What Is Prymal?

When explaining to others how to live a Prymal life in this modern age, I feel it is important go back to the beginning and explain what “Prymal” means; not only to ensure that the other person understands, but because it serves as a reminder to myself. It is easy to get caught up in modern situations that do not serve a Prymal life or satisfy my Spirit. Please keep in mind as you read through this article that the subject is related to something that is difficult to put into words, and that I am doing my best to explain and define something that is extremely un-definable. Before we continue, let’s come to an understanding about the fact that “Prymal” is not a religion; it is separate even from what we have come to know as “alternative” religions such as Wicca, Paganism, and Witchcraft, although there are similarities and overlap that occurs with Prymal and these other groups. Individuals that claim the identifier of Prymal may certainly label themselves or identify as a Wiccan, Pagan, or Witch, and that is perfectly acceptable. Prymal could be considered in this instance then, a sort of spiritual practice- although that would not be completely or wholly accurate. There are no hard rules here. There is no“right” way to do it. Prymal could be considered a way of life outside of such terms and labels. It is not WHO you are or WHAT you are that matters, but how you choose to live your life. And although Prymal is not a religion per se, with formal doctrine or dogma,there are certain ideas and principals that are of core importance to those that live the Prymal life. Each person lives as they choose, because there are no predetermined or prescribed ways to do it; but there are specific things that indicate or define this idea of “Prymal.” The word “Primal” indicates something basic, instinctual, original, simple, wild, and perhaps uncivilized. Imagine for a minute going back to a time before modern man existed- an original, unadulterated, pure state of being and living before modern civilization, corruption, hijacking, mass manipulation, formal religion, patriarchy, social programming and engineering, and herding of the masses occurred. This would be a primary core idea of Prymal- taking it back to as much of an original uncorrupted form as is possible (The change in spelling- substituting a 'y' for an 'i' in the word "Prymal"- reflects original intention before societal changes occurred on a large scale). As hard as that is to imagine and wrap our minds around, it points to the only things that existed then at that juncture in time: The world of Form- Humans, the land, the flora, the fauna, the Material World. But there is one other thing that existed then that still exists today, and it's one of the major tenents of Prymal: The world of Non-Form. The world of Non-Form is more abstract, whereas the world of Form is absolutely literal. Non-Form includes things like Human Spirit, human creativity, expression through imagination, inspiration, and heart connection to all other living things- the land, the plants, the animals, and other humans. It also indicates acknowledgement and connection to other entities in the world of Non-Form, including the Elementals and the elements of which they represent. The realms of Form are the material expression of the realms of Non-Form. This does not necessarily include things like ghosts, spirit contact, mediumship, divination, etc., as is the stereotypical way of looking at it; but that doesn’t mean these things are not ever incorporated in Prymal practices. Remember, this is a very individual process. It is intimately tied to the Spiritual path that each person chooses to take for themselves, whether that path is related to Native American beliefs, Shamanism, Witchcraft, or to the more common Eastern and Western religions such as Buddhism or Christianity. Prymal is all-inclusive. Conversely, one may not follow any of these spiritual practices or paths, and they would still be considered to be a Prymal person, depending on how they choose to live their lives, and the reasoning behind it. Prymal is related to the Self and Spirit expression of the individual. It involves ALL of you; no part of one’s Self is excluded. Psyche, creativity, imagination, emotions, spiritual strengths and weaknesses (what some have referred to as one’s “dark side” or "shadow side", as something that must be overcome), desires, attitudes, and connection to Form and Non-Form are all parts of one’s Self. It is very personal and cannot be experienced by another in the physical realm of Form, except through our Self-expression and our individual frequency signatures. I consider one’s frequency to be a person's true essence, the energetic expression of Spirit in the realm of Form. The frequency of a person can be felt. Thus, it originates in non-form and then is translated into form through the senses. The physical senses are like translators or an interface in which to experience the Realms of Non-Form. The physical senses translate in two ways- both in what we receive or bring in through our senses (input: non-form to form) and what we project or put out to the world through our senses (output: form to non-form). It involves a sender and a receiver. We typically think of the 5 basic senses in respect to touch, taste, smell, hearing, and seeing; but I personally believe there are other senses that humans possess that we are largely unaware of and that are difficult to put into words. Intuition is one; the sense of just “knowing” something. Another is that sense of energetic stimulation, when the hairs stand up on the back of your neck and warns of danger or electricity in the air (related to touch, but not in the way of touch that we usually think of). Use of the senses in translating what is given to us by the realms of Form and Non-Form, appreciating how amazing these senses are, and being aware of what we give out as projectors via the senses is a key part of Prymal. Prymal celebrates the senses and revels in the experiences they give. They are viewed as something deserving of awe. They are a part of us as Humans, they are a key component in the Human Experience, and are not viewed as something that should be denied, ignored, tamed, or hidden, and they are not something to be ashamed of. So what have we learned so far about Prymal? Core ideas include things as they were in the beginning, the original and INTENDED