Real/Reel Road Crossing - Parts I, II, III, & IV

Updated: May 24

This Part 1 article was originally published 01/31/2018 and is the first of a four part series. I will be combining all of the articles of the series here, in sequence. Part II was originally published 02/04/2018, Part III 03/03/2018, and Part IV 06/03/2018. The first republishing as a combined series into one was 11/11/2019 on Mystik Mountain. I will omit the time sensitive announcements that are not directly relevant to the historical continuity of the material or the process. But otherwise the text will remain as the original. Please keep in mind, much has transpired since these writings. On many levels. And new terminology and concepts have been added along the way as well. [With the creation of our latest blog, Prymal Fyre, I am again republishing this four part series as an introduction to some of the terms and concepts going into the much larger work still underway. 04/18/2020]

The separate sections of these articles will be further separated and republished to be placed in the appropriate Wellness LifePath and Prymal PathWorking categories and materials. Expansion of what you will read here is the basis of the much larger workbooks and completion of my book, Ancestral Coalescence: All You Seek Shall Be Found Within. The first three introductory chapters of which have already been published and available on Kindle for now. [2020 - The introductory chapters of the larger book will also be published in the new blog, dedicated to the next phase of this amazing quest.]

This particular article compilation is being republished to summarize and offer a historical continuity to this point in time where I am once again re-emerging from my healing cave [2019]. Trying to recover and rebuild following a vicious attempt to interrupt and prevent this quest from finding its destination. And to provide solutions for the effects of the Alt Cult and mass psychosis onslaught all around us. Once I am able to republish the backstory and rebuild the foundation, we will commence on the primary focus and roles of nurturing the Prymal as the Simulation consumes itself. [And we have now accepted the challenge of the final chapter. Into uncharted waters we go...2020]

Let this extensive post serve as an intro for new eyes, as well as a refresher of old. An account of where we have been. Where we are. And where we are going.


Real/Reel Road Crossing - Part I

This article, Real/Reel Road Crossing, is one of a number of articles that have been in the works over the last several weeks. I have decided to simply combine these separate topics and subjects into one comprehensive article. In two parts. This one will be considerably longer than the prior articles, so please brew a warm cup, put your feet up, and join me on a journey through subject matter that has finally become due to discuss.

The Real/Reel concept is credited to conversations and work with my friend and colleague on many levels, Laura Leon. I have asked her blessing for including it within the scope of the material I am about to share with you. And I would like to take a moment to clarify here, that though Laura and I have once again partnered in projects of presenting material and analysis, each of our individual perspectives stand on their own merit. While much of our experiences and conclusions share many commonalities we maintain respect and honor in our differences. I will not presume to speak for Laura and hold to a viewpoint from my own center. If discrepancies should seem to present themselves, please bear in mind this is usually due to the variances of perspective and translation. Nothing more. [Though others may say different, I would hope with all of the nonsense that has passed over the years one will be able to determine the motivating factors of all the players involved in the huge levels of interference and betrayal and misunderstandings that have presented themselves.]

Our perspectives are not meant to be replicated versions of the same narrative and I will not even try to entertain that pesky programming technique. Just as my perspective and path is mine, so is Laura's, and so is yours. I am not concerned with "proving" mine to be any more valid or "true" than anyone else's. I am not concerned with convincing you, or anyone else, of the information and knowledge I will be presenting here. It is my hope as you join me in this little writing journey you will take the initiative to explore your viewpoints and nurture your understanding without hyper focus on proving mine or yours to be better or worse.

Your understanding will not reveal itself through such attempts. If some of what I say "fits," wonderful. Use that to nudge your intellect into exploring further. If some of what I say doesn't, that's wonderful as well. I'd hope you will simply shelve it to be revisited another time when it may have more relevance.

Along with the information and knowledge, I will do my best to weave in the experiential components through my personal journey as example. Not to engage in a "one up" approach to seek validation or to entertain. But to offer how one person applied and incorporated these things into one path. For to evolve to the levels of wisdom, gnosis, and beyond one must step out of the confines of intellect.

This is not a definable process. But is allegorically woven in as having the eyes to see and ears to hear. It is the path to gnosis, the inner knowing. The wyrd template beyond the material realm. The template that has been so tampered with over the ages and it easily locks us in and enslaves us with invisible chains. And those realms that are not easily translated through the bioform, intellect, or even the container that has become known as the "soul."

There will be a lot of terms and concepts introduced in this article and for the purposes of the presentation there is not enough room to go into all of the layers that form the foundation of these ideas. This is what Soul Tribe Sanctuary [Mystik Mountain] and Prymal Pathworking are intended for. So we would hope should you find a draw to re-member-ing more you would join us in the various forums, groups, and platforms that have begun to take form on the website [shut down and being restructured yet again, due to the tenacious onslaughts we have experienced on so many levels]. There is much, much more to be discovered and uncovered on this path. And it is certainly a process and not an event to shoot for outside of one's Self.

Returning to the Real/Reel concept, for the purposes of this presentation, I have developed the terms from discussions with Laura and will be expanding on that base understanding with my own expansion and translation. Should you wish to have a deeper look at Laura's expansions and translations I would encourage you to visit her website as well.

For this discussion I will be using "real" to represent the authentik, original template of this dimension [Prymal]. "Reel" will represent the simulated template that has overlaid the "real," creating the illusion and simulation most are embedded and enslaved in currently [Simulation]. It may help to visualize the movie reel if you are a more visual translator. [terms now used are Prymal and Simulation]

I will be using the letter "m" to represent the concepts of "material" and "manifest." For example, adding "m" to "real" gives us the term "realm," which will be the term I use for the this 3D reflection of the authentik and Original Earth form [Prymal], as well as the "unseen" and less tangible aspects.

And by adding "m" to "reel," I will be using the term "reelm" to represent the 3D reflection of the simulated illusion [Simulation]. Realm and reelm will often be referred to as a wide variety of levels of "seen" and "unseen" planes that operate simultaneously. [form and non-form are terms used more often now, 2020]

Basically, real/realm = authentik/original and reel/reelm = simulation/illusion.

You may also wish to make note that the letters "k,", "c," and "ck" as related to "magi" (for example) will also be used. It will also help to make note of the differences in using the letters "y" and "i" as well. More on this basic spellcrafting will be presented later in the article series, as well as other material available on the website and through the learning portals.

Narrowing the presentation to real/reel and realm/reelm is only intended to aid in keeping the intellect somewhat focused to better facilitate understanding of a multi-faceted concept. But please keep in mind there are many, many less fixed layers to the material I am presenting. And as you become more adept in translating and "feeling/sensing/wyrding" through the material, the understanding/knowing, will become more evident.

Eventually, should you move into the experiential component, the gnosis and wyrd will eventually reveal itself. I will only be presenting the very basics here.

This material is, and will be further expanded upon, in various formats (written, visual, and audio - available through the website). It is not my role to spoon feed or otherwise walk your path to gnosis for you. That, my friend, only you can do. We are here to assist and share in that journey. Nothing more.

Declaration & Intention

Image Credit: Pixabay

Some who are reading this are familiar with what declaration and intention encompass in relation to our presentation. As a part of reclaiming our sovereignty from the reelm programming, we have found it helpful to formally declare our intentions. At the bottom of each page on the website you will find a link to the general declaration you are agreeing to each time you enter and engage with our website or other works associated with Soul Tribe Sanctuary and Prymal Pathworking [and Mystik Mountain - Prymal Fyre]. You will find the business declaration as well as the Natural Law Declaration, of which I recently updated to include direct intention toward the specific tampering of information and knowledge by the reelm algorithms. Individuals may or may not be aware of these in operation on their behalf and operating through them. It is advised to consider a serious investigation into such matters.

Let it be known to all that by continuing with this article or any other form of engagement with Soul Tribe Sanctuary, Prymal Pathworking, [Mystik Mountain and Prymal Fyre] and all others united in solidarity with such agree to this Declaration and Intention (as copied from the web pages of Soul Tribe Sanctuary):

Declaration of NON-CONSENT FOR INTERFERENCE: Marilee NiEtain

Let it be known, I (Marilee NiEtain) do not consent to any agreement of entrapment that bears intention to deceive, misinform, manipulate, exploit, control, steal, harvest, seduce, harm, or negatively influence my being (mind/body/soul/spirit) and physical place of habitation, business, website, or published works in any way across all levels, dimensions, and time/space.

I intend protection from harm and maintain neutrality, so as to not be trapped or harvested, to the best of my ability in every situation.

I do not consent to any false programs driving my body and consciousness, but rather my highest Spirit’s truth within and without limitation, as a Creator of integrated mind, soul, and spirit of original prymordial core consciousness.

Let it be known that my choice of NON-CONSENT to any agreement of entrapment on any level, across all dimensions, and for all time is in effect now and forevermore.

I hold that such is true and in effect, that any such agreement of entrapment, deception, and harmful intention, are now deemed null and void based on the intention of its creator to harm and dishonor my life, my sovereign being, and my free will.

