The Bittersweet of Wounding and Vulnerability

This article was originally published 03/22/2017 and is being republished in its entirety to mark its point in the journey to the current similar situation with Mystik Mountain 06/19/2019. And now again with the new blog and even more wounding patterns since, 04/17/2020.

This piece is not one with my usual brave exposure of the insidious parasites and predators of our illusory inversion of creation and life. It is not one with my usual empowerment and tough love stance intended to render healing and re-member-ance from within. And it is not one with my usual message of the importance of sovereignty and solidarity to bridge these final determining days of the human experiment. In a way it is none of these. And yet all of them. It is a statement of wounding, of vulnerability, and the bittersweet lessons that have come with these. And those within the abyss that lies before me once again...

A few of those closest to me know bits and pieces of what I am revealing here. I am not revisiting this out of a perspective of victim, though there has certainly been a fair share of that woven into this journey. I walked away from owning that archetype long ago. Or its owning me, rather. This is a place of honoring yet another layer of the Wounded Healer archetype. And I am very much aware of the disbelief and denial many who read this will choose to respond with. But I am also very much over being expected to contain this message out of the need for safety, confidentiality, and privacy. Those factors are very much key components of the integrity on which I base my work. And I purposely maintain these things to the best of my ability. But by keeping the hidden levels of the work I provide behind the curtain of protection has only become remnants of the illusion and is exactly what is preventing this work from flourishing and growing to its fullest potential.

I will still remain on the surface, for the depths of this journey is far too convoluted to attempt to present in one blog post article. And the real work is not meant for the surface at all. But let this be the final brick in that wall. And as a critical safe guard to the information that will come from this repository over time I must take the time to restate my Declaration of NON-CONSENT FOR INTERFERENCE prior to moving on:

Let it be known, I (Marilee NiEtain) do not consent to any agreement of entrapment that bears intention to deceive, misinform, manipulate, exploit, control, steal, harvest, seduce, harm, or negatively influence my being (mind/body/soul/spirit) and physical place of habitation, business, website, or published works in any way across all levels, dimensions, and time/space. I intend protection from harm and maintain neutrality, so as to not be trapped or harvested, to the best of my ability in every situation. I do not consent to any false programs driving my body and consciousness, but rather my highest Spirit’s truth within and without limitation, as a Creator of integrated mind, soul, and spirit of original primordial core consciousness. Let it be known that my choice of NON-CONSENT to any agreement of entrapment on any level, across all dimensions, and for all time is in effect now and forevermore. I hold that such is true and in effect, that any such agreement of entrapment, deception, and harmful intention, are now deemed null and void based on the intention of its creator to harm and dishonor my life, my sovereign being, and my free will. No singular or collective entity, or artificial intelligence or force under any circumstances of mal-intent is allowed permission to enter my mind, body, soul, spirit, in any dimension, level, or time/space. If there are such attempts to ignore the LAW, they will bring upon themselves their own intention in harm—and are fully responsible for those choices. I HOLD THIS TO BE IN EFFECT IMMEDIATELY ON ALL LEVELS AND ALL DIMENSIONS OF TIME/SPACE; PAST, PRESENT, AND FOR THE FUTURE CYCLES OF TIME.

I entered into this assignment, in this realm, in 1960 fully aware of all past assignments - corporeal and non. And the systematic onslaught of attempts to take me out and the very least to break me and deter me from my assignment commenced immediately. My bio-mother went into an immediate postpartum depression and the first attempt on my life came at three days old. Following a series of events that ensued I was then handed to my paternal grandparents "temporarily."

Without going into detail about the extraneous players on this stage and keeping with my personal experiences, the long period of the programming attempts ensued through what has been labeled MKUltra and the many sub-programs that branched from there. One can find a lot of information on these programs if they so choose and the purpose of this article is not to go into a dissertation on any of the documented materials nor the twisted accounts of the misinformation and disinformation spins running rampant on the subject either. I discuss those incidents in other forums.

My experiences within this period included the gambit of child pornography, human trafficking, torture, and a wide variety of nuances involved with the "breaking" and "grooming" attempts. I managed to remain intact and learned adaptation techniques I will not share openly for obvious reasons. But these tools and techniques are what have become the work I do behind the scenes of the public face of Soul Tribe Sanctuary where most find the surface skills very helpful. My background and foundation is a huge combination of lived experience within and without the matrix of the mental health system and a long journey of studying these areas and working in the field for close to three decades now. But my advocacy and approaches were not fully welcomed there either. So I had to keep the real work under wraps to try to scratch out a living and try my best to operate within the truly screwed up false programmed world. Being continually targeted from levels well beyond the 3-4D most are familiar with.