form (or as close to the original as can possibly be experienced); the realms of Form and Non-Form (material and immaterial); the Spirit (reflected in one’s chosen path of expressing spirituality which is personal and individual); and sensory engagement. What else is important to someone that chooses to live a Prymal life? Intention, as mentioned above, is a core idea. This would include something in it’s INTENDED form; how a person intends for their creations to be used or perceived; the intended purpose of something. This also includes a person’s intention through interaction- words, communication, or actions in relation to another. There is a saying that “Intention is everything” and that certainly applies to the subject of Prymal. Prymal adheres to the concept of polarity, rather than that of duality. There tends to be great confusion between the two.For example, Humans tend to fall into the trap of “black or white thinking”. We see situations, people, actions, beliefs, etc. as being either good or bad, either good or evil, either light or dark. This black or white thinking is an example of duality. Prymal tends to adopt the idea of polarity- the idea that there is a natural continuum, which includes extremes, and all different levels in between the two. Polarity adopts the attitude of “and/both”, whereas duality operates from the perspective of “either/or”. Thus, extremes of duality are rarely considered in Prymal thinking, in favor of the more inclusive continuum of polarity- a continuum that INCLUDES measurements of extremes, but also allows for other measurements WITHIN and BETWEEN those extremes. Prymal/polarity treats absolute extremes as being just as valid as all other points on the continuum. The reasons for Prymal being related to polarity rather than duality is imbedded in human nature itself; Remember that in the Prymal view, there is nothing within a person that is excluded because Prymal is a celebration of being Human. Prymal appreciates that there are shades of grey that do exist, that things are rarely ever black or white. With all that being said, Prymal attempts to exist within the middle range of this continuum, in a state of balance, knowing that human nature will occasionally move towards one extreme or the other; and that this is perfectly valid and expected. This does not mean that horrible acts such as murder are condoned. Prymal does not promote hurting other humans or living things, on the contrary- there is a spirit of community, of helping others, and embracing differences and similarities as worthy. That is because we recognize ourselves as part of the whole; as in nature, there is balance. When one part of ourselves or our community is out of balance, it affects not only ourselves, but everyone, the community as a whole. Every part is important, and all parts work together. Actions of conquering, stealing or taking without giving back, and working against another for the sole purpose of intent to harm are not favorable. It must be said, however, that chaos, disharmony, and destruction do have their place in the big scheme of things (even the wrecking ball is necessary now and then, and destruction is just as much a creative and necessary force as building) but that is another article for another time. There are times when the drawing and declaring of boundaries is necessary for the purpose of self-protection; and if that leads to war in the end, then so be it. Sometimes war is unavoidable, because war usually rests upon the actions or decisions of another party. Death, destruction, and chaos are purposeful and useful and so these are not discounted in favor of balance and building. We are not seeking perfect balance at all times, as that is neither attainable nor realistic. It is simply what is ideal, and it is what happens naturally the majority of the time. Destruction is a powerful force; the same can be said of creativity. The creative process includes taking different elements from various places or things and making something new, something completely original (there’s that concept of originality again) that has never been thought of before by any other human being. It is personal endeavor. It contains unique elements of what exists within a person, gained and gleaned from the world of imagination and inspiration (non-form), conceived (not replicated) within the psyche (also non-form), and brought into form via certain materials- paint, fabric, metal, stone, sound waves (music for example), words, or specific ingredients (as in food, or related to a recipe). Art, music, poetry, cooking, and creating things by hand are all examples of Prymal activities. There are many, many more examples of course, but these tend to be what people engage in on a regular basis, modes of creativity that we all can identify with in some way. Creativity does not include replication. Replication is based on patterns. Most Prymal people tend to incorporate Nature into their daily lives. They work with the elements of nature to a large extent. They recognize that although patterns do exist in Nature, Nature is original, and not replicated. What accounts for this is the presence of that natural “primal spark“, the “spark of creation“(that instantaneous flash or spark that suddenly differentiated life from the rest of the Void when life was first created). It is inherent in ALL acts of creation. It does not occur with replication. In the case of a recipe, for example, it could be said that there is some hint of replication, because we are making something that contains a common knowable category of a material thing, and we have some idea of what the outcome needs to be- a type of bread, or a meat dish, or a cake, or a beverage. But we are also doing something that differentiates it from that which is replicated: working with the elements of nature (fire, earth, water, air) during the process, which adds unpredictability and alchemy. We also tend to put our own twist on it; we add other ingredients or make substitutions; and we decorate that final product in ways that make it our own. Although a single formula or recipe is the starting point, it has great POTENTIAL to become different than what has been created before, allowing us to put our own individual signature on it. Creation is full of intention and purpose, whereas replication is automation. Creation also at times requires destruction, so this is a very active