No singular or collective entity, or artificial intelligence or force under any circumstances of mal-intent is allowed permission to enter my mind, body, soul, spirit, in any dimension, level, or time/space. If there are such attempts to ignore the LAW, they will bring upon themselves their own intention in harm (amplified by the wyrd) —and are fully responsible for those choices.

ADDENDUM: And furthermore, a specific intention against the willful misuse of information and knowledge presented on this website, other published works, verbal discussions, or any other communications will be held accountable in accordance with the reelm anti-virus protocols inserted August 2017.

Misuse is defined as, but not limited to; extracting terms, concepts, information, knowledge, and all other forms of translation and communication without proper respect and credit to the origination process. Including the use of aforementioned dialog in altered presentations without appropriate analysis and comparison support explicitly provided in context. All material must be referenced back to its originator as best available. Such misuse will be deemed an act of virus replication and the anti-virus will meet such immediately, completely and totally dismantling all connected to the virus. All involved with such tampering are held fully responsible and accountable for their actions on all levels.


Repository of Mysteries/Cauldron of Sila

Pluto Through Capricorn

Fyre & Water Purification Quest

Shadow Mirror

Cauldron of Sila

These next few sections will primarily focus on how I have come to understand the Real/Reel programming and templates. This, by no means, is a complete and total summary of my perspective. Nor is it all encompassing of the overall. It is my understanding that each individual will experience this transmutation differently, according to what they align with (Real and Reel) and what they choose and don't choose as the events unfold. I can only share things from my perspective and can throw in some of what I have witnessed from many others' stories and how they have experienced their paths.

Please keep in mind, I will be presenting some new terminology as well as what may seem to be new perspectives on the old. Much is still being held close awaiting the appropriate time to present. These topics in this article are pieces of what we discuss and explore through Soul Tribe Sanctuary and Prymal Pathworking. So if you are interested in diving deeper feel free to subscribe to the website, join the forums, and join us in Prymal Pathworking if this quest speaks to you.

We will begin by discussing the templates, programming, and ways the simulated reelm operates. We will then look at some examples of how one can begin to disengage from that reelm, if so chosen. I no longer entertain much of the hows and whys of the the reelm construct, as I have confirmed that is exactly one of the primary ways the reelm keeps you locked in. Some of what I will be presenting will undoubtedly strike an uncomfortable chord in some who read this. And it is not my role or intention to engage in argumentative dialog to prove or disprove any of this. Only to offer an option to ponder.

I will be weaving in some examples from my personal experience as well. I do not offer this part of myself for special recognition or status purposes. I am pretty transparent to varying levels with how this incarnation, as well as others, have unfolded. But I also hold very dear my privacy and do not share specific, gory details to feed into the sensationalizing component of the narrative in motion. As that is also part of the momentum behind the reelm simulation program. Much of my "story" appears very unbelievable, but that is of no matter for my role.

It is not my concern if anyone believes me or not. I also choose to not speak of much detail in the areas where the information may place myself or others in more "danger" than is already evident. I respect the privacy and safety of others and will not jeopardize the well being of anyone seeking to walk the authentik path. In my vocation I counsel many and must maintain the safety and integrity of that role to the best of my ability.

I have nothing to prove to anyone. Only offering a perspective for consideration. I leave the choice of consideration to you, the reader. And I am very aware much of this material is not meant for everyone. But for the few who find it useful - Blessings, Gratitude, & Safe Passage

A little more about my background that is not included in my public bio. This is offered to provide the reader with some foundational reasoning as to how I have arrived at some of the concepts offered here and in my more detailed work. It is expected it will be respected as such and the stated declaration, as well as others in effect on other levels, is in full effect.

Should any information be used with ill intention, the results are very clear. If there are any doubts about your intention and manner of sharing this information, it is strongly advised to NOT share it at all. And if it is shared, stand in your own integrity and provide appropriate credit so others will have access to the original basis of information without the reelm distortion programs running rampant. Anything less than authentik integrity, cognitively intended or not, will be subject to that which has been explicitly stated. Should you share the information out of context, provide access to the full text with explicit direction and clear indication of what is yours and what is anothers'.

In a very condensed version for the purposes of the limited space permitted in this article I will begin with sharing that I entered this chapter without a full memory wipe. The portions of "hidden" data were of my own fractal program to keep certain information safe in the event I was not able to navigate the template of purpose as I had intended. The task I speak of here is The Repository of the Mysteries and The Cauldron of Sila. This material represent a much more esoteric and occult perspective and is different than my more formal research and analysis that has gone into the Info Porn and Cyber Cult materials to be published soon.

A very few will know of which I speak. Opening particular areas of the repository as I navigated this assignment. It was not an easy task to successfully enter and the "counter" moves began immediately upon my arrival. I was suffocated to the point of death at three days of age for starters. And the road through a long series of attempts to "break" or shatter my resolve commenced through several programs that have become more common knowledge over time. The techniques were severe and relentless. And restating them here will not be of benefit, so I will leave that where it lies.

I have been pronounced "clinically" dead seven times in this lifetime alone. This does not include the many undocumented accounts. Each time I found myself weakened as an attempt to abort my intended duty for this "assignment." I found increased severity in what I had written into my own program to get me back on task. The most difficult period resulted in six years of psych ward revolving doors with over 60 hospitalizations and two forced commitments to the State Mental Hospital. Most of this was during the remaining techniques of physical and chemical restraint within that system and other questionable procedures. This period included over 17 suicide attempts, four of which I had to be revived from, and a couple with nothing less than "miracle" recovery, according to the opinions of numerous medical personnel.

I fondly refer to this period as my "field research" days. As this is the time frame of my academic experience as well. With a triple major, double minor and plenty of extra advanced coursework thrown in as a rider on the full-time tuition (resulting in some semesters with over 36 credit hour loads) many of my research papers were written from within these mental hospitals, using their libraries, interacting with seriously "mentally ill" patients as a seriously "mentally ill" patient, and faxing my assignments and research papers to my professors. This experience, along with my internships and practicums on the "outs" as a clinician, has given me a unique perspective into Psychology, Social Science, Medical, Comparative Religion, and Cultural Anthropology as formally stated subjects - many others too many to list here were sprinkled in as I went.

I was deeply involved with several spiritual communities approaching them from many perspectives. Professionally and behind the scenes working with others who have experienced extreme states and programming. Some of these areas involved cults, human trafficking, ritualistic abuse, pornography, criminal systems, addictions, etc. I have seen, heard, and experienced some of the most heinous examples of the human sickness imaginable. And yet I know that is only a small portion of the overall scope.

I specifically chose certain alignments to aid my quests, particularly the Pluto Through Capricorn transit coupled with my birth date choice within a Capricorn Sun. These components lent quite nicely to the culmination of this last phase of the Fyre and Water Purification quest just now transforming into the next, and final, phase.

Along this repository were 16 doors, the last of which has finally broken its seal. My given name and selected blood lines also added much into the mix. And it wasn't until very recently I totally realized the ramification of accepting my current last name and how that changed the numerological sequence. But that will have to wait for another time to share.

For a brief background of the Pluto Through Capricorn transit for those unfamiliar. Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, a deep and intense zodiac sign that guides our most potent and radical transformations. (I am speaking of the realm application and not so much the reelm distortions.) On January 27, 2008, Pluto entered into Capricorn for its long stay in that sign, until approximately January of 2024. This marks a period of intense purification and dismantling of the material realms/reelms ruled by Capricorn. I will expand on this a little later in this section as I share more about my recent Fyre and Water Purification quest that all works together in sync.

For those who are a little more versed in the astrological representation I am speaking of, Saturn also rules Capricorn. There has been some buzz over the last couple of decades about the Saturn/Moon Matrix. Which I would have to agree has a significant influence over the reelm. But please do not use the broad brush program and deducing that affects it all across the board. That is how the reelm maintain its control in its sandbox. Natural and Original realms are another matter altogether.

The data set I came in with included full memory of many incarnations, corporeal and non, in many so called "dimensional" templates and realms/reelms. One particular incarnation that holds the cohesion of this current "assignment" was the basis for many other entrances in an attempt to "undo," or more accurately, reverse engineer the results of what I would have to say was one of my/our biggest mistakes.

You see, in one facet of one incarnation during what some have come to understand as Mu/Lemuria, I was terribly duped and deceived into creating and writing a virus into the diabolical program that was just beginning comparatively. This is the foundation of my vehement distaste for anything even remotely smelling of the false love and light (seraph) program that has repeated since. That was the frequency signature that fooled and betrayed me back then and is still very much one of the strongest of influences of the Simulation control programs such as what I am culminating my research and experience into as the Info Porn and Cyber Cult series.

