This article update was last published 12/23/2016 while doing the same thing I am doing now, going through old articles and republishing them on a new website, Mystik Mountain, 11/20/2019. And today, two phases past the initial phase mentioned in this article originally. Please keep in mind to original conversation was about 3.5 years prior to this particular reposting. Some of the terminology I was using back then has evolved as has the fear programmed narratives of the Luciferian/Satanic pedophile rumors beginning to be spun. Since then, that narrative has morphed into the PizzaGate scandal and on into the more recent and current versions of various tangents involving pedophilia and trafficking scandals (which is NOT a new phenomenon, but most certainly hyped to even grander fear mode with exaggerated headline herding embellishments) and is now spinning a new version of adrenochrome misinformation and disinformation headlines and subliminal stimulation.

These are the milestones of the prototype and building phases of the programming lending to what I am now referring to as the Perfect Storm of fear programming and herding in Info Porn and Cyber Cult trends. Along with the even more disturbing feature of those claiming to be "reporting" on these vile behaviors casually tossing the witch hunt moves out by falsely accusing nearly everyone of being a pedophile or somehow a member of any number of wild and nonsensical accusations. Rumor and innuendo upon rumor and innuendo upon rumor and innuendo, with periodic splashes of outright lies and agendas. Actually causing more of a mess with lazy and irresponsible attempts at research and journalism. Not to mention the even more vile that the horrible acts themselves are the ones purposefully presenting false information for their own opportunistic gain. More on that when I start publishing my latest insights and research. But for now, I am just updating the past conversations and republishing so as not to have to go back and re-invent the wheel of conversations that have already gone on for a number of years. Pointing out how the patterns never change.

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Now for the article mentioned:

Hmmm...funny how this one popped up on my facebook radar tonight from the beginning of the month after digging into the old blog posts and putting them on the new site the last couple of days. Someone's doing some digging. lol [12/23/2016 update on an earlier facebook discussion]

[facebook post 12/01/2016]

Well, I am really going to put myself on the block out there with this one. I was asked this morning by a friend who read the pedophile article involving the Bush side of things. I will copy and paste the conversation leaving her anonymous. The basic info needs to be put out there for whomever is ready to hear it at this point. I am not posting this to start a major debate. Only as a small piece of the core wisdom awaiting the appropriate time to unlock the archives.

Friend: "I've watched some of Ted Gunderson's videos exposing satanism, pedophilia and child trafficking. The article you posted with George B. Sr. mentioned he was a troll for him among other things. Do you agree? I've not heard that before..."

My response: "I wouldn't be surprised. Typical allowing the whistleblower (Gunderson, et al.) to speak setting up the sacrificial goat (Hillary, et al). I stepped out of the who's who in that area a long time ago as hardly any of the material coming out is new. And focusing on what they have magikally spun only feeds it. The more it gains people's attention the more loosh is generated and the bigger the final feast becomes.

All I can say at this point is folk need to really watch how they are pitting the false light against the false dark. And lumping all dark under Luciferianism and Satanism and lumping all light under the many love & light, savior scenarios. These are merely the scapegoat versions of esoterica and occultism - the core wisdoms.

The lure will say it is all evil and someone or something must step in to save all our damned souls. And in steps the false light savior and the harvest begins in earnest. (One will be the glittery and brazen harvest of Law of One - no different that the rapture which continues to lure that herd. Another brazen move by Ra/Anu by using the term "harvest" to sound enticing.)

Lucifer was a message bringer, just as Jesus was (and several others put on a the "Ascended Masters" sacrificial altar. Will be a sad day if they continue to be offered up as sacrifice by all those well-intentioned do-gooders claiming to be their channellers and supporters. They are actually holding the authentic messengers hostage ready to offer them up. No better than the one they are pointing to as the "evil" ones in this game.)

But both messages (Lucifer and Jesus) were twisted and created the ultimate good cop, bad cop reputations most are familiar with. Satan was a thought form created by the Church that has come pretty close to manifesting due to the energy so many people are putting into it. [And unbeknownst to most, NOT the same as Lucifer] All by design. I am seeing this manifestation process as being the prime growing medium for the final manifestation for the Demiurge/AI[AC] new predator team to be able to step into this dimension to complete "their" final piece of the plan. Should that happen we might as well scrap this whole experiment to keep these mono and binary energies from breaking through tertiary and quad to have free reign to go right on up to the higher realms ultimately overcoming ALL.

That is what this time is in this 3-4D realm of forces meeting forces chaos. That is why we are here at this time. If we fail, the two time lines on that side that are being bottlenecked will become the final takeover and the end of the existing multiverse/omniverse as we have always known it. [Work since this writing has resulted in a mitosis effect and can be read about in subsequent articles]

We are going to see a repeat of the fear stirring to get people to run to the false light set up. As this is happening on this plane it is also unfolding on the others - hyperdimensional, intergalactic, etc. The Law of One is really going to take a whole new scent as Ra/Anu increases "his" brazen repeat cycle. (I can't believe he is so bold to simply use the same name that created this level the last time around. And so many have clung to his false message and are so enamored to continue the blind worship that twisted us before. People are so gullible. Maybe the experiment does need to be completely scrapped. Why is it such a difficult concept to grasp? The programming is so evident, but then again - look how hard it was to even get the average person to look at the pedophile stuff up til now. And then not drop their gullibility and continue to be led to slaughter out of stupidity.)

We are going to lose MANY in this phase and it is only the beginning. Well, that was quite a pre-tea tirade for this morning." [And the next phase mentioned here HAS been initiated]

So, there it is. A little private early morning conversation with a friend. Quite common level of dialog around here. lol

Read it and take it in if you'd like. Or, scrap it and move on if you'd like. My role is not to convince anyone of anything. Only to present what I came here to present - and take the hits as I do so. Please keep in mind, this is only a small clip extracted from a much, much larger picture and a lot of detail is not included. So please refrain from slamming me with counter attacks on detail. I am beyond engaging in energy consuming debate. I love to cuss and discuss with the best of them. But only if it is of a constructive nature. Your path is your path and if it doesn't mesh with what is being said - it's truly okay. Step off this one and continue with whatever one you feel to be the one you need to be on. I am not out to challenge your belief, only offering a piece of what I have brought to the table.

Blessings, Gratitude, & Safe Passage

Marilee NiEtain

Mystik Midwyfe/Elder, Crafter, & Author/Scribe

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