process, compared to replication, which is very passive. Creativity involves a multi-directional flow, whereas replication moves in only one direction. The common assumption that creativity is only a process of building is another error of thinking. Prymal strives to confront, challenge, and deconstruct these errors of thinking patterns (patterns indicate replication, keep this in mind) in order to construct or build more honest and truthful ones that help communication and human interaction, rather than hinder it. We see replication in modern society in the herding mentality of facebook and other social media, in the use of memes and “sharing“ of memes and posts, and in social programming (which has occurred on innumerous occasions throughout the span of human history, including both modern and ancient times. Remember the phrase “There is nothing new under the sun“- this is a good description of how replication works. None of these “programs“ are new, they are just recycled and applied to “new“ populations). As has already been established, replication does not include true creativity. It is geared more towards the manipulation of large groups of individuals, rather than individuals as they stand on their own outside of the group. Replication is distinguished further from creativity in that it does not involve purposeful human intention but encourages automatic thinking, or automaton-like behavior. It‘s purpose is to create a “herd“ of people to participate (unknowingly) in large-scale social programs through propaganda and mass media. “Group think” is a good term for it. There is nothing creative in “Group think”, and the agenda or purpose is already pre-determined by someone else. It is meant to manipulate and control people through subtle, and sometimes not-so-subtle means. This is why awareness and personal responsibility are so important and cannot be emphasized enough. Prymal asserts that it is not enough to simply call out the programming agendas and attempts to control on a social level, but rather one must then move on from that and live everyday life in a different way. This is possibly the MOST IMPORTANT principle of the Prymal Perspective. How does one do this? By giving expression to his/her Spritual Self, in an experiential way, by giving voice to and experiencing everything that replication is NOT. It is a problem that we are no longer self-sufficient in this modern age; we are more dependant on big corporations, government, and other entities than we ever have been in history. As a result, we are less dependant on ourSelves. But Prymal is a way to reconcile this. Prymal looks to the local community and the individual as much as possible to provide for basic needs. We rely on nature to provide for a large percentage of our nutrition and health needs- in the form of gardens, for example, or medicinal herbs to help treat physical ailments. And in regards to medicine, this does not mean modern medicine is shunned or seen as harmful on the whole. On the contrary, modern medicine has emerged from human ingenuity and intelligence, and nature forms the basis of many medicines that we use today. Modern medicine does have it’s place, but so do natural remedies that are more pure than some of the pharmaceuticals that might be used on a large scale to treat illness in these modern times. Many pharmaceuticals have additives that help increase shelf life, for example, whereas using the key natural ingredient is really all that’s necessary if you can make it yourself. And if you choose to use mass-produced medicines over more natural medicines, that’s ok too. Sometimes there is a time and place for that. Modern medicines and natural remedies can even complement each other when used in tandem. Going back to the elements, someone that lives a Prymal life will usually incorporate the elements into their daily activities as much as possible. They recognize the existence of elements used in baking bread for example, as it contains all elements, even bacteria used in the yeast. When I light a candle, there is air and fire and earth involved (earth, as in the beeswax). When I take a shower, I recognize and acknowledge the water as well as the air that creates steam. When I sew a dress, I recognize and acknowledge the earth and plants involved to create the cotton or linen. Prymal is mindful of the elements involved in almost every situation, whether complex or uncomplicated. Prymal also acknowledges and understands that these are alchemical vessels that we live in. Our bodies take something that is non-form (emotions) and transforms it into something material (tears, laughter, etc.). Our blood is the material reflection of ourselves in non-form. Our blood is made by our bones. Our bones are an earth element. Blood carries the codes of DNA. Blood is fluid, like the water of the earth; blood has the job of cleansing and supporting all the other physical systems. Thus, Prymal is recognition and acknowledgement of the elements as sacred forces, and alchemy as a sacred process, in the natural world- that extend(s) to ourSelves. As a species, we tend to see ourselves as being different from Nature. Yet, we are made up of all the elements contained therein. We have been separated from it, we have lost our primal connection to it. Prymal (with a 'y') represents a way to reconcile this paradox. We are Nature, and Nature is Us. We are made of the elements. And because our bodies are alchemical vessels, we are sacred- both in form and non-form; both in physical body and in Spirit. Prymal seeks to acknowledge this in every way, but especially through simple everyday activities. The word “sacred” is something that is not mentioned much today in this world of technology, social platforms, etc. “Sacred” is a term largely attached to religion, but “sacred” also refers to something that is of key importance, or something “holy”, as it relates to spiritual practices, rather than religious ones that follow rules and dogma. Prymal seeks out the Sacred in every day life, even through basic, routine, simple everyday activities. To further our discussion on this, recognize that there are certain spices, herbs, and plants that are sacred, for example, in the practice of Druidry, that those of Prymal may also hold as sacred. There is sacred space that is declared in many traditions that are also declared in the same way in Prymal activities. Prymal may incorporate the use of