Many of my experiences over the Ages on many planes, mostly simultaneously, include blatant entanglements with the frequencies who have taken on many names and masks: including the repeat story lines of "Atlantis," Mesopotamia, Egypt, and on and on... This is the basis of much of my writing on the ELs and other self-professed "gods," "angels," "demons," "species," - you name it. They are all the same frequency signatures. The names, masks, stage, scripts, etc. change - but the scent of the frequencies cannot be erased. I have never backed down and I most certainly do not plan to do so now. The corruption of both Light AND Dark will NOT escape the containment.

Every single assignment since has held the themes of monitoring the damage and maintaining the integrity of the Mysteries and Core Wisdoms while carefully interjecting the means to eventually dismantle and deconstruct the Simulation. Where I am with it all now is that the Simulation can simply continue its own implosion, but it will not be allowed to reinfect that which lies parallel, yet distinct. I am offering breadcrumbs to the few who are willing and ready to extract themselves once and for all. Without passing judgment on those who choose to remain in and continue the simulation.

To skip all of the other interjections to unravel what I was involved in then, I can say the theme of many of them was based on my belief I had been responsible for the state of millions of souls. Which in a way is accurate. But that gave me the determination to see this through clear to the point of sitting here sharing this right now. To stand shoulder to shoulder with the few others who have again united in solidarity.

The Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse (2018), well into its manifestation in just a few hours as I write, is the six-month marker of my dropping of the anti-virus I had also created so very long ago. Some of that account can be found in an article written to announce the Fyre & Water Purification Ceremony at Pluto's Cave near Mt Shasta last year. During this time I had come full spiral back to direct work with Tiamat's heart center which resulted in literally scrambling the electrical magnetic communication of my own physical heart. (Which has since been reset and mended.) I will expand more on this in the following section, Original Earth/Simulated Earth and the mitosis underway.

Fire & Water Purification Quest... Back in 2008, the point of Pluto's entrance into Capricorn I found myself quickly remarried after a very long time of solitude. This was the period of the creation of our Ancestral Coalescence website and business which lasted until around the 2013/2014 time frame - the point of apex (2016) of Pluto through Capricorn. On a larger scale this is the period of the exposure of errors in the structure of the reelm. What has since been drug out and magnified as "disclosure."

During this time I found myself in a safe house filing for divorce. I managed to find a small apartment to move into from which to try to rebuild, only to be informed the following month the grant for my position at the regional mental health center would end and was given a 30-day notice. The day I got that news I was contacted by a new holistic recovery center a few hundred miles north and offered a counselor position. This location happened to be my place of birth on the rim of the Yellowstone caldera. So the move north began.

That lasted a year and then the deconstruction wave hit again. Due to questionable practices I would not be a part of, I left that position. Moved two more times locally. Then my father, whom I barely knew, became ill. I gave away all I had built for Soul Tribe Sanctuary and packed what I could fit into my Trailblazer and the animals and I headed south only to land right on top of the subterranean nests between Denver Regional Airport and Cheyenne Mountain. The interference quickly peaked there and then I packed up again and headed to Mt Shasta in northern California. Walking away from all past family and friends who felt safer and justified in ostracizing me and my work anyway.

My work with Tiamat and Pluto's Cave, complete with the drop of the anti-virus took about six months and then I found myself back in the mental health profession, but homeless and recovering the heart short-circuit on the streets in southern Oregon. Finally found a small place there and circumstances eventually led me back to the Rocky Mountains where the next phase will unfold. With a whole new role.

Much more will be shared over time about the purification process that included the dismantling of profession, health, relationship - on every imaginable level. And now the seven years of reelm program dismantling commences in preparation to drift right on into the awaiting Original Earth [Prymal] template frequencies should all traces of the reelm simulation virus be shed that is.

At this point I only want to add that I did not go through this chapter of the quest to seek the knowledge I speak of. I carried all that in with me. I entered this time to monitor the damage of the gnosis and to reverse engineer what I had been a part of so very long ago. Please understand the cleansing and purging I have embarked on since has not been minimal and I do not seek consolation or even forgiveness. I only wish to impart my lesson in not judging the mistakes and errors of others while still rebuilding the integrity that was so blasted apart with that betrayal so very long ago. Holding the integrity necessary to see this final chapter through.

The utmost honor and respect goes out to the others on this quest, as I am not a singular flame in this correction. My role is but one small, humble one among the many.

Again...Blessings, Gratitude, & Safe Passage... And much, much love goes out to all whom I encountered during this tumultuous time ensuring my survival by lending your love and support. I couldn't have made it through without you. Any of you. And you all know who you are. The blood, sweat, and tears have well been worth it.

The embodiment of the final phase of this quest has been accepted. That of Shadow Mirror. Let's get on with the attempt at sharing the structure of this perspective and then on to sharing possible solutions, shall we?

Programming, Parasites, Predators, & Prey

Image Credit: Pixabay

As we get started on the structural part of this material, I need to take some time to clarify some definitions and foundational concept reference so we are on the same page, so to speak. For the purposes of this article I will be writing in a more casual tone and not trying to present highly technical terms and concepts. I do have a background in psychology, biology, sociology, computer programming, plus a host of other specific disciplines. But I will refrain from getting too tech jargon-filled with the information. And also keep in mind that this is very surface level in relation to the macro concepts. [There will be time for a much more detailed dive into these subjects when I get the Info Porn and Cyber Cult series published.]

I will be using terms that have different meanings pertaining to the different schools of thought and will come from a more cross-disciplined perspective as applied to the more abstract material I will be presenting. You will find my presentation much more inclined toward the abstract and subjective side of the continuum. I hope to keep things a little clearer than mud.

First off, lets set some ground rules. When I am speaking of programming, parasites, and predators I am coming from an objective angle minus any value judgments. When I speak of programming, parasites, and predators - there are no "good" or "bad" values applied. They just ARE. And we ALL have tendencies toward these characteristics. Sometimes helpful. Sometimes not so much.

Basically, to function in this realm we are dealing with programming. This is how the bioform and intellect perceive, categorize, translate, and interface in the material realm. When I speak of realm programming I am speaking of our natural ability to relate with the material, very generally. When I speak of reelm programming I am speaking of the altered and most often times enslaving programs used to develop and maintain the Simulation, not usually in the human's best interest as it has come to pass. Some of these programs may have served a purpose in the past, but were never put to rest following their usefulness. Some became opportunistic fodder, with some of these sneaking into the very substrate of our reality unawares. Others adapted, becoming more useful or more damaging as society and its individuals continued to move forward. Or backward, in some instances.

Very basically the definition of "program" we will be dealing with is as a noun, " a planned series of future events, items, or performances" and as a verb, " to arrange according to a plan or schedule." This will vary as I refer to the differences of the realm and reelm versions of programming. Hence, the realm program has a base template and all that is aligned with that template (minus the reelm distortions) write the program in real "time." The reelm program has a base template and all that is aligned with that template (controlled by the reelm distortions) write the program in reel "time."

The basic definition of "parasite" I will be using is: " an organism that lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host's expense." I carry this over to a more abstract meaning by substituting "organism" with "form" and "frequency," and "nutrients" with "energy." Whether that energy be of a bio, psyche, soul, or Spirit energy will depend on which construct(s) I am referring to at any given time. Hence, "a form/frequency that lives in or on another form/frequency (its host) and benefits by deriving energy at the host's expense."

The basic definition of "predator" I will be using is: "a person, animal, or group that preys on or otherwise exploits others." Once again, I will more often use this as a frequency level reference. And by "others," this can include people, places, or things - and again more to do with frequency even though I will be using more tangible examples periodically.

As the reader, please try to bridge the gap between literal and figurative as you ponder some of these concepts I will be mentioning.

Now, with the basics presented, this part may not be an easy pill to swallow for some. But it will be a lot easier for you to grasp these ideas once it is clear that I am not exclusively speaking of the parasite or the predator "out there." But more importantly, the parasite and predator behaviors, tendencies, and coding within each human. You. Me. Us. Them.

As soon as one can accept their own tendencies in these areas the easier it will be to see how the reelm architects and players use these to manipulate and otherwise keep each individual locked into that particular version of that particular program.

The twisting of this part of the human template has the majority of individuals operating as parasites and predators in the guise of making them think they are the hosts and the victims. Or, even more sneakily, as the wise one pointing out the parasites and predators - when in all actuality, THEY are the hosts projecting the accusations while actually being the "monster" themselves. Some more aware of how they are being used than others. Some are completely oblivious to how they are the host being animated by the parasite/predator. We ALL must monitor this tendency within ourSelves continually.

I will offer a few examples of what I mean by this by using a term that quickly became a popular term in the pop-psych/New (C)age world, Psychic Vampire. And I will carry my pondering on this term over to a term I am now introducing, Empathic Vampire. We may even touch on what I am now pointing out as being a difference between vampire and vampyre when it comes to Fyre Blood and Fire Blood which in turn leads to the difference between the Hunted and the Hunters.

Please do not allow your blame and shame programming to run rampant with this. That is not the intention. But surely, if you are beginning to experience some form of discomfort as we go deeper into this subject you can count on the fact this is an area worthy of your attention - if you are serious about unraveling your reelm programming, that is.

