Stop Being Led to Slaughter in the Guise of Righteousness

Updated: Aug 4

[Pulling this from another conversation here in the forums to stand alone in its message.]

Want to target the root of the problem and not get sucked into the herd programs? Step out of the Right v Left, Red v Blue, Black v White, Vax v No-Vax, et al mindsets and bait? Unveil the underlying extremism that has infested "both/all" sides of the fabricated front that is designed to pull you into one camp or the other, often with very cleverly concealed ideologies (hidden behind highly emotive and misleading propaganda)?

What is playing out all around us today is exactly what we were trying to point out well before the Demiurge/Wetiko Virus and Prymal Earth Mitosis material was even presented. That which is part of the Info Porn herding programs we have been pointing out for several years now. More on that backdrop can be found elsewhere in the blogs and forums. Let's begin in the immediate here and now of this one realm, or reelm more accurately regarding the subject at hand. Compare and contrast the Prymal Realm with the Simulation Reelm, shall we?...

If you must scratch the itch to "know" what is going on, resist taking "sides" without objective and rational research (not the kind that encourages you to blindly follow someone else's impotent research). Study how to do REAL research and not what the pop cultures and extremist ideologies have presented as research.

Learn to critically think for yourself. And not the clever use of even the term "critical thinking" that has actually been presented to the masses as exactly the opposite of what it REALLY is. Both "do your own research" and "critical thinking" have been used against inquisitive people as a tricky dumbing down tactic for a couple of decades now. What these folk have been presenting as "research" and "critical thinking" are actually the exact opposite and packaged in a shiny, emotive package of anti-government, anti-establishment rhetoric. The phrase "the best slave is one who believes they are free" sums this ageless herding technique quite nicely.

Refuse to let any of "them" lead you by your emotions and insist you choose a side immediately.

Avoid the double speak shame programming like "Be Kind, Wear a Mask" that actually passes judgment in reverse psychology as "If you don't wear a mask you are unkind." Pairing two completely different concepts in this loaded slogan type maneuver is propaganda at its best. Pitting people against one another unnecessarily. These marketing techniques have been a part of this huge social experiment for a very long time. Don't fall for the sleazy used care salesman tricks. And please do not take the use of this example of how propaganda is slipping in as an argument of the mask drama for either for or against masks. This is how it works. The damaging herding programs and propaganda have very little to do with the subject being used as a smoke screen to herd and profile people as to what they are reactive to and how to further trigger those reactions to an agenda hidden behind the emotive subject.

And be aware of all the Hitler Youth type moves being made all around us as we move closer to schools opening and elections right in sync. Some of us clearly remember the street gang messes a few years back. This mask and slogan propaganda will surely back fire. Do a little digging on what we learned about masks, slogans, and recruiting back then. This is just being presented in a much more sparkly, sugar coated manner. Then take a look at the check list for Hitler Youth recruitment.

These are only a few very surface level examples. Please do not get locked into the examples as your fight. Look at the pattern that is smeared itself across the board, regardless of which "side" (right/left, Red/Blue, Black/White, etc) is being presented. And if you are interested in a more esoteric, Demiurge/Wetiko, explanation of what is going on, please look at the other blog posts and forum discussions here. Return here often and don't hesitate to join the discussions and ask questions.

We also offer more sensible solutions of things you CAN put your valuable energy into, in your direct circle and environment, creating instead of replicating, and not feeding your essence into this insane, dystopian nightmare stuck on repeat. Solutions like re-member-ing humanity's roots and honoring differences while celebrating YOUR traditions and customs instead of being forced to defend them. By nurturing self-reliance and self-sufficiency (individual and community) while not buying into the false notions that governments or churches or whatever will fulfill those long standing Savior Complex programs that are at the root of this infestation. By learning to be the creators human were meant to be (Prymal), not repicator hosts for the Demiurge/Wetiko virus program (Simulation). Join us in Honoring the Past, Living the Present, and Creating the Future. Outside of the Simulation and the Programs. Truly. But only if you are ready to drop the charade. Fully.

You are being herded into the extremes and need to find that fulcrum of power hidden in the middle. Non-reactive. The rudder of reason in a sea of ignorance and insanity.

You, your families, your communities, and humanity itself lies in the balance only YOU can center. But only if you step out of the fray and the herding programs. As you remove yourself from the storm and join others in a calmer sea of reason, the united grouping will begin to settle as well. A more realistic and authentic manner of honoring human emotion and being will begin to be recognizable again. Settling out of the instigated frenzy that was not yours to own in the first place. Re-claim your senses and be ready to nurture others to re-claim theirs.

IF you really want to affect change, THIS is where you will be most effective.

Find your core, your center. YOURS, not THEIRS. Authentically and reasonably.

Stop being led to slaughter in the guise of righteousness.

I will leave you with a musik video addressing this Double Speak par excellence. And a few links to get you started with learning what critical thinking and research really is and one suggestion to learn what extremism is. Its many faces. I truly hope you will step out of the trend to instantly decide which fabricated "sides" that are being offered up, slow down and command your rational mind, and actually survive this Perfect Storm herding program intact. Humanity depends on it.

Full of the subliminal herding program lies in this musik vid. Look for the emotive symbolism of the different program lies mankind have been fed over generations leading to this Perfect Storm. Will you choose to step out to unravel that old Simulation tapestry, find your own piece of the Red Thread, and help reweave the authentik Prymal Tapestry of Humanity? Or not? Choice is nigh...

Be sure to check out our forum discussions on the different faces of this Info Porn herd programming phenomenon that includes: the Sov Cit movement and history, the troubling headlines of the extreme measures they are now taking, and the growing information on such infiltration groups causing deadly discourse through their opportunistic inciting peaceful rallies (i.e, The Boogaloo Bois, et al).

DON'T be blindsided by what is running in the background by the distractions of what is playing out on the stage of social distress. Pull back the curtain...

Learn about doing actual and REAL research here:

The other links I promised to get you started in deprogramming yourself. Hint: don't study these things to try to prove your pre-existing and pre-programmed biases. Start with a clean and objective slate.

Blessings, Gratitude, & Safe Passage

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