sacred incense, stones, herbs, plants, etc. for spiritual expression; it is all dependent upon personal preference. A Prymal person may do “spells” or conduct “rituals” in their sacred space. But keep the following in mind: The word “ritual“ refers to anything that is done in a consistent way, at a consistent time; brushing one’s teeth everyday can be considered to be a ritual; The word “spell“ refers to something said in a ritualistic way, akin to a prayer, a wish, etc. Even a recipe serves as a kind of spell, but once again, this is a subject for another article. The words “spell” and “ritual“ have been vilified through the historical lens of misunderstanding and misuse, and Prymal seeks to correct this and reclaim these terms according to their original intent; not the skewed versions that have occurred due to fears related to “witchcraft” and “devil worship“. Rituals and spell work are very personal things, done to achieve a specific outcome, in a particular way, at particular times, based on the intention of the person conducting the ritual. It may include stereotypical objects or tools such as a candle, stones, or a wand to direct energy, and a circle may be drawn to designate sacred space; or, it may be as simple as breathing deeply 10 times in a row before getting out of bed in the morning in order to prepare yourself for the day ahead. It can be as simple or as complex as one wants it to be. It may be an elaborate ceremony incorporating the use of tools, designated clothing or costume, spoken or unspoken words, and talismans- or incorporating no tools at all. As much as people like to make it out to be something “evil” or “of the Devil”, it is really just an expression of PERSONAL intention, and nothing more. It is just that simple. You can see why Prymal may be labeled or equated with Paganism, Witchcraft, Druidry- they do overlap. But remember that what makes Prymal different is that it is an individual process with no rules, only the personal choices and the path of the individual involved. It does include for some an element of magic (spelled “magyk” to express the intention of originality, that will be discussed later in this article); For others, it may not. Once again, it is the (automated, replicated) stereotypical response to react to these words, and to equate “magic” with “evil”, but this is not necessarily correct- it is dependent on the individual intention of the person doing the magykal activity. As in everything, there are likely some that have harmful intent; however, this is much more the exception than the rule, especially in the case of Prymal. Something as simple as baking a cake, making a table out of wood, and even writing this article are all what I consider to be “acts of magyk”. It is wrong to stereotype, broadbrush, and herd people who practice Prymal into one single type or category or definition, because it is a collection of individuals who make individual choices about HOW they will practice and express their Spirituality and spirit essence. Typically with Prymal, assistance may come from the realms of Non-Form- but gods, goddesses, or spirits are EVOKED, rather than INVOKED (this is a very important distinction to make). It must be said that not all Prymal people believe in or worship gods, goddesses, entities, or other “spirits” per se; typically there is no active “worship” going on in Prymal at all. Prymal does not incorporate spirit possession, channeling, receiving “downloads”, or anything that involves taking a spiritual entity inside of yourself and letting it have control (because this is the same as one giving up their own personal power and handing it over to someone else as happens with social programming). Once again, this is not to say it NEVER happens, but this is very much the exception rather than the rule. We have already established that intention is an important core idea in Prymal; Manisfestation is another one, and the two are intimately connected. There is the belief that each one of us controls and drives the direction of his/her own life circumstances to a large degree, and that we each need to take responsibility for our own personal choices and decisions. In essence, your life is what you make it. We do not in every moment have full control over what happens in life, but certainly our circumstances are positive and agreeable (or not) because of our attitudes and perceptions about them. Intention and manifestion allow one to change their circumstances as needed to achieve what they want to in life (some have attempted to compare it to what happens with the “Law Of Attraction” but this is not quite accurate). From the Prymal perspective, what is occurring in Non-Form (intention, desire, wants, needs) can be manifested into Form by taking direct action. What some label as “prayer” can also be a form of manifestion of intention, except with Prymal it is not targeted towards any kind of deity/god/goddess. It is nothing more than expressing your intention out loud (or silently if one prefers) to make it more tangible and achievable (remember what was said about doing “spells“). Remember that PSYCHE (one’s subconscious, imagination, etc.) plays heavily into this and is a powerful tool or doorway to achieving what one intends to. The word “psyche” originally meant and referred to “Spirit”. Since we are looking into the original intended meanings of words apart from the knee-jerk emotional responses that they tend to produce nowadays, the word “occult” can be introduced here to describe the above process, as this is also the purpose of “magic“: bringing something that is “hidden” (which is the original meaning of the word “occult”) into full view (making it real, material, or tangible), and once again bringing something from non-form into form. It is important to rid oneself of preconceived ideas, assumptions, stereotypes, biases, and the need to persecute that which is unfamiliar, so that those knee-jerk emotional reactions don’t occur and blind one to the actual intention of what is being presented here. It would be easy to assume that those that engage with Prymal are “witches that do black magic”; and if some within Prymal do harmful types of magic, or invoke any sort of entity, that is their choice; but there are differences that exist which argue to other legitimate possibilities (one can consider themselves to be a “witch“, but one who is against doing “black“ magic, hexing, cursing, or any harmful types of magic- once again, it is a personal choice; Prymal does not condone doing harm to others, but on the other hand, Prymal considers establishment and enforcement of boundaries to be important and this is never ever done without justification or provocation). Once again, there are points along a whole continuum here and it comes down to personal choice. Individuals making that choice to cause harm through magical means should not, and do not, speak to the whole. The difference is this: What is referred to as “magyk” in Prymal-speak (rather than the kind of “magic” which is the stereotyped version we are all so familiar with) is a NATURAL HUMAN ABILITY because humans are so intimately connected to non-form. Prymal asserts that non-form is a part of us as humans, a very real extension of ourselves. It is something that occurs outside of us, true; but also something that occurs more within us; and therefore, we see the results of it outside of us because in many cases, our intentions- what we manifest- are, in the end, perceptible, material, measurable, and not imagined. Non-form becomes Form. Ancestry (moreso in relation to frequency of the Ancestral line rather than actual physical bloodline) is an important idea in the Prymal life. Ancestral memory is something I personally believe we all carry within us, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. We have not only been distanced from nature, but we are distanced equally from our Ancestors, from their beliefs, from their practices, from that which helps us identify with who we are as individuals and collectively, from that sacred group of people that existed before us. Does that mean that someone who engages in a Prymal way of life engages in Ancestor worship? No, not necessarily. I believe it to be more of an act of respect, an act of connection with our past, and an awareness and intention of what to bring to the future; because, after all, we will all be ancestors one day too, even those of us who do not or will not have children of our own. It is the act of passing on knowledge and wisdom to future generations, whether they be our own blood or not. By knowing our past, we come to know Human; We come to know ourSelves. Our Ancestors are to be celebrated, as they engaged in experiential learning and celebrated life's key moments, the sacred passages that occured that were important milestones of life. Living a Prymal life, then, is not a passive course of actions; rather it is the very definition of experiential learning. There is no learning that occurs in replication, because as established earlier, replication requires only the repetition of patterns. I can read all I want about nature, and this in itself would not make me a Prymal person. It requires me to actively experience the world of nature through my senses- to get my hands in the dirt, to see the birds and come to an awareness of how they are connected to the bugs and the weather. But still, just being aware of or knowing this isn’t enough to make me a Prymal person. It is the connection with nature and the application of it to my everyday life; it is the change that the experience brings about somehow in me that helps me to see myself in the bigger scheme of things, to understand my place in the web of life. Similarly, this can be applied to my relationships with other people; I cannot just SAY I believe in human connection and interaction- I have to go out and experience that human connection through my physical senses (which are the interface of the realms of Non-Form), in person to person contact, not necessarily through a screen or on social media. There is so much information to gather through direct connection and communication that is missed when one relies heavily on connection via conversations that occur through a screen or a keyboard. I have already stated that Prymal is a belief system, it is a way of seeing things, it is a spiritual path- is not a religion. It is a counter-action in response to the programming that exists in the world today. In fact, organized religion is considered to be part of the social programming that so many are coming to be aware of. Prymal can serve, however, to ENHANCE religion, making religion much more of a spiritual experience and less of a programmed one. Something I noticed when I went to church was that in general, humans are not celebrated, but on the contrary, being human was more like an unfortunate condition to be overcome. There was no celebration of life, of humanity, of the mystery and awe that exists in this world- and celebration is one of the things I consider to be a core idea of Prymal. Since adopting a Prymal frame of mind, I have gone back to church because I see value in the story and humanness of Christ. I attend services in order to celebrate humanity and the divinity and mystical essence that exists within us all. I see the thread of Prymal within the church and in religion, because it represents where humans have been: AS HUMANS WE ALL NEED SOMETHING to explain the world around us, to explain the mysteries occurring in our lives. We NEED to experience the Mystical. It is part of who we are. So, no matter how we choose to do it, it is valid, and it is a way of expressing who we are. I know, there is programming, there is patriarchy, and I do not agree with certain events that have occurred throughout all religions, and within the history of the Christian church. But I am aware of where the programming occurs. And this allows me to really experience the humanity (and divinity) of Christ and of myself, and in my opinion, my life is a better experience because of it. Many of my Ancestors were Christians. Many of them were Pagan before that. And those in the beginning were nothing but pure Prymal. As were yours. Life is indeed a mystery. The fact that humans exist and are so wonderful is cause for celebration. Our unique ability to imagine and create, the way we use our senses and faculties, the unique and marvelous ways in which we can come to understand the world around us, the ways in which we can connect with others in a compassionate and loving way- these are all cause for celebration. Where we have been and where we are now is cause for celebration. Our strengths and our weaknesses alike are what make us human and are cause for celebration. The ability that we all have to experience joy and to heal from hurt on all