Let me interject a point here that is critical in grasping this concept. For any interaction to happen there has to be a receptor and a projector. One receiving the frequency and one projecting the frequency. We ALL do this simultaneously. The reelm program has almost completely overwritten our own program with the false idea that the power lies in the projector. When in fact it is the receptor that determines if the frequency or energy fulfills its intended mission. YOUR power lies in if you receive and accept what is being projected. That is where YOUR power of transmutation lies. When you accept that it is that on the outside that holds the power - you are handing it over to "them" willingly. Regardless of your claim to ignorance of the process.

And this victim program is very, very cunning in its deception and execution. Anyone can be victimized. But it is up to you to determine if you accept that as an identity and continue to carry it with you after the event of victimization is past. There is a HUGE difference between BEING VICTIMIZED and BEING A VICTIM. Sometimes this process of healing is so involved in very deep wounding that it takes a very long time to get past this point. And even though that is part of what I offer as a counselor, it is much more detailed of a process than can be properly presented here.

For now, just consider what is being said and try not to get caught up in the inner dialog and argument that is likely beginning to stir. This is a huge one we all have had to deal with on one level or another. And it can have very, very deep roots.

I want to return to the topics of psychic and empathic vampires. When referring to "psychic" I am speaking primarily of the more thought based forms. And by "empathic" I am speaking primarily of the more emotion based forms.

Most of us know when we have been drained by these types of parasites. Any time you have engaged in a conversation with someone and come away exhausted and drained there has been an imbalance of energy exchange. Sometimes the vampire is very aware of what they are doing. Most times not. Most vampires are simply running on automatic programming trying to get their needs met in ways that have worked in the past without questioning. In co-dependency terms, this is known as enmeshment. Where individual boundaries have become far too permeable.

And I also want to point out this is only one way this presents itself. There is also the result of becoming over-charged, indicating you are the one draining the other. And the sense of being uncontrollably pummeled by "others" emotions. The perceived victim. Just as readily as the other may be injecting you.

So, I ask: "which one is more responsible for the imbalanced exchange of energy? The projector or the receptor? Which one are you?"

I would venture to state BOTH. And neither is any better or worse than the other at this basic point in the interaction. Ask yourself if it feels better to perceive yourself as the predator or the prey. As the parasite or the host. And you will quickly discover your answer behind your rationalization and justification of not being the "other." And hence, the Shadow Projection is complete. Destined to eventually encounter a Shadow Mirror. More on that later.

Funny how those New Age, pop psych versions of Shadow Work fail to point this out. They would much rather stroke the victim ego and keep them from feeling the less warm and fuzzy part of the equation. The money tends to flow much more readily to the healer that creates the air of "feel good," or locked into the perpetual victim wheel, than the one who sits in the pain and discomfort with the one doing the Shadow Work. Insisting they do their own work.

Once again, if you have found yourself "victimized" by such an exchange it would be of much more benefit to your well being to figure out how you can heal your vulnerabilities and manage your reception of the energy link. If you give into your reelm programming and focus on the "other" as being the problem you run the risk of falling into the pattern of spinning your wheels and risk perpetuating the exchange. Risking these patterns becoming set habitual patterns instead of informed decision and boundary setting - which is YOURS, not "theirs."

Keep in mind, "they" cannot drain you unless you allow it. So work on what YOU have control of. YOUR receptors. Not "THEIR" projectors. If what "they" are projecting has no place to land and take up residence it becomes useless, impotent targeting. Simple.

Now, one form the empathic vampire can take is in the form of the well-intentioned healer or caring type person who ignores the free will of who they feel they are somehow entitled (or interject the terms "called" or "meant" commonly used to justify and rationalize the feeding) to heal or simply pray ("prey") for unsolicited.

I have detected these tendrils on an ever increasing level with an exponential explosion with the New Age, Love & Light community. I thought it was bad enough with the evangelical missionaries out to save souls. But this community has taken it to an entirely new level. I spend more time deflecting this onslaught than direct targeting from the demonic realms/reelms. The blatant disrespect of where my space ends and the undisciplined empath's begin is getting very old.

Being very psychic and empathic myself, I had to learn a very long time ago that just because I have the gift/curse of the ability to enter others' mind and emotion spaces, it is not a free license to do so. And I do NOT belong there. Even when invited. Intentionally or unintentionally. The more gifted one is in these areas, the more responsibility of self-discipline one requires. In fact, when assisting others to re-member these parts of themselves ALWAYS culminates a point of decision for that person on how they will use the gift/curse. And MOST times it ends unfavorably and pretty darned ugly.

Another form the empathic vampire may find themselves experiencing has to do with the increasing complaint I hear from countless empaths. "I can't shut it off." "Everyone's emotions are overwhelming me." "I can't tell where my emotions begin and where everyone else's end." In other words, "I am the helpless victim of everyone else's emotions."

Again, it comes back to the receptors. Not the projectors. Others' emotions cannot take up residence in your space unless you allow it. (OR...YOU are the one draining the other.) Period.

Even the ones who become obsessed with "not feeling" as they feel they are entitled to feel. Claiming to be "numb," when it is obvious they are most certainly running on emotion. Just not how they think they should feel. And this leads to emotional addiction that many of the New Age types misinterpret as "high vibration" and a craving for "higher vibration." Chasing the dragon, so to speak, emotionally. Rarely feeling content with simply BEING.

How do you step away from this emotional sling fest? Control YOUR boundaries. Control how much comes in and how much goes out of YOUR protective membrane. And STOP blaming the predator, parasite, narcissist, or any other popular scapegoat term you find easy to grab. The misused terms popular out there now have become the catalyst for this cluster f&ck we see around us right now.

Please stop falling for the pop-psych empath/narcissist spins and the twisted Shadow Work with sugar coated traps. Or, if you want to stay in that mess for some reason or another stop broad brushing the ignorance to include all of us that don't want to be included in the circus. Most of what you read out there that use these terms have absolutely NO basis in sound application terms.

I also had to learn that I simply have enough on my own mental and emotional plate that belonged to me and that I am responsible for. And it was up to me to deal with that mess. And not to keep those gates open for every one else's.

As a counselor and healer I can share the interface with those I choose to. But it ends there. And the ones who ask for this type of relationship will have to demonstrate potential to meet their responsibility in dealing with their stuff. Truly and authentikally. Not locked into ages old passive/aggressive and victimstance techniques. I am usually very patient with those who approach me in these processes. But let it be known there are limits.

I do not make a very good martyr. In spite of how many times the role has interjected itself into my template. And that is MINE to deal with. Just as yours is yours.

To finish this part of the article, I will offer some of how I see this as coming about. And no, it is not based on shame and blame. A huge part of the overall reelm simulation program has included intentional tampering with prolonged and heightened emotional states and human appetites and addiction potentials.

The same patterns we see with the abuse victim choosing the familiar, though dangerous, environment over the unknown can be seen with the phenomena having to do with the loose boundaries of our sovereign Self. The prolonged, and most times instigated, heightened states become the familiar. And when the healthier, less heightened states become the less familiar (and more uncomfortable.) So, to attempt to regain the familiar, one will embark on any number of unsane means to avoid the now unfamiliar. Get it?

Over time our healthy boundaries have been whittled away, along with continual over-stimulation and we become accustomed to these unnatural heightened states. Dr. Bruce Lipton speaks of this as the survive/growth paradox. And a sense of dependence builds on these heightened states making the boundaries far too open. The empath and psychic who have become accustomed to the continual open door policy must relearn how to shut those doors and maintain control of how often and how far they are opened up. That's even if they knew it in the first place. And then we have the increasing bombardment of entitlement and communitarianism assimilation programs being thrown in on a social level. But we do not have the time to devote to that can of worms, for sure. May be subject matter for yet another article.

Now to mention taking into account how much we are feeling is authentik and genuine and how much are planted and inserted - completely simulated. And as long as one continues to entertain the simulated and hyper-stimulated thoughts and emotions the further the opportunity to reacquaint Self to the original and authentik drifts way.

I can assure the genuine seeker, the genuine and authentik has a whole different level of profound deep, deep resonance. It is not tainted with the overkill of sweetness and fear. And it is not ruled by the reptilian react sequence of the limbic system.

The purpose of this dialog was not to convey the message that feeling is "bad." Only to open the conversation up to seeing how the reelm programming has influenced this part of human interaction.

Another sad way this plays into the simulation is the use of humans as the parasitic vessel for the parasites in the background. Just like puppets and puppeteers.

We will return to how one can interrupt this process if they are ready to step off the treadmill in the section on uncommon sense and practical application. To be able to return to a natural state of feeling and thinking is refreshing indeed. But unfortunately it entails hard work for most of us at this point. But that natural state is still there. Just not in the reelm simulation.

If you are not willing to accept the responsibility and accountability of your Self, something else most certainly will. If you are not in control of your emotions and actions, something else most certainly is.

Or will be soon enough.

The first step is stopping the automatic reaction mode. Just STOP!