My story of many hospitalizations, suicide attempts, psychotic periods, addictions, and almost all means of self-destruction has been shared in many forms. Along with the history of external attempts to take me out physically, mentally, and spiritually. And I will not spend the time with those details here at this time. I tend to refrain for putting the details out there for the sensationalized entertainment and voyeuristic tendencies of the drama infested matrix. It seems the crescendo of "my story is more bizarre than your story" is in full steam ahead. And for very intentional purposes. Much of this is talked about in some of my other forums as well. Much more to come with the exposure of what is going on with the once respected fringe knowledge community if I am able to continue with the level I have reached now. [this is the current Alt Cult and mass psychosis materials just being presented now, 06/19/2019, be watching the new website, Mystik Mountain for this important information - the formal research and article series, Info Porn and Cyber Cults is being prepared for publication now, 04/17/2020]

Bringing this article back to its intent and purpose, I will focus on events of the last five years or so. Some who have followed the unfolding over the years are familiar. Most are not. Following the disturbing hyper-dimensional interference that resulted in my last divorce I found myself back at my place of birth excited to be finally able to merge my shamanic healing path with my mental health profession at a new holistic recovery center. This was also the point in time my spiritual consultation practice and community of Ancestral Coalescence became Soul Tribe Sanctuary. Many more levels of severe purging and wound clearing commenced from there.

I ended up almost completely black listed from the standard mental health system due to my advocacy concerning ethics and down right abuses I had witnessed from within the system over the previous two decades, forcing me to step further into the hidden healing areas of anomalous trauma, cult exit counseling, hyper-dimensional attachment severance, possession and exorcism, off-world and galactic interference, and on to the scent of what I have dubbed the Demiurge/Wetiko/AI- HD [AI/AC/VI/VC] parasite and virus that is behind ALL of these outer manifestations.

During this time, all manner of attempts to thwart my growing determination to see my assignment through to the end almost all of my perceived relationships with family and loved ones suffered. Exactly one year ago, after being totally dismembered on all levels, I agreed to travel south to Colorado help my father (who is no more than a stranger to me) with his final transition. Hoping to be able to heal some of the familial wounds involved in all of that. I gave away everything I owned and put my research and writing into storage and headed into the unknown with only what I could fit into my Trailblazer. [second such uprooting in currently in place as well, 04/17/2020]

To a rundown, bug infested motel room in a completely depressed rural area smack dab on top of the subterranean nest between Cheyenne Mountain and Denver Regional Airport. I cannot begin to describe the heavy, dark energies I had to deflect for those few months. It will just have to suffice for now to tell you the manner of which the old handler frequencies that came through my father were the final straw in my trying to get along with all this. He managed to cause the final severance of any hope of reconciling any of the remnants that may have remained between my children/grandchildren and I. And that part of the narrative is still playing out. Just without me in the middle of it. I love them all dearly, but I am moving forward with what I am intended to do. If and when they are ready to address any of this on a level that is necessary, I am here. Until then, that world is no longer my main focus.

With my last bit of energy, savings, and determination I set out on a 2000 mile move to where I am now, dead set on making Soul Tribe Sanctuary work and to be able to provide the much needed healing on this quantum level for those ready, willing, and able to do the difficult work. I have come the closest to realizing this level of healing as I ever have. But with many new levels of hits, here I sit once again two days from losing it all. I tread the waters and kept from going under for six months giving it my all and enduring more and more painful hits.

Trying to provide the work very few are willing to endure themselves.

Speaking the truth on levels I was not even sure I was capable of.

Witnessing the take down and destruction of many of my fellow researchers and those attempting the very same thing. Hoping beyond hope for the human condition to truly wake up and stop being lulled back into the same old programming and the same old hopium state, being fed off of and in stark denial of it all.

All while fully knowing we are running out of time for the window of opportunity to realize the full potential of what this human experiment was originally intended to become.

