value. Many options of exchange will be presented as we move forward as well. And your insights, ideas, and creative expressions are welcomed and valued too. So please do not hesitate to respond here or by chat/email.

Blessings, Gratitude, & Safe Passage

SnowFyre & Wind Song Spirit


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