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Updated: May 19

This article was originally published prior to 04/20/2015, republished on Mystik Mountain 06/12/2019, and now again 04/11/2020.

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“As above, so below. As within, so without,” to paraphrase a wise hermetic phrase, has been a common theme throughout this lifetime. I am reminded of this with a personal event that has reeled our family to the core. As we deal with this event our core ideals are tested.

I am reminded this side of the veil is but a reflection of that which lies beyond. The Shamanic path allows one to experience these reflections simultaneously, being both a blessing and a curse. I am also reminded of the importance of balancing both Shadow and Light. Denial of either natural expression is a critical mistake.

Denial of activity on either side of the veil is also a critical mistake. As the veils thin, the “realities” of all dimensions reveal their dance for those willing to see and experience it. Learning the lessons offered as we walk between the worlds we are reminded, too, we must act within all realities to effectively meet the challenges that come our way. Dealing with all “sides” of the veil and with the Shadow AND Light keeps clear the entanglements of what some refer to as “karma.”

This familial experience has also reminded me that the density on this side of the veil renders a deep potential to be drawn to focus only on the events in the physical. When we are drawn to ignore the events on other planes (which are mere reflections) we are setting ourselves up to be blind sided on multiple levels.

Just as a master of illusion tricks us by diverting attention to what one hand is doing, the other hand is busy with the hidden work. This makes the observer a passive victim of the illusion, sometimes further expressed as apathy. And the lesson here is a reminder that the “reality” on the physical side of the veil is but a mere illusion. What is really happening in the background puts our very souls in jeopardy of the chains of victimhood.

It is painful to watch others struggle with being trapped in this illusion, to know the vulnerable nature of the ones trapped, and to be regarded as “crazy” to be able to translate what is happening beyond the slight of hand. It hurts to know what is at stake for this ignorance, to watch loved ones succumb to the lull as bits of their souls are chipped away.

I lay here with my 3:00 am musings at a loss for answers and dealing with my own Shadow pain. It is difficult to resist being drawn into conflict with that which threatens my friends and family (ultimately humanity at large) knowing that is precisely what “it/they” (for lack of better terms) are provoking. The larger picture at stake if my attention is diverted tears my heart in two.

But this is a part of the contract I made when it was decided to enter this density to meet the cause. I knew this when I volunteered to aid in that cause. I know I am not alone in these challenges and am hoping that this writing will in some way touch another who feels isolated and alone on a similar quest.

Please keep in mind that as the veils thin during the natural cycle inching toward Samhain, our ancestors are pulling for us to meet our contracts. Remember, too, as the thinning moves forward at this point in the shift of vibration much will slip forth into the physical. Remember the mental is the bridge between the physical and the spiritual. Remember to not succumb to the lull and to not be tempted to engage in the past error of conflict. Remember the physical expression we are experiencing is only a very small piece of the larger shift. Remember your sovereignty and to not give in to the misconceived savior complex (asking for aid from other forces and/or beings – no matter how benevolent they present themselves). Remember the Opposing Consciousness cannot feed unless you willingly offer yourself. And always, always remember your true Gnosis. That core soul voice within will not let you down.

Many blessings to all and may we see our mission to the end.

Marilee NiEtain

Mystik Midwyfe/Elder, Crafter, & Author/Scribe

Mystik Mountain Home

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