levels is cause for celebration. Mystery and wonder in and of themselves are worthy of celebration. The NOW moment is cause for celebration, because however you perceive it, it will never come again. We dream, we love, and we live. And this is all cause for celebration. So this all leads me to ask the question: What is the value of life without mystery? What is life without our mystikal and magkyal abilities as a way to experience it? We all are Mystiks. It is ingrained in our DNA, as humans (our ability for alchemy and changing/translating non-form into form). I think the time has come for us to own that, to not candy-coat or tap-dance our way around it, to not shy away from our human abilities out of fear or because we have been programmed to see it them as “bad“ or "evil". Take a look again and view it through the Prymal lens: The ‘c’ may be changed to a ‘k’, and the 'i' to an 'y', to reflect the original intention and meanings of these words, not the loaded stereotypical way in which they are used today (as in “magic“, “witchcraft“, “mystical“, and “primal“; these words tend to create strong emotional responses, do they not?). Prymal is a call to remember and reclaim who and what we truly are. To explain further, the changes in spelling of key words has to do with linguistics and reflects the history of language before it became overwritten and commonly absorbed, discarded, and changed by the directors/controllers of the population. It reflects the point in time when things started to change and be inverted, as we’ve already talked about. Think of the old game of telephone or Password- once a story or a phrase is passed from one person to another, or from one culture to another, the original intent or meaning loses it’s value; it changes and morphs into something else almost completely different the more people it comes into contact with. People tend to put their own meaning and intentions to it and use it in their own preferred ways. It then differs from the ORIGINAL intent; and it then becomes a trend amongst friends or groups of people and goes “viral”. It may contain certain elements of the original intention, but in the end it is far-removed and altogether different from what was originally intended. The change in spelling also reflects the base meaning or original intention of a thought, word, or concept, as a way for people to understand it as it originates from a distant point in time and intellect. This is where the study of linguistics comes into play. To put it quite simply, it reflects ancient writing (in a literal sense) and provides a way of reclaiming it. People in this day and age, in this climate of replication and social media, are losing the ability to think and process the MEANING of what is being said. Instead, what matters are key terms and phrases, “loaded” words that incite a reaction, rather than a thoughtful response. Original intention of the message is completely bypassed in conversation anymore. People are so busy formulating their responses to what they perceive is being said that they miss the actual message, don’t actively listen to what the other person is saying, and jump straight into reactive mode when certain words (“trigger words”) are used. It occurs in large part thanks to the propaganda programming that is pumped into society through social media and the like. We live in a global climate of anxiety and fear nowadays, which continues to perpetuate the hostility, miscommunication, errant assumption, and rampant knee-jerk reactivity to the point it has over-ridden our primary human nature. THIS is NOT what it is to be Human. THIS is something else….. While technology is an excellent thing when used correctly as a tool, technology has served to “connect” humans in a sort of non-authentic, non-feeling, artificial way and the human part of it is becoming lost. It has become “disconnection” rather than “connection”. The ability to have real and authentic communication with one another is becoming a very rare thing. Communication is an art form, and this fact is becoming more and more apparent the more people “connect” through technology. Human interaction has been an unfortunate victim in the age of the internet. This is why Prymal, while using technology as a tool so to speak, does not rely so heavily on things like social media- because of the mass engineering and social experimentation that occurs with it. Prymal is more of an organic experience. The saying “Be in the world, but don’t be of it” is applicable here in a general sense. There is a real and true separation between Prymal and what has been termed the “Simulation”- that which is not organic; that which involves mass social herding; “group think”; and a climate of fear that runs like a virus from one person to another (and eventually through entire populations) through social media and advertising. Prymal raises the call for humans to return to using critical thinking skills to make informed choices and decisions in their lives, to be what some have termed “Sovereign” (meaning the individual makes their own choices based on what their instincts and critical thinking skills are telling them, not on what society says or what is being presented as the “right” or “popular” thing in the media). Social engineering serves to TELL US what happiness is, what love is, what hate is, etc. instead of allowing us as individuals to decide by ourselves by looking inward. Trends, social movements and the like- these are all the hallmarks of social engineering. The Simulation has become escapism. It serves to keep us from living life with its pain and problems (but also joy and true happiness), by substituting an artificially induced state of what we THINK is happiness. We are missing real opportunities for personal and authentic connection here. Humans were not designed to exist in this way. Prymal is a perspective, a way of looking at things, an attitude, a way of living, that appreciates, honors, and respects all emotions, as well as the healing process when it is necessary. There is a point when energy and frequency flows; however, there is also a saturation point that occurs. It is up to the individual to separate these two and move towards keeping what serves you and discarding what does not serve you any longer. Prymal views technology as a useful tool, but advocates recognition of when use of technology/social media becomes a means of escape. At that