Spiritually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) & The Pimps That Pimp Them

One of my primary roles in this lifetime has included identifying how corrupt Ancient Wisdom has become during this critical time of transition, to reverse engineer it, and attempt to share means to clean up the heavily polluted threads of humanity's forgotten nature and purpose in this realm. It is once again with heavy heart, I put to words this Age-old pattern of corruption of the Sacred Wisdoms. A corruption pushed by swells of ignorance and persistent herding programs eager to sway Wisdom Seekers into traps of feigned righteousness and blind ignorance.

This onslaught against the Prymal nature of humanity is much, much larger than I can convey in this short article. I will limit the examples to just a very few, naming only one of many, who pimps this damaging misinformation and disinformation out. Hoping those ready to see these patterns for what they are. This one example is a blatant account of how LARPing and ARGing add to a social conditioning effect and how the confusion of fantasy and fact are being woven together into a resulting sea of insanity. A persistent pattern of overtaking human thought and snuffing out all potential that might remain in the splendor of being human. And then how this combination is being used throughout media, mainstream and alt, to lead the unaware to slaughter.

LARPing is the acronym for the Live Action Role Playing trend and ARGing is the acronym for the Alternate Reality Game trend. In and of themselves, they are not overtly dangerous to the human psyche. Fantasy and imagination are amazing human traits. But when the lines are blurred to the point of how I will be presenting this phenomenon, it becomes very dangerous in deed. Dangerous to the basic survival of humanity itself. Especially in a time of social flux to the degree we see being manipulated all around us daily. A time when folk have been pushed to the brink of sanity by means so numerous we will not have time to properly analyze the magnitude in the brevity of this quick hit and run article. But please feel free to peruse our other articles, forum discussions, and radio shows for more information. And be watching for more to be presented as we continue to re-enter the public sphere with this wisdom again.

Briefly, a little over two years ago we attempted a collaboration with another online group that resulted in a vicious public slander and character assassination of our group, members, business, and personal attacks by a man named Thomas Williams. I will not go too deep into the details of this encounter here, but there is a significant public trail of his mal-informed and malicious tirade. Another online group eventually formed, called THI Team Bubba, that consisted of past and current members of Williams' Truth, Honor, and Integrity (THI) group who began the long and painful journey into this man's warped and horrid temper tantrums. This group is still working at the exposure of the many connected scams stemming from this group and its control freak of a "leader." One can easily do a search into this and find plenty of information I will not rehash here.

Why this comes up once again here at Mystik Mountain, Prymal Fyre, and Soul Tribe Sanctuary is that it was once again brought to my attention this evening that Thomas Williams is putting himself out there as an authority of magik/c/ck with a new direction of lies and nonsense. Meant to heighten his followers' twisted worldview that has very little basis in reality. And this is a very common pattern of misleading rhetoric and propaganda, of which is a small part of my larger research and social analysis falling under what I call Info Porn.

This man is a perfect example of the vile Info Porn pimps that love to spread this brand of Spiritually Transmitted Disease (STD) by putting down anything and anyone whose views differ from their own warped versions of "truth." It was this ignorant stance on esoteric and occult authority from which Thomas Williams launched a 2+ year public smear campaign on myself and nearly anyone even closely associated with me. And this is nothing new, by all means. He is simply repeating a very, very old hate program akin to what resulted in many historical accounts of human oppression and persecution in the guise of righteousness. A pattern several have used throughout history, as well as currently overtaking the public arenas in droves.

Granted, Williams is certainly free to believe in any garbage he chooses and his listeners are free to take it or leave it. But when Williams presents absolute fantasy in the guise of "truth" and continues to incite an already socially stressed audience, encouraging hate and separatism in a hotbed of reactive herding bombardments - it is a horrific mix. His claim of being an authority in occult and esoteric wisdom, while completely contradicting himself with obvious ignorance, and the history of gullible believers who obviously haven't a clue how to research deeper than the scum on the surface of the internet - we see a perfect example of what is going on in this Perfect Storm overtaking humanity I have been writing and speaking about for some time.

We see the results of these prolonged tactics, from all directions, not just Williams and his shrinking following, reach Atom Bomb detonation levels. And this is why I am speaking out about one fact that was pointed out to me by one of his own members tonight. I will then point out exactly where his inaccurate information originated, as an attempt to maybe spark a little bit of doubt in the credibility (which is MUCH less credible overall), and maybe just enough for those who are blindly falling for these kinds of story lines to take a breath and find their reasoning and logic once again. Before it is far too late.

The subject Williams used in his routine drum beating piece closing this week's podcast, he brought up the subject of "Octarine." He went on to talk about its dangerous influence on people that leads them down a path of "witchcraft," "sorcery,"and other "Dark Forces." This is a common theme he has yammered about for some time, accusing many of whom he professes to be enemies of his agendas. Mostly for simply disagreeing. Williams' opinion is not what is in question here, however. It is his blatant disregard for and disrespect of actual esoteric and occult truth while ignorantly mixing in fandom and gaming fantasy narratives into a dangerous mix of witch hunt propaganda. He has a very long history of this behavior and THAT is what I am pointing out. And THAT is what I am pointing out to be a viral disease spreading through our global society, fueling paranoia, psychosis, aggression, and all manner of anti-humanistic behaviors - in the guise of righteousness and superiority. A VERY volatile combination. Especially now. And not only by the likes of Williams, but MANY others popping up everywhere around us.