And just like any addiction, the stopping part is relatively easy. It is the staying stopped that is the bigger challenge.

In Anticipation of Part II

This will conclude Part I of Real/Reel Road Crossing. Part II will continue the exploration of such topics as: Immunity, Viruses, & Bacterial Infection; Trauma & Wounding; Prymal Pathworking, Natural Law; Roles & Titles; Agreements & Contracts; Tools & Interfaces; Multi-Realms & Multi-Reelms; Mitosis & Transmutation; Original Earth/Simulated Earth; Choices and Consequences; Responsibility & Accountability; and Uncommon Sense & Practical Application.

Real/Reel Road Crossing - Part II

This article was originally published 02/04/2018 and updated on 11/11/2019. I combined the series and republished with updates on 06/24/2019. And am now republishing the combined series to Prymal Fyre 04/19/2020.

Recap of Part I

Part I opened with an introduction and expansion of the concept of Real/Reel comparison and contrast based on a topic Laura Leon and I introduced a while back. The expansion was based on my interpretations and perspectives with the subject and if the reader would like to learn more of Laura's, I would encourage you to dig into some of her work. And we will likely visit this in more depth with our upcoming webcasts as well.

I also introduced the melding of the letter "m" with each term to represent the realms and reelms. Basically, real/realm = authentik/original and reel/reelm = simulation/illusion.

Carrying the theme over to its relation to the period of transmutation and transition we are experiencing in the past/present/future cycles of time/space.

We then revisited the idea of sovereignty and Declarations of Non-Consent opening the topic of stating boundaries with the reelm programming and reclaiming and aligning with the realm frequencies.

Then certain subject matter was introduced using my personal experiences and journey as examples of where I have been and how I have come to transmute and manifest in various areas. These subjects included finally speaking publicly about my charge of the Repository of the Mysteries/Cauldron of Sila and my choice of entering this incarnation with the influences of the Pluto Through Capricorn transit, my Fire and Water Purification Quest, and stepping fully into my final role as Shadow Mirror.

I spoke of some of my more personal experiences through the Ages and part of my main quest of reconciliation and correction of poor choices and the pains of betrayal. I will be expanding more in these areas in this part of the article and introducing some more details in other areas too.

The topics of Programming, Predators, and Parasites were then introduced opening some difficult discussion about the inversions we are dealing with and some hard realizations of our own responsibilities in moving into a more developed level of our evolution in spite of the interference of the reelm programming.

Intention of Part II

Image Credit: Pixabay

[extremely relevant even today as I prepare this article for republishing 06/24/2019]

[and again 04/19/2020]

Coming back online from the deep void journey seems to be one of my most impassioned times. That limbo where the remnants of the comfort and depth of the Dark meet the potential and hope of the day stretching out before me.

As those who have been aware of the seemingly relentless pummel of interference on many levels over the last couple of weeks and the intensified energies of the lunar and Imbolg quickening transition swirling around in the mix for the last few days - one is left with how to move forward or to give in to complacency and freezing anxiety.

Some may wonder why I am so compelled to continue and why I share these vulnerable pieces of myself as I do. This does not come from a need for recognition or sympathy. But from a hope that somehow my sharing the struggles and the successes will instill that same flavor of hope in another.

Not the passive, complacent hopium of waiting to be saved from/by someone or something. But the gentle reassurance that dreams and effort will unfold as they will by allowing the energy cast forth with the vision to be freely released into the Void. Without hard expectations of being realized exactly as envisioned. To allow the energy return in its own time. While gently holding the vision to motivate one foot in front of the other as the path opens up before me. Placing that vision at the top of that mountain as a beacon to strive for in spite of the uncertainties in that sometimes scenic route of getting "there."

So here I sit with the crisp morning air swirling outside with the soft gentle rain tapping away at the window. Aware of the interferences not only hammering away in my microcosmic space, but in those of others who share in the visions. Softening through my own insecurities and doubts. Deciding if those frailties will set me into immobility and indecision. Or to use the resources I have in the moment to cast forth the energies to seek the potentials to allow the vision to manifest.

I will be weaving the vision into the second part of the article I am writing today to put forth into the unknown. I will be sharing the obstacles and the hopes and dreams. Knowing full well I once again sit on the cusp of realizing the manifestation or watching it all dissolve around me once again. Knowing the sacred space is there regardless if I manage to solidify it or if I will be expected to walk away in search of yet another potential.

For today, I have the means to get some more of the critical information out there for the few ready to receive it. I have the warmth of walls around me and the beauty of the world beckoning me toward the forest beyond the creek. I have the resources to stretch this out a few more weeks. But beyond that is the great unknown. And back to the void.

The vision will undoubtedly keep me moving forward regardless of how it unfolds.

Regardless of the obstacles, interferences, and hopes and promises unrealized for whatever reasons I have no control of. I can only do what I can do and be what I am. I will not attempt to do or be otherwise and will simply have to accept that may or may not be realized and accepted by others as fully intended. Others will simply see me and the vision as they choose to. I will not waste valuable energy on convincing others of who and what I am or represent. Especially when they are determined to weave their doubts and insecurities into what they wish to perceive. And not that which is offered. That is not mine to determine. That is not mine to alter.

But I can be patient and allow. I can continue to reach for that Silver Lining and hope others will reach for theirs. If those Silver Linings coalesce and spread I can only hope. And trust. And be vulnerable to disappointment and "failure." For that is most certainly at work in the background as well. I have no duty to the uncertainties of others and can only attend to those I grapple with. When I get caught in the web of another's insecurities they have a way of becoming mine. And those I refuse to own.

I am suspended in a space of stasis for now, sensing yet another painful betrayal hovering just beyond my sacred space. Not feeding into it and not allowing it to penetrate. I have become accustomed to this sort of thing and one will have a little clearer perspective of this space once completed with the section on Trauma & Wounding. The cycle still spins in this myopic space as I continue to soften through the remnants of the way it presents in my space. Open the seal on the vulnerable spaces that still need healing and the sentries of betrayal smell it immediately. Not an easy process, but must be met. And this space of limbo awaiting its presentation is the hardest part. Once the betrayal and wounding is solidified, it can then be dealt with and healed. Until then, the anticipation is worse than the event by a long shot. Sitting here in all my vulnerability...holding space...

I am going for a walk in the woods in the rain and will return to finish the article and prepare for visitors over the next few weeks. [visitors I am now living with in 2020] Will complete the little things that are more solid and then determine which road I will take for the longer term. But for today, it's the walk and connection with sacred space and to cast out the words to where ever they are to land. That's enough for today...)

I shall return following my walk into the sacred wild...

I have decided to break this series of articles down again because of the depth of the material and the difficulty to digest the material properly in heavy doses.

Part II will continue the exploration of such topics as:

Immunity, Viruses, & Bacterial Infection;

Trauma & Wounding;

Uncommon Sense & Practical Application Briefing; and

Some Musings From Soul Tribe Sanctuary

Part III will include the exploration of such topics as:

Natural Law;Roles & Titles;

Agreements & Contracts;

Tools & Interfaces;

Multi-Realms & Multi-Reelms; andMitosis & Transmutation; and

Original Earth/Simulated Earth.

Part IV will include the exploration of such topics as:

Primal Pathworking;

Choices & Consequences;

Responsibility & Accountability; and

More Uncommon Sense & Practical Application.

Immunity, Viruses, & Bacteria


Image Credit: Pixabay

We will begin this section with a little run down on the common cold and secondary bacterial pneumonia. How it progresses in the human bioform. How similar processes affect the planetary form. And the realm/reelm processes and programming. How the micro is reflected in the macro, as above so below....

Our human bioform is basically a group of systems that house colonies of viruses and bacteria. When it is operating optimally this mobile community is considered to be functioning in a state of homeostasis and balance. The host, viruses, parasites, bacteria, etc. all working together in a thriving ecosystem.

If the bioform is in a healthy immune state, the viruses and bacteria are held in check in a delicate dance of infection and strengthening response for the body. Heck, some of these little critters are even beneficial in this fine dance.

Should a particular virus be introduced and the immune system is either too busy with other things or otherwise weakened, the body's defenses kick in and we begin to feel "ill." Fever, chills, etc. may result and is a natural response to the invasion. In normal circumstances this type of response will run its course in a short period of time.

Should things really start being taxed and the healthy flow of the immune system starts backing up or slowing down, the byproducts of the battle can become very fertile ground for bacteria to begin a course of over-population. In this case the viral "cold" can become a secondary bacterial infection of the mucus membranes and lungs. One can see this when the clear watery dribbles become thick, yellow/green snot. If the thicker fluid disrupts the fluid state of the lungs the build up can eventually become what is called pneumonia. In this case, due to bacterial infection.

Let's look at what has become a "common" response in these situations.

Most may begin trying to suppress the fever, chills, and other discomforts. Most common viruses do not have an "anti-viral" option and just simply run its course. The bacterial part of the equation is where antibiotics are suggested. They can be very useful, but the problem here is when they are overly prescribed and/or not taken for the full length of the prescribed regimen. These practices can result in mutations of the bacteria in their combat to survive and new, resistant bacteria can develop. And have. NOT a good thing at all.