point, it’s important to be aware of the fact that the saturation point has been reached and it’s time to withdraw from the social media arena and the bombardment and constant influx of propaganda and information feeding. It’s time to get back to engaging in real life, in the experience of living. Without this awareness of reaching the saturation point, one runs the risk of inversion, in that what is real becomes fantasy, and what is fantasy comes to be perceived and believed as being real. It is difficult for many people nowadays- intelligent, and down-to-earth people even- to be able to tell the difference. This is not to say that technology in and of itself is “bad”, just that one needs to know the limits and not let themselves get to the point of stimulation overload. This extends to being able to realize when rhetoric (even that which herds you under the guise of "helping" a certain cause) is still programming rhetoric that serves to mine your data and abuse your sensitive and vulnerabilities for other nefarious purposes. Having the ability to say “Ok, this is making me depressed and it’s keeping me from interacting with my family and friends” and discarding it, even temporarily, is key. Another thing that is key is finding another more effective way of helping causes that are outside of your sphere of personal, direct experience that nonetheless tug at your heart strings- besides engaging in click-bait sites, "signing" petitions online for such causes as animal abuse, child trafficking and murder, and the like; or "sharing" these types of posts with everyone you know so they too can sign. As horrible as these subjects are, you are only serving to perpetuate fear, and are being used. Ask yourself: Who creates these petitions and posts? Are the representing agencies and authors legitimate? Can you find a valid and real trail of information about them? Is it a real organization? This is where critical thinking skills come in. This is important because it determines whether you are using your natural human abilities, or if you are just giving in to knee-jerk reaction, being herded, and giving up your Sovereignty to someone else and are just following along because of emotional vulnerability. You see, when we are unexpectedly PUT into the state of emotionality by something so unimaginably horrible, by an unknown outside source, at the expense of something presented by an unknown source, rational thought goes out the window. And that is how herding and programming work. This is how replication works. Critical thinking skills cannot be accessed unless you are able to stop yourself at that moment, do some research, and THEN make an informed choice based on legitimate information you have obtained. What? You mean it takes too much time to do research in order to decide? The programmers know that too. They are counting on you to be lazy and to just blindly accept what is being presented. And this is how programming and replication work. This is what keeps it going. Humans are bypassing their critical thinking skills for the sake of convenience. In contrast, this is how Humans are meant to work, and this is how Prymal works: Consider the layers of an onion: On the outside, you have the 3D material existence. The layer under that consists of the psyche, then the soul container would be the next layer, and Spirit is the innermost layer. These layers work on different levels simultaneously and are all juxtaposed on top of one another. BUT-all levels are important and all levels are valid. You cannot exist in an effective manner if any of the layers are missing or are not being utilized. And while it is important for you to be aware that they all exist and that they are all vital, it is equally important to understand the roles that they play for us internally and in our interactions within the world. We must be able to access all levels at the same time. It would be like watching 4 movie screens that are showing 4 separate movies with the same story simultaneously (one from the 3D point of view, one from Psyche’s point of view, one from the soul container view, and one from the Spirit’s point of view); they are the the same story, but are different VERSIONS of the same story because they represent the different viewpoints and perspectives of each of these levels of being. 3D, psyche, soul container, and Spirit operate within us constantly at the same time, but for different purposes and with different viewpoints. And sometimes they battle each other and are at odds with one another because their perspectives, purpose, and functions are all different. But they all serve us just the same. This is how we exist. And this is, in part, why we have so much trouble communicating with other humans. We have to learn how to juggle all these parts of ourselves (they present individually either form or non-form), how to walk in between realms, how to float from one to the other and back again. It is a skill that is difficult to access for some because of the distractions and demands of modern society; humans, in the beginning, knew how to do this without question. They did not have to be taught. It was instinctual. But this is the Prymal way. There are certain other levels of access that are important within the Prymal experience. These include information, which when paired with experience becomes knowledge; which expands to become wisdom (knowledge plus intellect); which then becomes gnosis, or “inner knowing“. The last level is what is known in European traditions as “Wyrd” (pronounced as “Vierd”; this is the actual spelling, which is a real example of what we were talking about earlier regarding how original meaning and word form might be retained in a language and remains largely undistorted or changed over time). This is the progression of information from the 3D level (information) all the way through to Spirit (non-form). In the last level (Wyrd), intellect is not operating at all and it is purely instinctual in it‘s nature. Compare this to how the intellect is not working when we are presented with posts about animal abuse and the other atrocities of the world that were just mentioned that lead to fear and replication- these two ways of being are vastly and completely different. They are world's apart and lead to vastly different outcomes. Both outcomes are valid, and we CHOOSE which outcome we are working towards. What will your choice be? So, to