When this was brought to my attention this evening along with a question of what I knew about this Octarine subject, I had to admit I was not familiar with it. I have studied esoteric and occult subjects very deeply and thoroughly in my previously mentioned perspective. There have been SO MANY such wild fabrications and New Cage spins on these types of subjects, particularly due to this current rabid onslaught of righteous rumor campaign online, it is nearly impossible to stay abreast of them all. So I began a little digging to see what it was this man was really talking about. I was extremely saddened to see a LOT of references to this topic in the festering False Love & Light genre regarding the sad spin offs of what was once referred to as Indigo ideologies of the 80s forward.

I will digress a bit for clarification. I have written extensively for a number of decades regarding the social programming patterns of these belief systems and the damaging effects that have spawned from them. This particular example being a pretty low level type example of one of my professional areas of Cult Exit Counseling and Trauma/Addiction fields. So I did have a suspicion of where this was going to lead me at this point this evening. Yet, I still held out for the other possibility of this information actually having substance.

My main curiosity was the source material he was using (Williams is notorious for his lack of providing citations and source material - and outright plagiarism) and where this odd term "Octarine"came from. In all of my background in the esoteric and occult I had not heard of it. But I was really trying to leave room for the benefit of doubt. Gaming, LARPing, ARGing, and even pop psych genres are not my forte, other than when I have to dive in to follow the scent of some damaging twist on some therapy modality, control cult formulation, or other such conundrum that has presented itself. So I commenced on a quick dip into an objective source analysis.

Digressing again a bit for clarification sake, I would like to add that one of the most damaging phenomenons that has ravaged serious researchers (academic, professional, and arm chair) is what has happened to our online search engines due to the, you guessed it, pop culture, LARPing, ARGing, and gaming genres. The bot factories that the Q-spiracy, and other such peddlers, have significantly contributed to this scrambling of information and truth as well. Creating an upside down, parody-type nightmare where paranoid fantasy lies are presented as truth and truth is presented as paranoid fantasy lies. Where everything and everyone is forced to choose polarized death camps hell bent on shredding one another while the majority of rational, rapidly confused, human beings are caught in the crossfire of the fabricated madness.

Anyone with a grain of salt to their research skills knows that the first several pages of a non-specific search string will only garner the pop culture, tabloid flavored hits involving entertainment, gaming, and social media nonsense. And that is exactly what I noticed when using the term "Octarine."

You see, "Octarine" has NOTHING to due with actual esoteric or occult Mysteries. It has EVERYTHING to do with the LARPing, ARGing, and gaming genres. The first appearance of the word was in 1983 from a comic fantasy novel, The Colour of Magic. And THIS is exactly how all of the Q-spiracy, Sov Cit, and other craziness is born. Right here. A germinating tidbit of fantasy literature blended with a fear heightened, suspicious social paranoia, lame research/reporting skills, and some weird frenzy of 10-seconds-of-fame... And it spreads on the internet like wild fire. Due to the ignorance and ego-stroke-greed of those like Thomas Williams. And I might add, the gullible ignorance of those who like, share, and pound pulpits right along with them. A sincere and genuine Seeker of Truth doesn't have a chance now days, because these deadly emotively reactive rabbit holes are everywhere. As well as the Info Porn exhibitionists and voyeurs, pimps and prostitutes, peddlers and dealers, and let's not forget the addicted consumer base who seem to not be able to get enough of this brand of emotively stimulating drivel.

By using the term Info Porn I am referring to the degraded, impotence of sensationalized and hollowed out representations that are marketed to insatiable appetites. This includes various forms of mental masturbation that cheapens a much richer depths of human psyche potentials, stemming from the beauty of intellectual intercourse and the love of wisdom (philosophy). The difference of beautiful eroticism and deep libido and the cheapening versions lacking all human potential substance - mind/body/soul/Spirit.

When the beauty of fantasy is mixed up with the beauty of reality we get the ugly mishmash of unsanity I call reelity. (Please refer to my Real/Reel Road Crossing series for more info.)

I will simply leave one fandom link here as evidence for, once again, how lame authority to a subject Williams so enjoys to spoon out to his head nodding, drum beating followers weekly. If you search "Octarine and Indigo" you will quickly see how fast this insidious fantasy hook has spread. It is so very sad how much energy is being siphoned from a vast pool of wannabe do-gooders. When I expand my view to the larger populace caught up in the many versions of this same pattern (spiritually, financially, socially, politically, et al), I am flabbergasted by just how much valuable human energy is being wasted. And harvested. With the real harvesters pointing fingers at and blaming (projecting) their own imaginary "black hat" harvesters according to their brand of convoluted scripts. Another first line indicator of this classic victimstance pattern - projecting the in-group faults onto the out-group while claiming the out-group is projecting onto them. All while having very little understanding what projection actually is or how it fits into a much enriched system of psychology and sociology. Thanks to the many pop psych Info Porn pimps. And on and on the program goes. Where it stops, who the hell knows?

Just imagine for one minute what kind of beneficial change could be attained if even half of this wasted human potential and compassion (genuine and feigned) was directed toward actual truth, honor, and integrity.

I will leave this short rant as is and invite those who would like to learn more about how to do actual research, how to sift through all the garbage and hype, how to re-claim your reasoning skills, how to re-align with your core values, how to burn away and shed the Simulation's effects, how to re-discover creativity and minimize replication, how to uncover your Red Thread, and join in re-weaving a clarified Prymal Human Tapestry free of Ages of such inverted herding ideologies. Without the passive-aggressive, or outright aggressive, hate and anger of separatism rife with rabbit hole booby traps.

Blessings, Gratitude, & Safe Passage

SnowFyre (Marilee NiEtain)



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