Shadow/Light Harmonics

This article was originally published 04/21/2015 and is being republished to the new website. Information in brackets [] is updated information as of 06/13/2019. It is now being published to the new blog, Prymal Fyre, 04/11/2020.

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Briefly presented here, Shadow Work at Soul Tribe Sanctuary [Mystik Mountain, home of Wellness LifePath and Prymal Pathworking series] is an introspective journey. One which can consist of reflective meditation and/or guided imagery in addition to other exercises and study. The Shadow is a concept developed by C. G. Jung, referring to that repository of self-perception we hide from others and sometimes from ourselves. It can be visualized as a box on a shelf in a secluded closet where we put all of the guilt, shame, and judgments we accept from others and ourselves. If these Shadow energies are denied or otherwise remain unprocessed they will eventually build up and express themselves in destructive patterns and defense mechanisms. They may serve us for a while, but will eventually become detrimental to our growth.

Another Jungian concept is that of persona. These are the masks we all wear. They can be functional such as the masks we wear as professionals as compared to personal. We wear different masks with our casual friends than with our lovers. Persona masks can also become dysfunctional when they no longer serve their purpose. These become our addictions, as one example of dysfunction. Functional masks are healthy. Dysfunctional ones, not so much.

One can shed unnecessary masks, freeing our genuine and authentic Self through such means as Shadow Work. Unresolved Shadows can lead to other, much more threatening expressions, such as soul fragmentation and attachments. Soul retrieval and attachment severance are a couple of the components of Shadow Work. Here at Soul Tribe Sanctuary [Mystik Mountain] we call this work Shadow/Light Harmonics. [Wellness LifePath and Prymal PathWorking.]

Keep in mind – we all have Shadows, persona masks, and addictions. The trick is to deal with these facets of being human leading to self-actualization, individuation, and eventually spiritual sovereignty, which is precisely what Soul Tribe Sanctuary [Mystik Mountain] supports and provides. If you would like to learn more and work with Marilee, our Shamanic Mentor, please contact us through this website or our Facebook page or group. There will be more details on this topic posted here and other areas of our website as time unfolds. Keep checking back. We welcome you.

[I am no longer taking on new clients for these services, other than in a supportive for members and enrolled PathWorkers, but will be including a plethora of information and suggestions for each to consider on their own journeys as we move forward.]

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