summarize, we ask ourselves “What is important to a person who lives a Prymal life?” We talked about the realms of Form and Non-form; frequency; creativity; and balance… We also discussed intention and manifestation, the elements and alchemy, the importance of Ancestors, and the need to celebrate humans and all life; the mysteries of life; and all the wonderful experiences that they bring. Living an experiential life is key. Sovereignty (being the only one who makes important decisions in your life after careful inner examination of what you want) is key; as is refraining from letting social trends decide what is important to you. Listening to all parts of yourself and accepting them all as valid is important. Tradition and ritual are important. The natural world is important. Operating on all levels at any given time, but regaining that ability to operate by accessing the Web of Wyrd through absolute instinct is an ultimate goal. We all have our day to day lives to live- that is a fact and a reality. We are doctors, teachers, daycare providers, insurance salesmen, store clerks, etc. But we can live a Prymal life by respecting and loving ourselves, and by celebrating the fact that we are humans with a rich and colorful tapestry that has been woven by those that have come before us. We can do all that we can to be self-sufficient so that we do not have to rely as much on society to provide basic needs. We can incorporate rituals and traditions that are important to our families and our heritage, so that they are not forgotten. We can learn to live according to the seasons and our natural rhythms again. Nothing helps a person to see what our Ancestors went through in their connection to nature, the seasons, and the land like growing their own food, even on a very small scale; and in this way, one can literally experience and understand why our human ancestors had the traditions and rituals that they did that were connected to the seasons (harvest rituals, Spring celebrations, etc.). This accounts for what is known as the “Wheel Of the Year” in such traditions as Wicca, Druidry, and Paganism. These are different religions, but they celebrate something that is common to all of us. Prymal seeks to celebrate both the commonalities and the differences of all human traditions and experiences, because the Prymal thread underlies it all. Without exception. We can honor and acknowledge the elements when we take a shower or do the dishes, cook a meal, or listen to music. We can honor our Ancestors by bringing back hands-on activities that they themselves engaged in as a way of surviving- so that skill for artisan creation is not lost. We can appreciate being human when we sing a song or paint a picture. We can appreciate and acknowledge community when we help a neighbor or donate to the local food bank some of the produce we have grown ourselves. We can support the balance of nature by providing shelter to birds and bees, and not destroying natural habitats. We can acknowledge the divine within ourSelves by listening to and honoring Spirit, by following our bliss and building our lives around it. We can walk in both realms of Form and Non-Form and experience wisdom and gnosis, and eventually Wyrd, and operate on a purely instinctual level. We can be cognizant of how we spell words, by recognizing that every letter- every stroke of a pen- is a symbol and an energy container that holds meaning and speaks to the subconscious. We can do magyk everyday, in so many simple ways. We can strive to connect with other human beings in an authentic genuine way before that ability too is lost. We can keep “human” from disappearing. And before you say “Oh that can’t happen,” look at how far technology has come in just a short time in comparison to all the human history that has come before it. Our modern society WILL change, and progress WILL come- that is a given. But if we fight hard in even small ways to intentionally and purposely preserve what makes us human- and if we regain our ability to think critically, in a Sovereign way- we can preserve these Prymal abilities and live a Prymal way of life. One last note: Technology changes us not only in regard to how we connect and communicate with one another, it serves to change us physically over time. We are losing more and more the magnificent abilities that are part of our physical makeup. The less we use our hands for making things for example, and the more we use them for typing on a keyboard (which nowadays is probably the primary way we use our hands), physical changes occur that make it less likely that we will be able to use our hands and bodies as they were originally designed. For example, if a baby learns to walk before it crawls, the arches in the palm of the hand hands will fail to develop, as will the function and abilities connected to that part of the hand- because that crucial experience of using our hands in the act of crawling does not occur. This is why we do not go straight from lying to walking; each step in our early development as humans serves a crucial purpose. This is the same process. If we do not use our hands in all the ways our bodies require, we will lose mobility, function, and effectiveness over time. The original map of what Humans are capable will be altered completely. Technology and social programming will cause changes to occur in our brains as well and we will end up not using (and literally losing losing) parts of our brains through atrophy. Could we possibly end up losing our capacity then for critical thinking? Is it already happening? These are just two obvious examples. I am personally curious to know if that means we are devolving as humans rather than evolving. This is not an anti-technology rant by any means… but it is a warning to be cognizant in what you do on a daily basis. It is a call to be aware of who you allow to make your choices. It is an invitation to experience a more authentic existence than what is currently being offered en masse in society. Living from the heart, living according to your Spirit essence, and acknowledging the Sacred that is all around us is something I think is missing in a big way in modern society- but I know it can change on an individual level. And because of this, there is hope for humans, and there is hope for the future. It all comes down to the intentional choices we make.

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