Only taking a few antibiotics or until you begin to "feel better" is ultimately much more problem causing and irresponsible than not taking any at all. You are only giving the bacteria the coding to strengthen THEIR immune systems so they can just come back even stronger than before.

Another thing that tends to happen when antibiotics are administered is the "good" bacteria that helps to keep our digestive tract healthy are killed off. So it is a good idea to consider supplementing your diet with good, natural probiotics during this time. What has happened with this part of the equation with the trendy social programming games out there and under-educated patients is the idea that "if a little bit of a good thing is good, a whole lot of a good thing must be better." Typical addiction tendency programming here. We also see a tendency of the reelm programming broad brush anti-allopathy rhetoric find fertile ground to deflect reason.

Folk start jumping on the bandwagon and using all sorts of products that hit the market when a trend starts. Taking more than is necessary and more often than necessary. And the body starts to react with its own defenses or shutting down its natural processes because it is being "told" it doesn't have to do its job any more. Now this part results in several other chain reactions that can lead to more chronic upsets. the same pattern happens with pain management and psychotropics. And there just isn't enough time to go into all of that here and now. I just wanted to give you an idea of how the train wrecks are started. [more will soon be found in the Wellness LifePath series being published soon]

My simple point on this is that most times what starts out as a simple viral infection is exploited in a number of ways to result in a much more serious situation. If the body is allowed to do its natural thing it will end up stronger in the long run because it will have learned to identify that virus should it re-enter the equation and be able to battle it off more readily next time. That is the healthy immune system is allowed to do its job with, along with simple rest and fluids. Unfortunately, this is the basis of the blanket argument for vaccinations. While it is valid to one extent, the argument has been used in not so beneficial ways as well. Resulting in that pesky pendulum swing effect of broad brushing either side of the argument. And once again, a topic for another day.

At this point, I want to take this concept and briefly apply it to a broader, global idea. If you can imagine the same process happening with the planet, you can quickly see how the planetary immune system has been compromised in much the same way. And then we can apply the process to the realm/reelm programming. In the reelm programming the viruses are introduced in such social programming sequences that result in the bioform being continually bombarded with fear and addiction sequences overloading it so that the natural defenses are unable to keep up. False "cures" are introduced in the forms of "feel good" substitutes tricking the natural immunity (bio and mental and even spiritual) to shut down.

The message I want to leave this conversation with is in an alchemical sense.... Taking the concept of "as above, so below" and applying it to self-responsibility and how that ripples out from the micro to the macro is the lesson here. Should each individual make informed and responsible decisions in strengthening their own immune systems (mind/body/soul/Spirit) in an "uncommon sense" approach, that will in turn flow out into the planetary and beyond.

Until you have your own house (mind, body, soul, spirit) in order it is futile to run around trying to "fix" the mess "out there." And a final note, the Original (Prymal) Earth most certainly has her own immune system that is at work.

And just what do you think it is doing in response to the viral, parasitic onslaught it has experienced? And is your human form behaving in a viral/parasitic manner? For or against the macro?

Things to ponder....the keys to interrupting the set programming by thinking differently... breaking the program. And that, my friend, will naturally create a discomfort the programmed defenses will eagerly jump to.

[watch for the Wellness LifePath and Prymal PathWorking series to be introduced soon]

Trauma & Wounding

Image Credit: Pixabay

I have struggled with what way I want to approach this HUGE and very important subject. The limited space in this article certainly cannot lend to the entire subject, nor will I try. But I do want to touch some on individual trauma and wounding, as well as cultural and social, species, planetary, and how they all relate to what I refer to as the Original Prymal Feminine and Masculine trauma and wounding. And my viewpoint on how we are each playing out that narrative on repeat in the reelm programming.

This will undoubtedly spark some controversy. But it is time someone speak of this on this level. Regardless of the popular opinions out there. I have said many times in many of my writings and interviews, I certainly did not sign up for any popularity contests this time around. Or any other times, for that matter.

So let's just jump right into the Original Prymal Wounding, shall we.

I will be using one creation myth as an example, but keep in mind it is the core wound frequency we are speaking of. Regardless of which version or narrative one chooses to use as a translation. The particular names and characters I will be using have also carried many other names and masks and I have spoken of some of this in other writings. We will not have time to do that level of compare and contrast. In fact, many have and with varying accuracy and some outright hype.

The Enuma elish version will be the one I will be referring to. This short piece is not intended to be an intense analysis of these tablets and I will simply be using examples in support of the core, oral traditions I entered with and shared with by my grandmother and great-grandmother as well as other wise counsel. I do not wish to get into a huge dialog as to who's who and all of the branching arguments that have spun out and/or have been buried over time.

This is only one version of the Prymal Wounding but has many key threads [and now what I am referring to in later writings as the Red Thread of the Human Tapestry] to the reelm program tapestry woven through this simulation. And some good fringe researchers have managed to poke around enough to expose some key points that warrant further elaboration from a completely different angle than most have considered.

Though I have reviewed many translations and studies on the Enuma elish, for simplicity sake and the purposes of this article, I am primarily using material from one of the more practical and objective sources, Myths of Babylonia and Assyria by Donald A. Mackenzie. I am not fully endorsing the full work, but will be referring to some highlighted points in support of a position some may find uncomfortable. And that is okay.

My role is not to convince anyone of anything. Only to present a long buried perspective from the viewpoint of the "losers" in this wounding. For nearly every bit of written history and imaginal channeling available is based on the biased accounts of the perpetrators. Not of the wounded. The Prymal and Original Feminine and Masculine co-creators of this Original Earth realm. Non-corporeal versions of US. The wounding I speak of represents the beginning spark of the premeditated take down siege that so many now buy hook, line, and sinker as "The Fall." And the whole distorted spin of inverted heroes and villains spit out in endless versions of the same core wounding.

I will interject the Knight in Shining Armor tail my great-grandmother etched into my memory over 50 years ago. I spoke of this briefly in Part 2 of the webcasts Laura Leon and I presented. The common version is one of the helpless damsel in distress being held hostage by the evil dragon, far in the recesses of its cave. Along comes the champion knight in shining armor to slay the dragon and to save the helpless damsel. Good/Light slays the Evil/Dark and saves the powerless damsel. As written and presented by the perpetrators, of course.

Let's play the devil's advocate for a bit. The "devil" being simply the one who sees it from a different perspective. Usually labeled the "devil" to deflect inquiry into a different viewpoint than the one labeling the wounded as the "bad guy." We will not entertain the subject of word magik in this just yet. But I think you get the idea. And if one can suspend the layers of inverted programming this early in the presentation one of the hardest bits of the programming has already been defused.

Now I want to shift the gaze of the reader just enough to begin speaking in deeper symbolik terms. The letters you are looking at are symbols. They form words that form sentences that form paragraphs that hopefully contain and present a cohesive subject. It was discovered a very long time ago the power of crafting these symbols and weaving in intention in ways to speak to the darker recesses of the mind of the reader.

This skill, in and of itself, is a beautiful means of communication when the crafter and the reader are in sync. Some more attuned to this art can read between and behind the squiggles and more or less connect to the core intended frequency of the wordcrafter. When the reelm program took hold, this beautiful art was corrupted and became a major tool in spinning the web of illusion and inversion.

This has been a very brief introduction to what I speak of as word magik. And even that term has already begun to spin into the inversion sequences so rampant in that snare and is very difficult for even some of the more skilled to identify. That will be material for further study and is often discussed in our groups and Pathworking modules. For the purposes of this article I brought it up to help clarify the small piece of glamoury that was tossed in to this little tale.

To invert the inversion of this tale one must reel in the reel (as in fishing reel this time) to consider the Prymal and Original symbolism of the cave, the woman, the dragon, the sword, the armor, and the subtleties of Light and Dark, good and evil, woven in. Using the cave to represent the womb of Mother Earth/Prymal Original Earth, the damsel in distress as the Sacred and Prymal Feminine, the Dragon as the Prymal Creative Force (Sacred Prymal prior to the Prymal Wound separation of Masculine and Feminine), the sword as the discriminating and penetrating power of the intellect, the knight as the Sacred and Prymal Masculine (split from the core Prymal and influenced by the virus infested patriarchy overlay), the armor as the false overlay of the attempted "civilizing/taming" of the Prymal, and the already woven in inversion of "Dark" being "bad/evil" and "Light" being "good/divine."

So, now let's spiral back through those inversion examples and look at the tale through the Shadow Mirror reflection. Remove the good/bad judgment from the dark cave and the shining knight. Let that layer of the program dissolve. Now see the armor for what it is, representing the false overlay that duped the Sacred and Prymal Masculine in the guise of chivalry and dominance/patriarchy over the Sacred and Prymal Feminine. Moving on to the inversion of the glamour of the sword being the tool of piercing intellect to overcome the Prymal and Sacred Dragon who is actually between the knight and his actual prey, the Sacred and Prymal Feminine within guarding the Earth Womb. This is the distress she represents. The threat to the Sacred and Prymal. Not the helpless damsel she became in the eyes of all who bought into the reelm inversion for all the Ages and Cycles since.

