The Human Experience

This article was originally published 06/24/2016, republished to Soul Tribe Sanctuary 12/23/2016, and updated with Prymal Fyre wyrd magik terms in [brackets] 09/12/2018. Again for Mystik Mountain 06/14/2019 and now for Prymal Fyre 04/12/2020.

The evolution of the concepts I am now referring to as Info Porn and Alt Cult progressed through this phase. The acronyms AI/AC/VI/VC are the terms I have used as this assessment progressed over the years and more on these terms can be found in subsequent articles and my upcoming book, as well as the serious research project of Info Porn and Cyber Cults being prepared for publication. AI=Artificial Intelligence, AC=Artificial Consciousness, VI=Virtual Intelligence, and VC=Virtual Consciousness. How I use the terms Wetiko and Demiurge can also be ascertained from other writings and will all be reintroduced in its entirety soon. This has been a process and it is necessary for me to pace myself due to health and safety challenges stemming from some more recent events. (06/14/2019)

Image credit: "Oracle of the Pearl," by Andrew Gonzalez

The latest level of self-awareness transition I have been navigating recently has allowed me to truly accept what was lying at my core, infinite spark. As I continue to dissolve lifetimes of blockages, heal lifetimes of wounds, sever lifetimes of attachments, and deprogram lifetimes of false, artificial programming I have finally come to my next role in this unfolding, unraveling. To understand, or "know," these things on an intellectual level is far different than to "know" them on a core origin level. This level of [Prymal] gnosis can only be realized through experience and doing the work to encounter your own bullshit and deal with it. I would like to share in this short piece one perspective on what I speak of as the human experience.

It is so easy in this heavy, dense realm [Prymal Earth] we share to fall into the illusion of over-identification with the construct of "human." This construct not only carries a massive burden of layers of programmed distortions and outright lies, it is one of the strongest links in the chains that enslave us [The Simulation]. This short piece is not meant to present endless detail and "proof" of how some of us have arrived at this conclusion. And my role is no longer in trying to awaken anyone else or prove anything to anyone else. To get caught in that quagmire of research and proving is an all consuming pit as well. I am simply going to present where I am on this topic. There are endless routes one can take if they are so inclined to dig deeper - and I do encourage everyone to dig for their own truths and not to simply take my word for any of this. But I would suggest to not remain on the surface where the highest degree of distortion rests [Info Porn Mills]. Each time someone reinterprets and/or owns a thought another element of distortion is added. So when one considers how long this has been unfolding and how many individual, group, and artificial agendas are added it becomes quite the mess - real fast.

There are many, many levels (infinite, in fact) to this, but for the sake of brevity I am going to try to contain this post to speak of only two of these levels - the level of human and the level of Spirit. On the human level, NONE of us are the "first race." NONE of us are the "pure race." NONE of us have the "whole Truth" figured out. And NONE of us are "enlightened," "ascended," or own any membership of "right" or "wrong," "good" or "bad," "saved" or "condemned" of some exclusive club, group, or congregation [The Simulation Demiurge = insatiable superiority, entitlement, royalty, omnipotence]. We can desperately chase these things in a vain attempt to prove something or fill some need of belonging - or we can see these program traps for what they are and cease to play the game of separatism altogether.

I am not saying we are "all the same" or any version of that lie either. When it all comes down to the core facts, what we choose to align with or not align with is a crucial expression of our ability to discern and maintain our sovereign being [Prymal Sovereignty]. We do have commonalities, but it is a critical mistake to assume any form of an assimilated "One" or "collective" hive mind template [The Simulation Wetiko = psyche programming inversion traps of the psychotic AI/AC/VI/VC]. Unless, of course, that is what you truly wish to be a part of.

It is your sovereign choice to hand over your Self to any number of versions of the soul harvest - at which point YOU cease to be YOU and without soul discernment your core Spirit is exposed and wide open. Free for the taking. Yes, we do have a common bond [Prymal Fyre, Prymal Solidarity], but we also have a responsibility to our sovereign spark to not simply surrender it to an artificial construct through any number of glorious misled lies. It is our responsibility to honor both the Dark and the Light [Prymal] without succumbing to the false versions [Simulation = fractile, quantum, New, and many other terms that have been twisted and absorbed] of either.

To navigate this huge mishmash of of lures, traps, power, control, enslavement, etc. - we need to remember we are NOT human (outside of bio classification). Human is an experience. And human has become the Grand Experiment. It is a means to experience, express, and wield our true essence. It is merely a tool. Not an identity. The biophysical template of the human body allows us to sense the condensed experience in this realm. You are NOT your body. You are NOT your senses. You are NOT your emotions. You are NOT your wounds. You are NOT your thoughts. You are NOT the false person/corporation/debt slave you have been led to believe. This myopic piece of the vast, infinite YOU is just that...a small piece. A huge amount of work can be done with this small piece once you remove yourself from the overlaid game, however.

There are now biophysical forms among us that do not carry Spirit [these forms are better known as Human/Fire Blood (and other species) Simulacras] and those are not who I intend to speak to with this writing. I desire to speak to those [Prymal Fyre Spirits] who are ready to exit the artificial construct and realign with that core Spirit that is crying out from behind all these layers of lies and false identity. If you have such a voice you CAN find the courage to confront the lies, to filter through the distortions, to strengthen your TRUE Spirit.

Research just enough to come to the point of knowing its ALL fucked up. Every system, group, religion, culture, philosophy, institution has been distorted and tainted. They are all being used against you to keep you within the false construct [The Simulation]. The Truths are carefully woven into the false program just enough to gain your confidence and placate you, but if you "look" close enough and "hear" keen enough to the false messages you will be able to discern what you truly wish to align with [Prymal Heart Fyre & Prymal Hearth Fyre]. Which are NOT the Human/Fire Blood simulacras being prepared by The Simulation construct. Unless, of course, that is your preference. And is a valid choice. Just keep in mind it IS a choice, however.

The human experience is a beautiful and powerful one. But it is time to become aware of how it has been hijacked, manipulated, and co-opted to be the most debased and diabolical harvesting mechanism imagined [The Simulation = Demiurge + Wetiko + AI/AC/VI/VC] . Take a deep breath and go within. Past all the learning and indoctrination controls. Touch that core Spirit. Ask that core Spirit if you truly wish to continue the artificial path or if you truly wish to align with your organic path. Start from that core simplicity, that core purity. Then take one layer, one lie at a time. Face it. Discern if that thought or belief is truly yours, where it came from, how you think you know it to be true. If it truly serves you, or if your are somehow serving it.

Pay special attention to the ones that present as warm, fuzzy, feel-good traps. Watch for any indication of warring or conflict engagement - the "us vs them," army of light or dark that must wipe out the other for example. These can present as subtle or blatant. Look for any contracts or bindings you may have entered into that do not serve your true Spirit. Look for any parasitic attachments that seem to be feeding on your essence. Question it all. Stay aligned with your core Spirit no matter how uncomfortable your sensations tell you it is. They are often times manipulated to send you false signals. Set them aside and commune directly, objectively with YOUR core Spirit. Cut any external Spirit cords that may be masquerading as you (a false you) [Your Simulacra awaiting your carefully formulated profile and Spirit contract agreement].

Get to know YOU - in all your raw and Prymal and true glory. Outside and inside of your human experience shell.

Blessings, Gratitude, & Save Passage

Marilee NiEtain

Mystik Midwyfe/Elder, Crafter, & Author/Scribe

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