With sadness and weariness to the core, I am pleading with any who are able to assist in helping me to continue to provide these services most dare not tread - into the darkest areas of the human condition imaginable - please step up. I hate the chains of the money slavery system as much as anyone and cannot even begin to describe my seething anger at still having to bow to its last vestiges. But the power is within you to put your intent behind the tool that has us enslaved and help bridge us to the next level and to meet this virus head on. [And while I will no longer entertain the naive course of trust at this point I am still plugging along. After learning the lessons of betrayal even yet again regarding those who did rally to Soul Tribe Sanctuary, only to be effectively dismantled beyond repair by what turned out to be yet another Cyber Cult in collaborative clothing - a year and half online character assassination and exploitation of several Soul Tribe members destroyed the business and nearly ended my life due to a CPTSD induced autoimmune crisis that took another 2 years to recover from - So NO, I am not looking to re-enter into those types of agreements again. A new approach is being seeding now, and we are always open to hear suggestions.]

I certainly do not live a life of false luxury and am as pained by the witnessing of the level of exploitation spinning out of control all around us as any one of you who may have managed to read this far into this plea. I offer many surface level tools and have many more ready to put out there. But I also operate in the background one-on-one with some of the most wounded who are ready to step into their own sovereignty and truly wish to continue offering this. I am certainly not out for a free ride. I am asking for help to continue working the magik and transmuting the viral energies into sustaining energy, not only for myself but for all who seek. [While I am still offering limited services, I am no longer putting that level of vulnerability out there to be exploited again. Even in the guise of the best of compassion and intention by the seekers.]

At this point what I am offering here for those in need of the one-on-one work is a combination of introspective work, meditation, massage, energy work, relaxation and detox jet tub baths, Tarot, astrology, numerology, writing, creative handcrafting, gardening, reflective time to ground, center, and protect, and deep, deep Shadow work, realignment with Natural Order, deprogramming, and reprogramming of the authentic Self, and eventual release from the generational, species, and personal wounds. If I am not able to steward your journey fully, I have a growing list of referrals for other means of energy work, implant removal and deactivation, naturopathic and holistic medicine, etc. [This level of assistance has been obliterated by this last onslaught still underway. We do plan to incorporate these experiences in a new format, however.]

Regardless if the means of connection I have set up crumbles away and depending on how rapidly that happens, another worker and I, Laura Leon, have started recording a series of webcasts meant to reveal the set up behind the set up of the illusion based on our personal experience in this realm and all others. I may not be as readily accessible very soon, but those intent on finding me will be able to. Hopefully we can salvage this and that won't become an issue. But, hey, just know if I drop off the immediate radar that doesn't mean I am down for the count. [This collaborative is no longer active now either.]

I do not present my work in the manner most are accustomed to, such as the usual marketing and advertising schemes. Mostly because I see playing "their" game as agreeing to it in the first place and therefore feeding it precariously. While I do not completely discount some of the standard modes of treatment out there for trauma and addiction and other so-called "illness" and "disease," I do offer a very trustworthy means to explore and expose the lies and a good foundation for you to regain your authentic Self and remembrance to what you were originally meant to be.

My options have bottle necked into about four viable paths dependent on if others step up or not. All purchases and donations over the next 24 hours will determine how much I will be able to salvage. I am picking up a young woman from the airport tomorrow morning for a five day intensive pathworking through her severe wounding and this may very well be the last client I will be able to offer this much needed service for. We need any manner of aid you can spare. Direct funds to cover basic operating expenses, funds to serve as scholarships for others who cannot afford those expenses as a hand up gesture, materials and supplies to operate, a place to move to and operate from in case I cannot keep the roof over my head that I spent the last six months building, contract work that I could do from on site.... And thoughts, ideas, funds, referrals of clients in need of these services, are welcome. [While a few others have come for one-on-one PathWorking since this writing, the last I invited into my heart and home has since been dispatched, leaving me in an extremely weary and wary state. Contemplating exactly what this new focus and role will be. The ripples of that experience are still moving through the substrate and we will see what comes.]

We need to pull together now more than ever in a true and authentic manner. My sincere gratitude goes out to all who have supported this work in the past, present, and future. I must now prepare for the leap into the abyss....

[Since this writing I underwent a period of homelessness, a heart procedure, a move from California to Oregon and now here back in the Rockies full-circle to Montana where Soul Tribe was successfully rebuilt for a time - this part of the journey will be written and archived soon and much appreciation and gratitude to all who helped make it all happen - a subsequent online smear campaign ensued and I am currently just re-emerging from my healing cave following a near fatal PTSD induced autoimmune flair, ready to enter this final chapter]

[And now, southern Utah so I can push toward a landing hub and to go fully nomad in a year or two.]

Blessings, Gratitude, & Safe Passage

Marilee NiEtain

Mystik Midwyfe/Elder, Crafter, & Author/Scribe

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