This tale is but one of the more recent overlays of the Original Wounding of Tiamat and Apsu spoken of in the Enuma elish. According to the biased version from the perspective of the perpetrators: Anu, Marduk (Merodach), Mummu, Ea, and the rest of the scheming upstarts who began spinning the yarns that the Void and Prymal Chaos, critical to the Mysteries of Creation, were evil and must be controlled and taken down. In the guise of heroism the plot to take siege the primal creative powers for themselves which has ultimately became the primary schism between the realm and the reelm. (later translated and supported by the Church in its vile attempts to tame Nature and perpetuate the never ending Zoroastrian War of Light and Dark)

I will be expanding on this more in the sections on Mitosis & Transmutation and Original Earth/Simulated Earth that is intended to bring us to the current episode in this saga. Should one wish to ponder further on this foundational presentation it is amazing to use this process of inverting the inversion and taking a fresh look at all of the ensuing layers of the religious versions of this same point. All of the Vedas, Seraph, Demiurge, and especially the Abrahamic Triad and Solomon tales spinning out of the very Babylon where this originated, carrying with them the inverted good gal/guy - bad gal/guy spins.

And this is not limited to just these mentioned. All one need to narrow it down to is the long, long saga between colonization and the extermination of all remnants aligned with the Original Earth and the Sacred and Prymal Feminine and Masculine. And no, not the latest New Age spins on the fluff bunny, Love & Light version running rampant out there in the latest effort to contain the Prymal. And no, not the latest versions of the off-world, galactic politics in any other reelm version either. All of that is only an upgraded version of the same old shit. Pete and Repete. Ad nauseum.

And as for comparing this core wounding concept to the individual, social, cultural, etc. I think I will leave that to the ponderings of the talented readers out there. And for my own brewing betrayal repeat in process I must face.

Again. [and again]

From the macro the the micro and back out again. Once again we are left with the emerging decision of which will you step into? The Real or the Reel. The mitosis has begun. [since this writing the anti-virus has completed its course and the mitosis is also complete] - [and with the 2020 republishing we are now also past the 2-year Wild Hunt cleansing]

Uncommon Sense & Practical Application

Image Credit: Pizabay

One of the main focuses here at Soul Tribe Sanctuary and Prymal PathWorking is what I have come to present as Uncommon Sense. With the heavy inversion of the reel programming what used to be referred to as common sense has become none existent, along with critical thinking and analysis skills. [since this writing a separate series has been extracted form Prymal PathWorking, Wellness LifePath, which has a bit less of of spiritual deep dive focus]

What we try to do here is provide a safe place to discuss and support one another in our individual quest for re-member-ance. To challenge the reel programming, down to its core and in all of its convolutions and inversions. Find ways to shed the baggage of the programming and to truly stand in our own sovereignty and solidarity.

We do not engage in arguments about all of the ways the reelm is set up and operates. Those are only blind alleys and endless rabbit holes that distract us from doing the work we have in front of us, where our true power of manifestation and transmutation lies. All of the information and knowledge in the multi-verse is useless if one has no idea of how to discipline oneSelf into practical application. Two of the most common reel programs are chasing external saviors and passively accepting external answers. Keeping humans entranced in victimstance; disempowerment; info and fear pornography; hyperstimulation of emotion, appetites, and addictions; and separated from the full spectrum of Natural Law and Original Earth. [and the newer concept of the Alt Cult umbrella and mass psychosis phenomenon that has evolved since this point in the back story]

Real/Reel Road Crossing - Part III

Recap of Parts I & II

In Part I of Real/Reel Road Crossing we discussed opening topics such as a brief introduction to the concepts of real/reel and realm/reelm as I have been presenting the terms. Since I initially borrowed the real/reel concept from the combined work with my friend, Lauda Leon's. Since the time of the publications of these two articles, Lauda and I have begun recording a new series that goes much further into the deep expression of this and many other related topics in webcast format. Our YouTube channel has these webcasts archived in a playlist, titled Other Interviews.

Other topics introduced in Part I included: Declaration & Intention; Repository of Mysteries/Cauldron of Sila; Pluto Through Capricorn; Fire & Water Purification Quest; Shadow Mirror; and Programming, Parasites, & Predators - which led us onto the Super Blue Blood Moon Eclipse & Imbolg Quickening Frequencies of the Original Earth Temporal Transitions. For further interest, the Temporal Transitions are a ki component in the Prymal Pathworking learning portal we are creating should you be interested in learning more.

Real/Reel Road Crossing Part II began with a heartfelt statement of Intent and flowed into such topics, such as: Immunity, Viruses, & Bacteria Infection (which will become much clearer once you listen to the intro webcast to our next series); Trauma & Wounding, with an introduction to what I refer to as the Original Prymal Wounding that is prevalent in all surrounding us to this day; and an introduction to what I term as Uncommon Sense & Practical Application to assist others to bring their power back to center, for what good does it do to chase the answers "out there" if one cannot bring them back to their creative and manifested potential? I then shared a couple of recent musings that were posted in our forums with pictures of the sacred space in real space we are holding and nurturing.

And we will now continue to move toward the Vernal Equinox as we continue with the Temporal Transitions of Prymal/Original Earth.....

Natural Law

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For a brief synopsis of what the term "Natural Law" means in the context of Soul Tribe Sanctuary and Prymal Pathworking. Basically, this boils down to what many who have frequented the writings and conversations on the website and during group discussions have heard me say "it is more a matter of and/both instead of the false programming of either/or." Honoring in equal measure both Dark AND Light, Death AND Life, "Bad" AND "Good."

Now, this does not mean aligning with the distorted versions that have been written into the common program nor the inverted presentation being reflected through the construct of the Reelms. There is a HUGE difference between the Prymal/Original design that, yes, does include authentic Dark/Death/"Bad" just as it contains the authentic Light/Life/"Good." It is, however, necessary to shed the layers of distortion and false programming to truly appreciate either of the polar variances. This is not easy for most. And most will simply not accept it and continue with the conflict provoking duality system that has been at play for a very long time.

When you use that common, everyday sponge do you realize it was once a living, sentient creature? Do you offer your gratitude for its giving of its life for you to tend to your cleansing rituals, home and body? Are you in the flow of honoring life and death, energy exchange in its full glory? If not, please suspend your condescending judgement of my honoring of such which happens to include transmuting the life force of both plants and animals, among other perfectly natural choices in this realm. But until you reconcile your problem with the Dark and Death aspects of life and shed the false love and light nonsense, your concern for my way of honoring life and death is of no concern of mine. What you think of me is none of my business. Nor should it be yours.

This statement is not directed at any person in particular and is in no way, shape, or form in support of the heinous practices of consumerism and production practices of that simulated reelm programming. That program uses its horrors of morbid death practices to chase the overly stimulated bleeding heart automatons over to the false anesthetized version of warm and fuzzy righteousness and judgment. The denial of the authentic Dark and Death aspects are shoved far back into that Shadow closet and can only be held at bay by the overlay of making one feel better than another. That Shadow is only held temporarily, for if this valid part of life is denied it seeps out in other behaviors and actions such as projection and judgement of others which are only reflections of what is harbored in one's little Shadow closet, unresolved - un-reconciled.

ALL life and ALL death is to be honored and respected. Now this does not mean that dishonorable and disrespectful means and expressions of life and death are worthy of the sacred honors. THAT is what must be reconciled and transmuted. The morbid ACTS of life and death. NOT life and death itself. And that reconciliation is YOUR responsibility. This begins by retracting your projection of blame and shame upon what is outside of you. Focus on any time YOU partake of the life force of ANY other living thing, focusing on gratitude and honor of that life. Regardless of where ever that life force may lie on your hierarchy of sentience program that happens to be running at that time.

Once one can accept the Dark/Light synergy, then one can consider sovereign intent in their authentic interactions. It is not that Dark/Light are "bad"/"good" in and of themselves. But the intent the wielder places from their core. And that introduces the concepts of authentic and genuine personal responsibility and accountability on which honor and integrity are built.

Natural Law lies within each of us and determines our effectiveness within and without, inflection and reflection. How one governs their own inner realms with honor and integrity will be directly reflected into the outer realms. If one does not command their own realm effectively, someone or something else will.

Multi-Realms & Multi-Reelms

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If one can visualize a multi-cellular organism it is not too far removed from the idea I wish to expand upon as multi-realm and multi-reelm. Recall the term "realm" refers to the real and "reelm" refers to the reel (simulation). Similar to multi-verse, the multi-realms -reelms operate much the same way. Only I prefer to refer to the "verses" as more of a story or narrative and the realms/reelms as a more abstract field or domain of operation.

