Reconciliation of Pain & Fear - Truth (Choice) & Consequences

This article was originally published 12/15/2017, republished 06/22/2019 on Mystik Mountain, and now, 04/18/2020, on Prymal Fyre.

Of course, we must sit in the discomfort for however long it takes to convince us we have the power to release it any time we want. Once it is released it is up to us to allow it to flow past and dissipate or to pick it up again to return us to that place of pain and discomfort.

Others can observe and support us when we are in that space, but we cannot expect them to choose to share in it. And if we, as observers and supporters, choose to allow that pain and discomfort of another into our essence it becomes our responsibility to deal with what we have allowed in without projecting our plight back onto the one from whence the pain originated.

Our pain is based on our receptors, not on the projection of others. We cannot control the projection of another, only our choice in receiving, and if chosen to accept, it is then our responsibility to determine what to do with it. When we project it back out it is our intent which drives it and anyone else out there has the same choice to pick it up or let it flow past. If it is reflected back to us, then the intent we added into the cycle will return to us.

So be aware of your responsibility and power and do not take on that which is another's. It's not yours unless you agree and accept.

The ones "out there" cannot MAKE you feel anything. YOU make YOU feel by agreeing and accepting. This is YOUR responsibility. This is YOUR empowerment.

When you point your finger at anyone or anything "out there" you have three pointing back at you. This is what has become known in neo-Paganism/Wicca as The Law of Threefold Return. And what was twisted even further in the new spin on what became known as The Law of Attraction. Karma and sin traps included. All with varying elements of blame and shame sprinkled in. Both of which are also your responsibility to accept or reject. The original, Ancient concept was NOT laced with the blame and shame sprinkles.

This concept also holds true for the belief systems and "truths" of all those outside of you. YOU are responsible for YOUR Truth. Homogenization of the masses and the emphasis on victimstance sensitivities and separatism are all being used in this manner to trick folk into handing over their power of choice. But even that expression is not beyond YOUR choice to accept or reject.

This is NOT an endorsement or justification of perpetrator or parasite behavior. It IS the means to empower yourSelf from within yourSelf. Without the repeat maneuvers of expecting the government or the church or any manner of the powers-who-think-they-are to step in and broad brush "their" solution over the power that lies within each and everyone one of us originally. That is handing YOUR power over to THEM. Whoever "them" may be on any given day. [just look at what the pandemic herding fear factor is propagating all around us in 2020]

It is a beautiful thing when we can share commonalities and similarities, but we also must allow for the differences and experiences of others. And we must abide by our responsibility and not allow responsibility that is not ours to be projected on us. There are parameters that appear to limit us, such as social laws and rules. But even there we do have the choice to abide or reject. Consequences are another matter and we must also take our responsibility of choosing our battles. Our choice of how much energy we will put into that concept and how much we will put into another concept lies with us.

Reconcile the paradox, or become the victim of it. The choice is yours. And it is not a matter of "liking" it. Without sorrow there can be no joy. Without death there can be no life. Without Dark there can be no Light. Therein lies the fulcrum to reconcile the self-imposed and outwardly programmed binary. Opposing forces are only variances of the same continuum. We are capable of transmuting those clashes through reconciliation. And we are also capable of perpetuating and amplifying those clashes. It's YOUR choice. And it's YOUR consequence. OWN IT!!!

Blessings, Gratitude, & Safe Passage

Marilee NiEtain

Mystik Midwyfe/Elder, Crafter, & Author/Scribe

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