One must leave the construct of concrete and linear thought here. If these realms were similar to bubbles, much as pictured above it is a little easier to grasp this idea. It is my understanding that we, as multi-dimensional beings, can tap into and sometimes experience these realms that operate simultaneously. And this may offer to explain why so many are experiencing what are called "glitches" and phase disruption as the convergence/severance occurs around us.

Now, there is not enough space in this brief introduction to delve too far into the subject. But a larger essay is being prepared to be a part of the upcoming essay archive in the learning portal of the website. For now, I simply wanted to introduce the concept for free-ponder material for those so inclined and to offer a visual to refer to as the next section of this article is presented - the Mitosis of Primal/Original Earth and the shrine that is operating through the month of March 2018. [the essays mentioned here did not get loaded to the old website due to the more recent interference and attempt to thwart our progress - they are currently being edited and revised in preparation to load into the many sections of the new Mystik Mountain website]

When I speak of the Prymal/Original Earth I hope it will not become confused with the growing popularity of the "New Earth" so many are longing to rapture or ascend to with the latest of the prophecy program and narrative reels. This concept I am introducing has some similarities to the many others beginning to gain momentum in the social constructs. But I can guarantee the Prymal/Original Earth realm I speak of is NOT of those versions. Much more will be shared over the next weeks, months, years - as is appropriate to offer.

This is a common topic of discussion in our forums, groups, and personal sessions - but very little will be found in the social media and artificial consciousness reelms.

Nor should it be.

And nor will it be.

And for now, please read on for more information on the Mitosis Shrine Working...

Mitosis & Transmutation

Original Earth/Simulated Earth

Prymal Mitosis Shrine

Calling to the Airts


- Honor and blessings to the Northern Airt

- The place of midnight

- Black as the moonless night is the North

- Direct our journey-steps to the places that balance the Primal Earth


- Honor and blessings to the Eastern Airt

- The place of dawn

- Red as the newborn Sun is the East

- Guide us in our journey to knowledge and wisdom, gnosis and wyrd


- Honor and blessings to the Southern Airt

- The place of midday

- White as the blazing Sun in a cloudless summer sky is the South

- Let our Otherworld paths lead us to to spiritual strength and deep Mysteries


- Honor and blessings to the Western Airt

- The place of twilight

- Gray as the fading sky-colors is the West

- Teach us the gentle ways of emotional balance


- Be with us all Powers and Airts during our Otherworld journeys

- Protect and guide us, all creatures

- May the doors between the Primal Earth and the Otherworlds open smoothly

- Granting us entrance in our quests for true wisdom, re-member-ance, and Primal Power

(Origin of airt. Expand. late Middle English. Scots · Scots Gaelic. 1400-1450. 1400-50; late Middle English (Scots) a(i)rt < Scots Gaelic àird point, quarter of the compass.)

Starting with a three day Intention period with this growing Full Worm Moon, the Dark and New Moon, the Vernal Equinox, and concluding with the closure and release on the March Blue Moon - the focus is on putting this next phase into motion. To secure the property, stabilize the existing foundation, and expansion into larger and powerful growth and transmutation. (Excerpts of posts in the Private Forum dated 02/28/2018)


Today marks the beginning of a full lunar cycle working for the future of Soul Tribe Sanctuary and Prymal Pathworking. Starting with a three day Intention period with this growing Full Worm Moon, the Dark and New Moon, the Vernal Equinox, and concluding with the closure and release on the March Blue Moon - the focus is on putting this next phase into motion. To secure the property, stabilize the existing foundation, and expansion into larger and powerful growth and transmutation. I also have a deep personal working thrown in for my ongoing Fire & Water Purification quest, which is also entering a new phase.

Please lend your power and support during this time by holding the sacred space while the alchemical transmutation commences. Much gratitude to each of you who share this vision and have offered your love and support along the way. Should you wish to consult on how you can align with these powerful frequencies for your own personal working during this cycle, feel free to book a Personal Consult. I would be honored to assist.

Here is a link that speaks of the two Full Moons of this month for your reading pleasure:

Although I will continue to work much more in the background during this time, please do not hesitate to reach out, engage in the forums and groups, and schedule your personal consults in the available time slots. The Shoppe continues to expand and each purchase there helps contribute to the well being of STS and our future community. I will be going into town today for month end business and supply run and when I return the magik will be called in fully.

Blessings, Gratitude, & Safe Passage (Excerpt of a post in the Private Forum dated 03/01/2018)


To kick of Day 1 of the Temporal Cycle workings I mentioned in the last post will include my favorite meal, Corned Beef/Potatoes/Cabbage with Peach Lattice Pie and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. Pie is cooling and the brisket prepped and in the oven for a ssssllllooowww bake. Once the Intention altars are set and the container set it will be just me and a wonderful grounding meal. (see the pic below for last year's ancestral meal, beneath Grandma Grey and Mt Shasta with a special set of guests who traveled in for their onsite intensive - pickled eggs and peasant bread will not be a part of this year's feast)

Ancestor Meal Beneath Mt Shasta & Grandma Grey

I will sup alone with the Ancestors and the Ancients this night... to mark the Primal re-member-ance and mitosis for the future of Soul Tribe Sanctuary and future generations of Original Earth...

I refuse to celebrate the genocide of my tribal ancestors by recognizing St Patrick's Day and all the nonsense associated with all that. I choose to honor my ancestors and mourn the wounding and theft of the primal serpent/dragon wisdom that most have allowed to recede into the mists of unknowing, rewritten by the perpetrators. So this is very much a part of this huge working that begun today. Lending momentum to the mitosis of Original Earth and the shedding of the simulation that has ran its full course. Reclaiming that which was lost, not only with the re-member-ance of this one point in the takedown, but back to the Prymal Wounding itself.

Tomorrow the energy raising will be in full empowerment as will a deep cord cutting ceremony at moonrise. And then on to the lunar waning phase to the Dark/New and toward the solar balancing and seed gestation power of the Vernal Equinox shortly thereafter. And we will be at the halfway point of this working by then.

Stay tuned....

(Excerpt of a post in the Private Forum dated 03/01/2018)

Choice & Consequences

Responsibility & Accountability

Three Faces of Pain

Image Credit: Pixabay

It is one thing to directly experience the pain of the effects of the simulation.

It is another to watch as others are taken over by it.

And yet another to witness those you care about become the tools used to target yourSelf.

Watching them be taken over to cut that much deeper into your own essence. To watch them walk into the mists of the simulation and knowing what lies beyond that mist for them.

I have witnessed this process more times than I care to count just in the last couple of weeks, let alone lifetimes of repeats. I am growing so very weary.

Time to go walk among the pines...

(Excerpt of a post in the Private Forum dated 01/28/2018 and expanded upon below at a later date.)

In Part I of the second webcast series between Laura and I, the piece of the narrative I claimed as mine was discussed. Though it was a small piece with major repercussion, it was only one of several codings I chose to insert into this template currently known as Marilee NiEtain. I have taken many roles as scribe and philosopher in an attempt to gauge the pattern of the virus as well as protect the core wisdoms from the onslaught. Long lifetimes of writing and rewriting ancient tomes and dying and being reset in the process woven in with times involved with the attempts to protect the wisdoms in the burnings of Alexandria, and on and on.

I recall entries as healer and wytch. I have been the raven in the battlefield saddling the souls of war across the veils. I have been the healer in those same battlefields, one of which witnessing one of my sons and one of my understudies of this incarnation go down together with swords in the air. Due to the repeat of that Primal Wounding I speak of. I held both in my arms that day as their essence drained from them, unable to keep them anchored in that chapter to complete their quest. Both these Spirits have turned on me in countless versions of the same program rerun. Several times in just this current lifetime.

I have watched helplessly as most all of my family and friends struggle with their own rerun programming with the only recourse for my own survival is to step away and hold space should they finally choose to look into that Shadow Mirror and do the work involved in their own coding and programming. Regardless if it stems from their own writing of their narrative or the interjections of the hunters and foes who gain access through their vessels. As soon as I smell the scent of those who still hunt and see the reflection cast forth from their eyes and the choice of the frequency that has granted that access fails to step in...I'm gone. In sadness and sorrow witnessing their struggles. Knowing full well to help ease their torment within the projections onto me are there. Reflecting back to them that which lies within them is the distorted image of me as they choose to see me. And not even close to who and what I truly am.

This final length of the road is yet to unfold. I have severed all ties to those programs and can only hope they will find their way to their answers. To do the painful work of sorting through all of that as well. The grieving process has already begun for the ones who will not make the choice of the Original during this final phase of the mitosis. Locked into the simulation in their upgraded simulacras in waiting, that they so willingly created through the profiles of their own creation and agreements on the media platforms and corrupted tech. I truly hope they will find the peace and beauty they have sought in that reelm somehow.

Even if it is the hollow version of those Original Spirits. I see those faces slowly slipping beneath the mirrored surface of that dividing membrane between the Prymal/Original Earth and the Simulated Earth as it is also reflected in these tears.


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